Aug 2017 Mummies

Aug MTBs,

How much weight have you put on so far? I have not hit the recommended weight gain. My weight doesn't seem to increase much even though I have started to regain back my appetite after Wk 12 and has been eating more than I used to pre-pregnancy. I think I put on weight much faster before i got pregnant. However, my tummy has been growing and i feel it has become heavier but my weighing scaleS did not reflect it.

Friends recommended i drink more milk. But i hated milk and it makes me nauseous. So any other way to gain healthy weight without milk? I did try to eat cheese slices to make up my calcium intake but i doubt enough too.

Hello mummies to be, I have some formulated milk for pregnant women to bless:

Anmum Materna 36g x6 packets
Frisomum Gold 45g x7 packets
Similac Mum 36.5g x1 packet
Enfamama 50g x1 packet
Mamil Mama 400g x1 tin
Nestle Mom & Me 350g x2 boxes

Earliest expiry is 6 Jun 2017
Latest expiry is 20 Dec 2017

Self collect at Buangkok MRT.
I'm giving away all, so please don't pick and choose.

Pls pm me if you are interested.

Thank you!

Update: Already given away!
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I have recently got bitten by an Aedes worry about the Zika virus. Does anyone have the same concern?
Went for my regular gynae visit yest, and my beanie measures 13cm at w16d1.
Though no more throwing up, I have lost weight due to poor appetite. No craving for any food.
Congrats Mummies! Sharing here...
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Hello ladies!

My EDD is 27 August -- first time mom! Please add me to the FB group page? FB name is Henrietta Yap. Thanks and best wishes for a smooth and healthy, happy delivery to all!