<b>Applying to be able to post in overseas spree and WTS threads</b>

Hi Bee Lee,

I would like to request to be able to post in WTS and oversea spree since I have already register in Jun 2007, kindly let me know when process. Thanks
Hi Bee Lee,

Me too. Requested few weeks ago to post in the Oversea spree. Still waiting for reply

Can pls helps?
Hi Bee Lan,

Have email to Alice and you plus post in this thread, but i still have no reply from you.
Can pls please? Need to access to WTS and oversea spree urgently.
Hi Bee Lee

I have emailed you a couple of times regarding posting in the overseas spree too. Have joined SMH since Nov 07. Hope you can grant me access to the restricted area.

hi gal,
1 quick question.... if i had forgotten when i join SHM... any place can check.... coz i don remember... and i'm keen to b able to post in oversea thread... thanks alot..
hi venus..
how u know har... fainted lah...

btw i think bee lee,
how come my old user name can not be used already... it was suspend and i had wrote about 2-4 time to the mod still no reply... so sad.... prefer my old account..
Hi mummies,

like to check wif u all, whether do u all get any reply from Bee Lan.
I hv requested like all of u but till now still no response, it has been a moment already? wat should i do?
Hi Kar Cheng,

I was wondering about the same thing as you. I have not received any response too. And it has been a long while.

Hi Chin Leng,

Could you please assist us in this matter?
Hi Lovey,

I still waiting, no response from Bee Lan or Moderators

Hi Moderators or Bee Lan,
Can you pls help us on our request as all of us have joined SMH more than a yr but we still dun have the access to to post in WTS and oversea spree. Based on the terms mention, we should hv the access by now, pls advice.
fabbie, u just need to be a member for a year then you can post in the wts section .. your one year is about here already .. Apr 09
Hi Mummies,

Any response from Mods? I still waiting.

Hi Mod,
I am still waiting. Pls advice as I do see some other mummies who joined later n less post then me also have the access?
Hi Moderators , I have been with SMH for almost 2years liao. Can I post at WTS section already? Thanks!
Dear Moderators,

I'm still waiting too. Will really appreciate if our requests can be looked into. TIA

Anyone has the email address of the mods to share?
Hi Moderators,

Please help to activate my account as well. Been waiting for months already. Please help. Pretty please.... Thanks a million!!
the website only state this

Marketplace and Exchange Corner (Restricted)
The following topics are restricted to current members who activated their account before 15 November 2006. For future application, only members who have been active for one year or more can apply to join
crm, dunnoe leh... i active in forum, also exceeded the 'time'limit' still not activated yet. I think its also subject to whether they feel like activating or not lor....

*waiting patiently*
Hi all,

I hv read from the forum, to be eligible to post in WTS and Spree thread, you need to be active in non marketplace threads for a year regardless of number of postings.

I saw one mummy who said she was active in non marketplace threads for a year, and was able to access to WTS and Spree thread without requesting from the moderator.
PingPing (pingping)
think that mummy is lucky, i sent emails and PMs and post in this thread also no use leh ... like Ima (nabmum) said, wait patiently sigh
hi moderators,

I would like to apply for access to post in Overseas Spree and WTS forum. Hear from you soon

hi moderators,

I would like to apply for access to post in Overseas Spree and WTS forum. Hear from you soon