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Jasmine Pang

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Highly recommend Aunty Kim Lan if you are looking for a confinement nanny to help with your newborn. I was very lucky to have Aunty Kim Lan for my 2nd child and had the most awesome experience with her. I wasn’t expecting much initially after going through a not-so-good experience with my previous confinement nanny. But with Aunty Kim Lan, it was nothing but short of a high kudos!
  • Amazing cook – You can expect the usual confinement food from her. But if you are like me who aren’t into confinement food, Aunty will dish up a variety of other dishes for you, still using confinement food ingredients to ensure you get all the nutrition that you need. Another bonus – you get to eat delicious desserts like Black Glutinous Rice Dessert prepared by Aunty too!! Throughout the 1 month, I never get tired with her dishes & it’s always a joy eating the food that she prepared.
  • Great attitude – She is always smiley and polite to us. With my newborn, she is always so loving with my newborn and takes great care of him. She’s not stingy to share her recipes and how she cooks her dishes, and was even giving training to my helper who is not great at cooking Chinese food. Likewise when it comes to taking care of the baby, she always shares tips & tricks with both myself & my helper which is really helpful.
  • Practice high level of cleanliness and hygiene – needless said, this is most important when you have a newborn at home. Aunty also trained my helper the same to ensure that she’s able to upkeep the same level of cleanliness and hygiene after she leaves.

In short, Aunty is a joy to have when you are stuck at home most of the time during confinement. She entertains you with very interesting stories from all her confinement jobs and her loving grandchildren, and is flexible when you need to take a breather downstairs or decides that you need a daily bath (which is a no-no for some of the confinement ladies).

Aunty Kim Lan can be contacted at +60 16 666 9594/ +65 9890 7889. Give her a ring and either herself or her daughter will pick up the call. If you need more details, you can write to me at [email protected].


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I tried this nanny. Not as mentioned that gd.

She can cook and cleaniess level is good but

I won’t recommend her as she has no knowledge about how to manage baby jaundice. Example: Mummy not supposed to take too much ginger in the confinement food, she said it is ok and insisted in putting in ginger and advice me to finish it. She said it Will not affect my bb. In the end my bb jaundice took 2 mths to subside..

as bb has nappy rash due to irritation of diapers, i told her to use reusable nappies so that can change and wash frequently to avoid rash, she gave excuses to say baby don’t like and only prefer using diapers.

she even finished my food which was given by my relatives without asking, use dryer frequently to dry clothes without asking and even requested my helper to change her mattress sheet when she’s here-for just 2 weeks.
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