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Anyone with Indonesian Maid to let go? urgent

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by vinatan, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. vinatan

    vinatan New Member

    Hi, I'm looking for an Indonesian maid to help at my place. We need her to be able to take care of my 4 year old son - feed, shower and fetch him to and from school bus. Basic housework and cooking for my small family. She is not required to buy groceries or travel to different homes.

    Most importantly, she must be able to speak English, and manage alone in the house.

  2. vinatan

    vinatan New Member

    still looking..
  3. mschampagne

    mschampagne New Member

    I know of a Filipino maid desperately looking if ur still looking?
  4. vinatan

    vinatan New Member

    JW, sure. can u PM me some details ?
  5. elle_vo

    elle_vo New Member

    Hi I have an experienced independent indonesian maid who fits your bill perfect, I am going overseas and dun require her. Perhaps you might want to contact me

  6. baibies

    baibies New Member

  7. linda_thea

    linda_thea New Member

    Hi Elle
    I am also looking for an Indo maid in Nov. Can leave your email or contact? Can PM me or email me at lindalim@innovasiatech.com thanks.
  8. vinatan

    vinatan New Member

    Hi Eleora,

    I'm keen. Can you PM me your contact? thanks [​IMG]
  9. mama39

    mama39 Member

    Any recommendation for Cartoon Drawing Class for kids please.
  10. puppet

    puppet Member

    Hi Elle,

    When are you letting go of her? I am also interested as i am delivering twins in mid Feb. can pm or email me at ycmai1@yahoo.com
  11. shmily07

    shmily07 Member

    hi elle,

    i have an immediate need for inodn maid - please contact me. thx
  12. mylovelynathan

    mylovelynathan New Member

    still available?
    please pm me,..
  13. blurqueen30

    blurqueen30 Active Member

    hi all,
    Im also looking for a gd transfer maid. Indo & filipino is ok. But the indo maid must be able to understand & speak Eng. My current maid will be leaving after CNY, so need a new helper to help out with my 2 gals & the hsehold chores. Anyone can help? Pls pm me. Thks! [​IMG]
  14. split

    split Active Member

    Last edited: Apr 3, 2015
  15. rubythebusybee

    rubythebusybee New Member

    Anyone with good maid for transfer? indo. preferred

    Household with 2 PILs , me, DH and 15M DS. A 19M nephew day care by MIL.

    Main chores for maid - housework & cooking, assisting MIL in taking care of the boys.

    both PIL and myself can speak Malay, so ok w/ indo. maid who can't speak Eng.

    Need URGENTLY coz current maid failed to return after home leave & MIA.

    Please PM or email me @ rubythebusybee@gmail.com
  16. dpand

    dpand Member

    Hi, I am looking for an Indo maid, who is honest, clean, good attitude, can cook and loves kids/babies.(I have a 13 mths old daughter).

    Anyone planning to transfer her maid, pls sms me at 81224095 or pm me. Thanks
  17. j_noelle

    j_noelle Member


    I'm looking for a transfer maid with prior experience taking care of young children in Singapore. If you know of or letting go a good transfer maid with the following criteria, kindly PM me with details and the relevant contact number. Thank you so much.

    - Filipino, Indonesian maid.
    - Must be able to speak English.
    - Keen and able to take care of young children
    - Able to cook, and perform general housekeeping.
    - Pleasant personality with good attitude.
  18. irenebach21

    irenebach21 New Member


    I'm also looking for an indonesian maid becos my existing one is not honest on money. Anyone has a maid to transfer? She needs to take care of my 4 years old girl.
  19. nana09

    nana09 Member

    hi mummies

    I am sending my indon maid bk to agency this sun 29th nov. She is 25yr old. Married wif no kids. Been wif me for 3mths. Her loan left less than $200 if not wrong. She take care of my 9mth old bb and helps my mil. I must say she is a very gd worker. Picked up and learnt things fast. Good command of spoken and written english. Handles my bb too well that he is attached to her. Honest. I leave my money around to test her. Can cook simple dishes. I am crazy to transfer her. But i dont like the fact that she is too chummy to my mil. Joke around and hug her wifout my presence. I am going to work in jan and my bb will be mostly taken care by her and mil. I am afraid that bcos her bonding wif my mil too close dat she may not listen to mil. BUT she follows my strict orders. Aniwae to ease my heart i chose to take the plunge and change her and hoping my new maid will draw a line wif my mil. Overall she is excellent and hopes that she works in a nice family. Pm me if u keen.
  20. linsaw

    linsaw Member

    Hi Everyone ,

    I am looking for a transfer Indo maid with prior experience. If you know of or letting go a good tranfer maid please kindly PM me the detail and relevant contact no .

    - Indo maid
    -understand / speak simple engish
    - able to look after elderly
    - able to look after young kid during weekend
    - able to cook and perform general housekeeping
    - pleasant personlity with good attitude
    - No off days
  21. flyn

    flyn Member

    Looking for transfer maid asap to take care of my boy (2 yrs old), can cook and general housekeeping.

    - Worked in sg for working family at least 2 yrs
    - once a month off day
    - Speak english
    - Positive attitude and humble
    - Loves children

    I can be contacted missflyn@yahoo.com

  22. sfdiva

    sfdiva New Member

    Indonesian muslim maid's available for transfer.

    29 yrs old / widow / 2 kids.
    She is good with kids (I have 3 children ranging from infant - 6 yrs old currently) and can cook malay dishes well. She wakes up early in the morning to prepare breakfast and would start cleaning before my children wakes up. Understands basic English. Experienced in using appliances I have at home too.

    Request 1x off day per month and has a handphone.

    Interested mummies, you may email me direct to sf-diva@hotmail.com
  23. gougou

    gougou New Member


    I have an indonesian maid to let go. She is 26 this year with 1 kid in Indonesia (divorcee).

    She has been with us for 1yr. Prior to that she has worked in middle east for few years taking care of eldery. Reason to let go is our son will stay in full day cc from now onwards so we don't need her anymore.

    Her main duty with us is to take care of our 2yr old son. Also she will do all the housework, laundry, cook lunch & dinner.

    Her strength is her english quite ok (she teached my son A-Z & 1-20, etc). She can understand basic chinese also. She is honest and very obedient. Whenever we ask her to do things she will do immediately. Also she is very patient to our son.

    Her weakness is she is abit slow in doing things so need some supervision but we are ok with it because she can take care of our son well. Also my MIL is at home for the whole day so still ok for us.

    I would think her is quite good as i have heard of alot of bad experience before. Pls pm me if you are seriously interested. She is available since mid Jan.

    Thanks.. [​IMG]

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