^^==^^ Anyone with active kid ???


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My son going to 5yo, every classes he go I get complain fm teachers & friends. Most of the parents know his name (thru their kids).

He like to disturb ppl whenver he finish his work fast, keep talking in classes.
But most of the teachers say his academic quite good, problem is he keep talking & disturb ppl.

Whenever I scold or beat him, he'll say he know already, no more next time, but after awhile come back again. when ask him again, he'll say he know again. Is there anything wrong with hid brain. Any mummy encounter such thing, now their kid already ok ?

hi sarahng, has it occured to you that your child may be very smart.. and the classes that he is in cannot challenge him intellectually?
Hi Cactus,

Cannot be, even when teachers are teaching, he can be talking to other kids or taking stationery fm other kids.
To teachers, his reactions are trying to get attention.
But how come when I teach him cannot do that again, he still keep repeating?
He simply like cant follow instruction, doing his own way.
Sarah, if your child can still u nderstand what the teacher is teaching, I think it's okay. although he may be active, I think he's very smart. it may be that he cannot conform to normal way of teaching. The montessori style allows a child more freedom to express himself and learn. maybe more suitable for your boy.

If you think your boy is active, you may want to look at what he eats. cut down on added sugars. check the content of sugar in his formula milk if he is still drinking formula.
Hi Cactus,

I've already cut down his sugar intake, I forgot about his formula intake sugar level.

Maybe u r right, last time I put him on 1/2 day at a montessori childcare, he still sometimes behave mischievously, but still quite ok, not like now, oh my god, like just release from the cage.

U mean only way is try put him on montessori sch? Then if he goes Primary sch, then come back again?
Sarah, I think there are 2 ways to look at this:

If your concern is whether your child is learning, then you have no need to worry. Just let him develop in his own time.

If your concern is to ensure that he is disciplined, then try motivating him to behave. like, reward his good behaviour. start with the weekends. and at home. encourage him to obey you and give stickers whenevr he pleases you. Try to get him to obey youy over weekends and public holidays.. for starters.

If your boy is not attention deficient, not a medical condition, maybe just reduce his sugar intake first. formula milk is very high in sugar. Speak to a PD or a child pscyhologist if you are concerned still. I think teachers are not experts (generally) in this area. THeir job is really to make the class obey them.. so naturally, they will complain to you if they cannot control your boy. they are also worried that your boy may affect the learning progress of other kids and their parents may complain.
Hi Cactus,

Ya, I myself also v scare teachers or parents complain to me.
I've tried rewarding him toys if he's obedient, but he'll obedient you for just 1 or 2 days, he'll start all over again.
If keep rewarding, he tend to have the habit of doing thing to get reward.
Cos he ever ask me, will I buy him toys if he do it well.
Sarahng, I don't think buying toys for him will solve the issue. I was thinking stickers. something simple, yet enjoyable for most kids. maybe you can to set up a rewards awards chart? place stickers for things that your boy does well? post it on a wall in his room? that may give him motivation? You can also invite your parents/in-laws/friends to see his chart.. they can give him encouragement to listen to you. You may want to draw up a timetable for him..give him a sticker for every task that he completes on time. that is a routine to begin with. having a routine can help instill in a child discipline (which will go towards the child obeying teachers). Apparently, scolding will not work so I think your boy needs alto of encouragement.

Having said that, some kids are naturally spontaneous. You do have to be careful about killing their spirit if you hold them too tightly. obedient kids may not be the brightest kids around.

I think at the end of the day, you need to find a way to resolve your problem when your child is with you. If your child is not listening to you, or to his caregiver, then there is an inherent problem. My boy is terribly active. but he is much younger. he is 16 months. But he is also very competitive. when I tell him that our neighbour's boy can brush his teeth, he will willingly let me brush his teeth. I encourage him to listen to me by lots of encouragement and lots of comparing.. suggesting that other boys can do it and he can do better, so please show me! It works.
hi, my child was really really active too. teachers complained that he walked around during class! but after he took up some rockclimbing and soccer classes, he became less active. i also reduced the sugar intake. think letting him do activities that sap his energy will help