Anyone using Nestle Nan 1 Ha?


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Does anyone know Nan 1 Ha is for 0 month to which month? Which is better, Nan 1 Ha or Nan 1? Will it helps baby to pass motion more frequently? Current using similac but find the frequency my bb pass motion is getting lesser n lesser, used to be daily then 2 days once then now 2-3 days once. Tried to give her more water but she only take a few sips.

Hi Wei Wei

Nan 1 HA is hypoallergenic. It's recommended for babies who could be prone to having allergies (e.g. if you & hubby, or ure immediate family members have a history of allergies, u may want to give ure baby a formula that's hypoallergenic). The formula is for babies from 0-6 mths. Nan 1 is not hypoallergenic..that's the difference.

My baby is on Nan 1 now. She passes motion abt once a day. She was previously on Friso, but I think it makes her gassy .. she always seemed to fuss more after drinking Friso. Now that she's on Nan, she doesn't hv that problem. How old is your baby?
Hi alhana,

Thanks for your reply, my baby is coming to 5 months. But is it ok to give my baby Nan 1 HA even if she doesn't has allergies? Bcos I just bought one small tin to try out if she will pass motion more regularly. And since the HA price is closer to Similac I bought HA instead of the normal one.
Hi wei

Yeah, she can take it even if she doesn't hv allergies

just to add on, Nan 1 HA can be consumed till 1 years old while nan 2 HA till 2 years old.

this i have confirmed with my PD and Nestle itself. so no worries.
Hi alhana & pofy,

Thanks for your reply. Is it true that Nestle Nan is good for baby who doesn't pass motion regularly?
Hi All,

Just want to check with u gals the color n texture of the stool after drinking Nestle Nan 1 HA. My girl's stool is very dark green and watery, wondering if it's the same.
Hi wei

My daughter's poo colour ranges from yellow to green..not watery leh...the texture is sorta creamy. Only the end part of the poo tends to be abit watery.

As for passing motion regularly, my daughter poos either daily or every other day.
Hi all,

Understand Nan is not cheap, any other recommendations that are good for baby 0-6 mths old?
Hi sonic,

I think most formular cost about the same, I think Mamil Gold cost slightly lesser bcos it comes in bigger tin and they always got bundle set.

Friso is cheaper by a few dollars. I used Friso intially but changed to Nan. Seems Nan made her less gassy compared to Friso.
it's true that NAN HA reduces constipation. My twins were on Similac after back from hospital and they both had problem passing motion..then I switch back to Friso which was given by hospital and one of them continued to have problem. So PD suggested NAN HA and now they pass motion everyday. She said that HA is pre-digested so it's easier on the bowels.

My PD recommended NAN 1 HA on my son cos my hubby got slight eczema and asthma. I was initally scared when i saw the super dark green stools. But my lactation consultant told me its becos of the vegetable fat content in the milk powder.

However, I just curious to know since HA is good for reducing allergies, that means its also good even for babies who are not allergy prone, why then would parents want to buy any other FM which are not HA? Is there something which HA FM lacks and other non HA FM has?

Just curious...

According to my PD, HA is recommended for babies who may be prone to allergies (eg. mom/dad or immediate family members hv allergies). If u hv no reason to worry abt ure baby having allergies, then the regular FM should be good enough.
Hi wei

Any feedback frm Nestle? Can share wif us here?
I jus changed my gal to Nan HA2 and find that her stools sometimes is watery. Am wondering if this is normal.
Any bbs on Nan HA and stools are watery as well?
Hi babe99,

actually they replied n they didn't reply. they replied my email to ask for contact number so tat they can better assist me, but they didn't reply my question to them. after that i didn't email them until today.
i've jus started on Nan HA2 yesterday, so far no negative feedback from my mum so should be ok. Not sure abt watery but her stool texture has always been like "milk shake" when she take Nan HA1.
hi babe99,

it's normal 4 bbs who drink Nan HA 2 stinky soft creamy stools. if ur gal's stools r v watery, u may wanna chk wif ur PD as she might b hving diahorrea.
ok, just got a call from nestle. very helpful and polite lady. she said that HA formula has a protection against allergies and it's recommended for the 1st year. other than that there's no difference in the nutrients between HA and non HA formula.
Previously, my baby have been on Similac since birth till a month old. I noticed his bowel movement can be as much as 3 times per day. So, I have changed to NAN-1. His bowel movement initially is once every two days for a week. After a week, it's daily.

I actually tot of switching him to NAN-HA but learnt that HA is more of a bitter taste so some babies might not like it. So to avoid the risk, since my baby doesn't like milk from the start, I have stick on to NAN-1.
I guess diff baby react differently to formula. My bb bowel movement is once every 2-3 days when she's on similac and she always push untill her face very red.
I'm new to this thread. My 5 weeks old boy is currently using NAN 1 HA despite the fact that he is not allergic to anything at the moment. His stool can be yellowish and greenish which is normal to me and he is passing motion pretty often everyday. I had tasted HA & finds that it's pretty near to the taste of our BM, the only difference is that it's slightly sweeter than BM.So it's initial sour, followed by slight sweetness. HA - hypoallergenic, that's the only difference.
HA milk is sweet meh? I find it abit bitter leh. In fact my first tin of HA milk was Enfalac, I even called them up and asked if the milk is spoilt!
Hi ginger,

Personally I find HA milk is slightly sweet but overall like BM, it's sour. It's meant to be closer to BM's taste, not at all spoilt don't worry about it. My first tin of infant milk is also Enfalac but my boy's poo isn't suitable, that's why I switched to NAN 1 HA. So far his poo is good! Thumbs up.
Hi Van,

To be trueful I only dare to taste my own milk once. Haha! But I usually gag if I try NAN HA so I usually refrain from tasting my baby food if I cook with her milk

But I think she has phlegm due to the FM leh. I know NAN HA is good, but PD advise me to change,
hopefully her skin won't act up! Cuz I think once I changed to regular tasting milk, abit hard to go back to HA milk again
Hi ginger,

Well since PD advised you to change, just give it a change and monitor the situation. Who knows your gal's skin will improve.

Every babies will have some degree of phlegm, it's a matter of more or less amount at that time. There was a couple of times my boy threw out his milk, together with some of the phlegm too. Now, his phlegm is still with him, well this is something we as parents can't do anything about it.

I may not agree that it's entirely due to FM that your gal's got the phlegm. Every baby is specially in their unique way. Their bodies may belong to the heaty category or the more heaty category too. May I know how old is your darling? So long your gal poos well, that shouldn't be a problem. If you have doubt, feel free to call your PD for further advises.
Recently i just switch from Nan 2 HA to Nan 2 bcos my bb dun like HA seem like there is a smell which she dun like. My mum also said she dun like the smell, as for me I always hate milk powder from young.

My bb also got phlegm when she is less than 4 months. According to PD, it's common bcos bb throat is narrower and tends to block easily esp after drinking milk. As long as it doesn't affect your bb's breathing then there's nothing to worry abt.
Hi Van,

thanks for your advise. at one time her phlegm is really bad, nothing can help and alot of times she was vommitting cuz of phlegm
like your boy. My baby is coming to 1yrs old end of this year. My PD asked me to switched to Pediasure soon cuz my baby is very very very skinny. but i'm abit relunctant cuz i am afraid she will balllon. delimma huh! haha!
Ginger - No problem, it's my pleasure. Time flies, your gal is almost a yr old.

Yesterday my boy went for his 1st 6-in-1 jab. PD still advises us to continue NAN-1-HA. You know what, my boy drinks 1 900g of this every week! RE: Skinny kid - do not worry much about this. It's good that you have consulted PD about gal's size though. Just follow the switch and monitor. I find that by making sure that your gal enjoys the feeding beats the size of her now. Maybe her framework does follow either of your family's history. Frankly speaking we can't do much except to encourage her to continue drinking the milk which is the most nutritious beverage at the moment.

wei - Same as you, I used to hate milk. As a parent, I've got to force myself to drink my boy's milk as I need to know what is the taste like. This way I can understand more of my boy's likes & dislikes as well as his preferred taste. Most importantly, I will know if the FM is too sweet to prevent him from becoming fussy drinker. Initially this sucks as milk is the last thing I will like to touch but now I'm getting used to this.
Hi Mummies,

Initially, my boy was on similac for a mth and every time he drinks it, he will have very bad tummy pain and cries out loud ( my boy also colicky baby ). So one day, my boy rejects similac totally and rather goes on hunger strike than to drink it. So hubby went to Giant and got a small tin of NAN HA1. Surprisingly, my boy drinks it and he dun have any tummy problems after that.

When my boy is on similac, he use to poo only once every 4 days and eversince he is on NAN HA1, he poo every alternate days and sometimes daily. My PD told me NAN HA1 is a very healthy milk and he encourage me to continue giving NAN HA1 to my boy since I had already stop BF.

It's great to see that your boy is back into his usual shape. May I know how old is your boy now? There are various reasons he may reject FM, for instance, it's taste, after feed effect, smell, likes and dislikes as well as his current body health condition. For myself, I find that NAN is nearer to my BM's taste that's why I'm feeding this to my boy.
Hi Van,

My boy is 4 mths and 1 wk old now. Up till now he still prefers NAN HA1 than NAN 1. Dunno y... maybe he does not has sweet tooth? Hubby and I tried NAN HA 1 and NAN 1, NAN HA 1 is bitter than NAN 1.

So since he likes it, then i cont'

Really, that's good. In this case your BM's taste is nearer to HA than non HA, that should explain why your boy loved this rather than NAN 1 instead. I personally find that HA is a very healthy milk and will continue with this for as long my boy allows. Let's wish each other luck!!!
Hi all Mummies,

I have 2 tins of NAN 1 H.A Hypoallergenic Premium Starter infant Formula (400g) for sale @ $15 or
1 tin @ $9 (both expire on 19 April 2007)
Anyone interested can email me @ [email protected]
Hi Mummies,

i have a question. I switch from nestle nan to similac infant cos i heard similac is good..number 1 milk in Singapore? I think.

but i notice that my baby becomes extra active and fuss alot on similac. Im just owndering if i should switch back to nan. Hubby says to let it be.. he assumes an active baby is was a little relaxed on nan and he seems to be more hungry while on nan.also, the similac powder seems to be thicker compared to nan.

anyone has any suggestions or info to share?
Hi SynS,
My baby was on Similac until abt 3 months. I change her formula to NAN HA bcos I find that Similac cause her to constipate. That's the only reason why I changed her formula. I think all formula should have abt the same types of nutrients. The most important is if your baby likes it and drinks it and don't constipates and sleeps well.
Hi SynS,
My baby was on Similac until abt 3 months. I change her formula to NAN HA bcos I find that Similac cause her to constipate. That's the only reason why I changed her formula. I think all formula should have abt the same types of nutrients. The most important is if your baby likes it and drinks it and don't constipates and sleeps well.

My son is coming to 10mths soon and will be planning to introduce formula to him. Should I go with Nan 1 or Nan 2 ?

hi joy, if you are interested in giving Nan to your boy then you can start with Nan 2 cos that is for 6 months and above ..

baby_girl, not sure if it's heaty but my daughter has been on the milk formula since she was born (hospital fed her cos i was unable to breast feed or pump then) - so far she's ok with it except that i do notice she is quite prone to getting a pimple or two on her cheek but other than that she has regular bowel movement which is quite important to me la ..
Baby Girl

Actually I heard Similac's the one that's heaty. My girl has tried both and her poop tends to be harder when she takes Similac. With Nan 1 HA, it comes out easily. PD was the one who recommended Nan 1 HA to us.
Joy - basically before you start feeding with NAN 2 taste it yourself. See if it's near to your BM. Hope this helps!

Actually to me all FM are supposingly on the heaty. As compared to the old days' FM, the degree of it is much better as the composition is much easily dissolved into the warm water. Regularly feeding your loved ones with warm plain water is also good as it helps them to get ready for our practical lifestyle. Just my 2 cents thought!

Even though my boy is having NAN 1 HA now doesn't mean it's the best. What's important is that the kid is satified with the FM and willing to drink it. Not forgetting the poo inspection as well! I'm sure there are some FM that our babies are suitable to, it's a matter of time searching....
thanks all for your helpful comments. i will start with nan 2 and try out - havent decided to go with ha or without ha. hope my son will like it.
i find the taste of ha is not as good as non ha but non ha cause constipation for my bb so i give her ha which she refuse in the beginning. so in the end i mix half ha and half non ha, now she seem ok with ha.
hi all,
nanha is good 4 bb who hav risk of allergies.even w/o allergies,still prevention better.oso,it's close to breastmilk, so bb can digest better (maybe tat's y no constipation)my girl has been taking nan ha1 since birth,now she's on nan ha2. she passes motion at least once everyday.i heard there's a new powder nan3 (for 10mths to 3yr). i'll prob switch to tat when she finishes the nan ha2.
hi joy,

nan ha is more 'bitter'.thus, if ur bb is exposed to other FM before, likelihood he'll reject ha. but if he's been taking breastmilk all the while, it shld b ok.

Hi mummies~

My son also on NAN 1 HA. Finishing a 900g tin every week! Currently he is 3.5 months, weighing a hefty 7.6kg! So far also no constipation problems. Not thinking of changing to other brands of FM.

Any mummies know where i can get BP for Nan1 HA? Or where sell more cheaply? Me a SAMH, on tight budget, but still insisting only the best for my son!

Please share with me where you purchase your NAN HA from and the price you get!

I normally buy from Shop & save. Buy about 5 X 900g tins at $31.95 each, den redeem the stamps to get the $6 voucher..