Anyone using Nestle Nan 1 Ha?

i m selling 1 tin nan 2 ha 400g new packaging expiry May 2010 at $12/tin. pick up at cck/jurong pt or city area. : >


i wan.
can reaserve for me? thks. u got more tins??
Hi all,

My baby is 6 weeks old and on NAN HA1. She is consuming a tin a week!!! It's burning a hole in my pocket. How long does each tin last for all of you??
hi, my boy only 3 weeks...also taking 1 tin per week...anyone knows where i can buy in bulk at cheaper price ? pls pm me...thanks lots !

Anyone able to advise if there is any taste diff btw HA1 and HA2.. my ger is 6mths old and i intend to intro her to HA2 as she seems abit sick of its nt sure abt HA2 taste..
Hi Jokris,
HA1 got sweet taste but HA2 dun haf.. for your ger first try.. you have to mix HA1 and HA2 together let her drink..
<font color="aa00aa">My baby is on NAN HA1 and I notice her poop is green and rather watery.

Any other Mummies' babies on NAN? Are your babies' poop like that too??</font>
Hi there highheels, my lil one is was NAN HA until few days back. She is teething and has been having terrible diarhoea problems. I experience the green, watery poop as you mentioned. Spoke to my paediatrician about it and she seems to think that it is ok unless the poop gets too runny.
Anyone keen on Nan 1 HA ?

I have got 8 tins to sell for $250.

Manufacture in Swizterland, like those sold in NTUC.

Please PM me if keen. Thanks.
My 3 week old boy has been on Nan Ha 1 since he's 2 weeks old. I partially supplemented FM with BM, when my BM supply is not enough to meet his demand.No problem introducing him at all. He took to it like a duck to water.

Stools are yellowish and semi-mashed liquid pattern, just like when he was on purely BM.But boy, he sure can poo! Poo like 8~10 times a day! And after pooing, he's hungry again and have to feed him. Cost wise, pretty xiong with the diapers change and milk powder cost. He can go through 1 900g can per week and we bought it at Cold Storage for $43+ per can *faint*. But i read that Nan Ha 1 is the closest constitution to breast milk, so even though this is more expensive, it's worth it for little precious.
Hi I got one Mamex gold 1 (700g) and Friso Gold 1 (900g) for sale at S$15 each. If interested, kindly sms me at 97115140.
Hi mummies,
I have 7 tins of Nan Pro1 to sell away at $30 per tin. There will be further discount if you are intend to buy away 7tins at $29 each. Interested buyers, please drop me an email [email protected]
Brand New 900g tin - Nan 2 HA

4 tins bundle to be sold @ $130 nett.

Only for self collection at my place in Bt Gombak.

Please PM me if interested.
Is NAN1 pro healthy for new born baby?He is 2months now and He has been using it soon after his birth since i was lacking breast milk...Please advice
Anyone interested in Nan HA 3
Got surplus as my son suddenly refuse to drink milk
Letting go @ $33/ 900g tin
Pls PM me if interested.

Letting go Brand new Nan HA 2 900g and Nan HA 3 900g tins
My LO grown out and I have surplus.
Expiry dates: April /May 2013
Nan HA 2 @ $35 /900g tin
Nan HA 3 @ $32 /900g tin

Self collection at Tampines MRT
Pls PM me if interested
Hi everyone,

I've got 2 tins of Nan HA 1 for sale, as my baby is now beyond 6 months. Good until May 2013. Lettting go at $38/tin of 900g. Interested pls PM me. Can self-collect at Raffles or Pioneer MRT.

does a normal baby can take Nan H.A 1 that is hypoallergenic but baby is not allergic of any kind . please reply... is it safe?
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