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Attn! Which Brand Diaper is good n affordable? Pls vote n commend.

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by dernemi, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. dernemi

    dernemi Member

    <font color="aa00aa">pls vote which brand diaper is gd n affordable price? for newborn n all ages.

    pet pet

    Thanks. [​IMG]</font>

  2. ningyo

    ningyo Member

    My boy uses Huggies and so far, no leakage or diaper rash. [​IMG]
    Pricing is abt $15+. Cant remember the exact price coz i stock up ALOT of diapers (and in different sizes) when there's discount. :p
  3. cynlim

    cynlim Member

    My gal has been using Huggies all the way. The price is affordable. Its ard $15+.

  4. yamiyogurt

    yamiyogurt Member

    mamypoko and sealer
  5. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    Mamy Poko and Sealer too!

    For newborn, suggest to use Mamy Poko, Pampers Active those higher range diapers as their skins are very delicate. Change to other cheaper brand when bbs are older.
  6. dernemi

    dernemi Member

    <font color="aa00aa">thanks for all the comments. [​IMG]
    so far the vote as follow...

    Huggies - 2 votes
    mammykoko - 2 votes
    sealer - 2 votes.
    pet pet

    how abt others? need more comments.</font>
  7. dernemi

    dernemi Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Fiti
    pet pet

    added one more brand.</font>
  8. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    personally I tried out many brands. Those listed above all tried before.

    If you are getting for newborn babies, I suggest you get the good range cos newborns skin sensitive.

    Those lower range like in-house brand diapers, pet pet etc, I suggest leave till bbs are older like over age of 1.

    You need to consider the type of tape you are using. For velcro tape diapers, usually they are more ex.
  9. dernemi

    dernemi Member

    <font color="aa00aa">jenny,

    thanks for ur commments. [​IMG] btw which brand diaper hv velcro tape?</font>
  10. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    Fitti (Basic Comfort) - velcro
    Huggies (all range) - velcro
    mamy poko - velcro
    pampers (all range)- velcro
    nepia - velcro
    sealer - velcro
    prokids - sticker tape
    pet pet - sticker tape
    dryper - sticker tape
    NTUC - sticker tape
    EQ - sticker tape
  11. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    Those velcro diapers listed above all good range. Just find a right cutting for your baby.

    The higher end of cos will be Huggies Utlra, Mamy Poko, Pampers Active, Nepia.

    Sealer and Fitti Basic Comfort are mid range but I find Sealer is like Mamy Poko, except thinner and softer.

    Huggies Dry, Huggies Dry Comfort are cost lesser than Sealer and Fitti Basic Comfort if you manage to get during sales promo. They works well too, but you need to take into consideration for their cutting. Their cutting usually smaller compare to other brand. So if a bb uses M for other brand, bb may need to use L for Huggies. If you take into consider per pc price, the larger the size is, the more ex per pc is. This is something you may want to note.

    For those sticker tape diaper. EQ works the best, followed by Prokids. The rest can't absorb much. But Prokids only sold at selected Sheng Siong, Guardian, CK Stores.

    When take into consideration the price of the diapers and its cutting, you may like to check if your nearby shops/supermarkets carry them.
  12. dernemi

    dernemi Member

    <font color="aa00aa">jenny,

    thanks alot for the infos comments. [​IMG]
    now i roughy know what to get liao.</font>
  13. dernemi

    dernemi Member

    <font color="aa00aa">added one more brand Goo.N diaper from japan.</font>
  14. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Goo.N is what mu son is using and i feel its the best. Will not leak, and is safe for more than 5hours. I personally think its the best i have tried so far, really soft and there is a soft form at the back to prevent flow backs and creases. Strongly recommend this brand.
  15. icqmtl

    icqmtl New Member

    hi Jenny (snowpooher)
    which guardian or CK stores did you see selling Prokids diapers huh?
    I only manage to find it in certain Sheng Siong, would be good if can have more places to buy them.
  16. pinkydy

    pinkydy New Member

    One more vote for sealer. Good value for money and it holds quite a lot of pee. Doesn't coz diaper rash as well. My gal can slp all nite with the diaper. Unfortunately its onli available at JL Marina and Giant. JL Marina best to go when they have diaper sales, their storewide sales nv include diapers one. Giant occasionally have promotion and its so far the cheapest place to get Sealer. Carrefour limited sizes and more ex.
  17. hotsoup

    hotsoup Member

    Personally I find Sealer gd too, cutting gd, soft too. Bought it once only at Sheng Siong..any1 noes where to find the cheapest Sealers (S size)?

    Pinky,How to noe when got diaper sale?

    I tried Huggies, Petpet, Pampers Baby Dry, Mummypoko, Sealer, NTUC..have Nepia but yet to try..

    Also tried Fitti (Leftover given by relative) but they cause my NB rashes!
  18. belleepoque

    belleepoque Member

    I used Nepia NB, Nepia S and Nepia M. Then I changed to Huggies Dry Comfort (Red and Blue) L for day and Huggies Ultra L for night now.

    Huggies Dry Comfort and Huggies Ultra are both good - the latter for longer use. Nepia is also good but for that price, it increasingly couldn't hold my son's output for the night. Nepia's cutting less comfortable for my son than Huggies as he got older as Huggies is cut higher. Huggies Ultra was slightly more ex than Nepia L but can take the entire night's load.

    I don't believe in using the cheap range of diapers as the materials are clearly inferior. For examples, Drypers' elastic band would leave red marks on my son when I tried the sample. The hard tape is also not as user friendly and uncomfortable. The higher range of Fitti with velcro tape also seems good as I tried the sample but it is not as easy to find.
  19. fion

    fion Active Member

    hmm.. my bb is using GooN a japanese brand..
  20. thyme

    thyme New Member

    hi zolldoll and babycupid, where to get Goo.N diapers? How's the cutting like? Is it smaller than pampers? My girl's wearing pampers active in size M now.

    Like to try Goo.N diapers on my baby girl if it is really good at preventing leaks (we used to have to change her clothes with her diapers coz of leaks...) but she's also seems prone to diaper rash whenever I change brands [​IMG]
    tried drypers, huggies, nepia and mamapoko since and now back to pampers...
  21. fion

    fion Active Member

  22. thyme

    thyme New Member

    Hi babycupid, thks for the weblink, will check it out [​IMG]

    we not sure whether the leaking is due to size or not but we did buy the correct weight range indicated on the diaper pack for my baby's weight and fastened it as tight as we dare while allowing a bit of "breathing space" ...

    how's goo.n diapers' cutting like? its a jap brand so will it be smaller compared to pampers?
  23. airex

    airex Member

    My son is using Goo.n
    i think cutting is slightly bigger than pampers.
  24. estherholy

    estherholy Member

    Will definitely vote for Huggies [​IMG]
  25. dernemi

    dernemi Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Fitti (Basic Comfort) - velcro
    Huggies (all range) - velcro
    mamy poko - velcro
    pampers (not all range) - velcro , comfort is sticker tape
    nepia - velcro
    sealer - velcro
    prokids - sticker tape
    pet pet - sticker tape
    dryper - sticker tape
    NTUC - sticker tape
    EQ - sticker tape</font>
  26. vion

    vion New Member

    my bb is using drypers. im not sure abt the others but i noe fitti n drypers are the fitting type as they haf elastic band at the back. fitti is tighter than drypers n u might wan to consider this 2 brands if ure bb is small size.

    one pack of drypers cost ard 13 for 64 pieces. so far i tink it is the most value for money. it can hold urine overnight n the surface isnt wet in the morning. one ting i dun like is the sticker tape. i always had to pull alot of the extras out to cover the tape part as my bb is v active. if not the sharp corner of the tape will kip brushing against the bb's thigh, making it very red.
  27. steph_steph

    steph_steph Member

    i vote for Goo.N n Pampers newborn coz mine ger is using these 2 for 2 mths n so far no diaper rash n leakage.
  28. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    My son is using Mamy poko now in the night and only uses one diaper. It is very good and i save more in fact. Day time i am using Huggies comfort.
  29. minniemom

    minniemom New Member


    my boy was using mamypoko when newborn till recently i changed to pet pet brand. He is 4month old now. Mamy poko is good for newborns for their sensitive skin but their price quite ex. It is cloth-type n thin material with velcro. Reason changing coz of the price. whahah... need to spend a lot just for baby's diapers &amp; milk.

    Now since using pet pet, my boy so far has got no prob. Pet pet brand price is also reasonable.
    Yes, its plastic tape type. So i probably stick to using pet pet for the meantime....
  30. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Me opposite. When my boy was just born, i used all sorts of cheap brands cos diapers are changed too frequently so to me it does not make much of a difference cos they do not wear it for very long.

    But now my son is 10 months and change his diaper every bout 4-5 hours so i use a better quality one like mamy poko cos can last longer too. So overall, i feel it is not ex and in fact saves more money.
  31. shippo33

    shippo33 Member

    I use pampers,sealer &amp; huggies ultra for my boy. All no leakage or diaper rash.
  32. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Ya sealer is quite good for when my boy was still very small. No diaper rash too.
  33. tsytracey

    tsytracey New Member

    I used Huggies Ultra, Mamy Poko when my boy was newborn. Now 3.5months I'm using Pet Pet for day and night. Change every 3-4hours. Cheap and good so far no leakage.
    For better brand I prefer Pampers Active. Its very soft and comfortable for baby. But usage wise also same as Pet Pet --every 3-4 hours.
  34. wting

    wting Member

    anyone happen to come across dispaer sales recently?
  35. green_kiwi

    green_kiwi New Member

    I have came up with a comparison table, not comprehensive of course. Mummies can take a look and compare. Prices are mainly from NTUC :p

    I have switched to Pampers Dry Comfort from Mamy Pokko and Pampers Active, so far so good, but only manage to buy them at X'tra (Giant version of NTUC), it's velcro type and price is quite reasonable for diaper made in Japan.<center><table border=1><tr><td>[​IMG]
    Diapers.xls (21.0 k)</td></tr></table></center>
  36. teetoo

    teetoo New Member

    thanks green kiwi. Greatly appreciate your effort. =)
  37. somenifty

    somenifty New Member

    So far I think Mamypoko is the best.
    This Goo.N diaper from Japan sounds interesting.
    Will have to check it out.
  38. tamtalizing

    tamtalizing New Member

    Hi All

    I just had my baby in March 09 and so far the brands I tried are:
    Fitti Premium-One of my favourite. The centre portion is slimmer so its easier to wear and fits nicely. $23 for 2 pk during promo. 48pcs/pk S size. There is a cheaper version of Fitti which is sticky tape can be as low as $0.14/pc during promotion in Carrefour. This is in jumbo pk.

    Huggies Ultra-Very thick and cutting is small.

    pampers (yellow packaging)-given by my hospital. Not bad but wont continue due to price.

    Nepia-pretty wide cut. So far no leakage for both Shit n Urine. Bght during fair at $14/pk. 54pcs for size S.

    Sealer-The cut is big, after wearing can see that the diaper is loose in the centre. Can hold Urine well but I realise it cant absorb immediately as the diaper is not touching the skin. $12/pk in Giant. S size 46pcs. According to the company, who oso distribute EQ, only selling in Shengshiong n Giant.

    It is indeed value for money but i believe there wont be any selling soon as there is no listing for local distributor in the Taiwan manufacturer website. Managed to get a few pks of newborn for $9/ea from Mustafa.

    EQ Dry - same manufacturer as sealer n prokids. Quite similar to NTUC but w/o the smell.

    pet pet - So far I tried 1 pc. seems alright to me and its pricing can be considered on the lower end thou not the lowest.

    dryper - Cutting is smaller than other brands. The tape very hard to remove and will cut the skin. Dislike.

    NTUC - $19.95 for 2 pks. 60pcs/pk M size. Has a strong smell but absorbancy wise ok. This is made in Indonesia.

    Goo.N-on the higher end. is wider in cut but shorter as compared to pampers. very comfy to touch. Its available in Meidiya liang court.

    Pureen-Worst among all. Very thick but cant hold much. Overnite will leak. shit oso will leak.

    I ever cm across a Jap woman carry a pk of pigeon diapers which is probably from Meidiya. Tempted to chk it out but i believe will be ex.

    Another pointer: if the right diaper cream(drapolene no use, gt those with zinc oxide) is used, generally no diaper rash regardless of diaper brand. so far no naapy rash despite hvg used so many brands.
  39. littleloki

    littleloki New Member

    Hi, my dd use huggies dry comfort for day and ultra for night. To me, it's worthed the money cos 1 ultra can last her throughout the night from 7pm to 7am. no rash too. she's 18mths now and still use 1 pc per night.
  40. pistachio

    pistachio New Member

  41. mumusings

    mumusings Active Member

    I vote for Drypers Wee Wee Dry (the one they claim is the latest). Sometimes I am too tired to change diapers at night for my son who's almost 22mth and so far no leakage (he sleeps 7.30pm till 6.30am). Plus, my son son sleeps face down and does quite a fair bit of kicking before sleeping. A pack of 48 lasts almost a week as he uses around 7 pieces a day (max) if he poops twice/thrice.

    A vast improvement from last year's stocks when we were using S-size. There was leakage and didn't absorb as much. Very impressed with the newest version and so much cheaper than Pampers and Huggies. Most of the time it's 2 packs for $25.35 (48 x 2). Now that toddler can has strength to fiddle with waist-band, Drypers is safer because the ones for Nepia / Pampers /Pet Pet / Huggies too easy for him to tear off! (Happened around 8mth old when we were trying all sorts of brands)

    For pull-up pants, Mamypoko is the best so far. Again, no leakage and lasts for hours outdoors or overnight. I always buy when it's on sale and use it when we go out.

    Huggies pants was quite a disappointment. Somehow it leaks when he's sitting in stroller or rolling about the mattress (even though we've just changed diaper). Although economically priced per pack, we used almost up to 10 pieces a day. A pack hardly last 4 days. Maybe the cutting is too small?

    Comfort-wise and if one can afford it (plus kid doesn't tear at the waist band), Nepia and Pampers Active are great too.
  42. malka

    malka New Member

    I personally prefers Goon pull up pants &amp; Pampers Active baby pants. I find drypers and huggies is kinda too rough on the inside. I normally will buy Goon, Pampers Active Baby or Momy Poko pants (Boys). Momy Poko pants will be my last choice as Momy Poko pants tends to bloated up and unlike Pampers and or Goon.

    For new born, Pampers Cruiser Baby and Goon is of the better choice.
  43. feif

    feif Member

    Pet Pet has improved alot and is very affordable. Great for toddlers - one large pack lasts 2 weeks and can be bought at S$15.90 (Large 68 pieces) at some shops in the heartlands. Huggies Dry Comfort or Ultra are good too but more expensive.

    Pants - Huggies pullups and Mamy Poko. If you have kids in strollers, best to avoid pullups 'cos unlike conventional diapers, you can't adjust tightness.

    For newborn, all brands are fine 'cos imperative is to change out of the mess lest skin gets infected. Most economical: Drypers, Pet Pet and Fitti.

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