Anyone using Medela PIS Advanced Breastpump?


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Hi mummies

I found that the tube connecting the machine and funnel has vapour after xpressing milk. Is this normal? My friend said that must be careful not to let the vapour get into the machine or else it will breakdown.Do your have this problem and how do you clear the vapour inside the tube?


I always get water into my tubes - i read somewhere that it is normal and that if we let the equipment run for awhile it will disappear, I just tap away the water when I am free ...

If it breaks down, the warranty should cover ?
hi amy, u mean the vapour will disppear then we are xpressing the milk (motor is on)? before i bght this pump, i am using my friend's pis backpack (old type) and there is no such problem.

i found that the funnel hole connecting the tube is also friend's funnel hole connecting the tube is at the top wheras my current one is on the bottom. this maybe the cause?
Hi hi,

After you expressed out your BM, if there is vapour in the tube, you just switch on the pump with the tubes attached .. the vapour will goes off. The sales assistant taught my hubby when he bought the pump. Hope it helps!
I faced the same problem. Water including bm entered the tube. It is very frustrating. It doesnt happen in my previous PIS model.
I will go and try he above method. thanks
Hi chrisz

I've been using my Medela PIS Advanced for almost seven months now and I've had water vapour in the tubing for about six of those months, and my pump is still working. So I don't think it's a major issue to worry about.
hi yolk sac

do u clear e vapour inside e tube everytime after u used e pump? if not, it's still working well 4 u hah..

now, i always on my pump after xpressing to clear e vapour inside e tube...

hi dokie, u r right? i tried my friend's previous pis model & this doesn't happen. thus e advanced model now has this disadvantage
I also faced the same problem last year when I used it. I let the motor run for a few mins till the vapour disappeared. Medela Customer Service lady taught me.
hi chrisz: no, I don't clear the vapour. I've had the same vapour in my tubes for seven months
How do you clear the vapour? Basically detach the funnel and bottle parts and just keep the pump running?
Hi, I'm using the PIS traveler, and notice sometimes will have vapour too. I don't bother abt dries up after a while.

But there was once I had milk going thru the tubes and machine! Called the sales lady at Moms & Babes who was very helpful and said it does happen when the milk backflow into the tubes. She told me to just turn the pump on and let it run for abt 15-20 mins and it will dry up. If not put the tubes in air-con room to dry.

Yes just detach the funnel and let the pump keep running. I'm not sure it will dry...coz I remember the last time I tried and put it on for 30 mins but the tubes still wet. So had to hang in my room with air-con to dry for abt 2 days.
Hi can I check if we can freeze the cooling elements (the blue plastic thing that we placed in the cooler bag) that comes with PIS advanced?

Thanks in advance.

I freeze it leh...I just leave it in the freezer and put it in the cooler bag with the bottles of EBM when I'm going to go out lorh. Er, is that the right way? heehee...
Hihi CSI Fan,

Nothing was mentioned in the instruction booklet so I tot i check with other PIS Advanced user as I just got my pump last week.

I will also freeze it then.

Hi bbngg, kitty,

The blue plastic thing is the ice pack to keep the ebm cold in the cooler bag. You are supposed to freeze it prior to use.
I've got some brown/black mould-like patches in the tubing! Is the tubing gone? I cant seem to remove them..

And the softfit funnels seem to be disintegrating.. it's not smooth anymore, rough patches on it.. wonder if it's because I use hot water to scald the parts when the sterilizer is not available.. any advice??
Dear Pooh Pooh,

I think it's best you change the tubings and check the funnels. You can buy Medela tubings & parts from their service office, can even bring the whole pump down for them to check for you.

81 Ton Guan Rd East #03-01 Secom Centre Singapore 608606
Tel: 6562 6298 (They open half days on Saturdays)

Or you can buy pump parts & tubings from their retail stores too:

Hope that helps.
Better quickly change tubings, don't use the ones you have now. Hard to wash and remove them la...
Pooh pooh: Hi, Would like to check if you have used the normal funnels before? If so, how do they compare with the softfit ones? How long have you been using before they disintegrate? Am surprised if it can stand the heat in a steriliser and not boiling water.
The vapour in the tubing problem is the main disadvantage of the Medela PIS compared to the Ameda Lactalline which is a closed system. It is not as hygienic.

If you look carefully, the vapour actually comes from the water in your funnel after it has been sterilised but not thoroughly dried or if you manage to get milk into the tube.

The advantage of the Ameda Lactalline is in its design where there is no opportunity for the milk or water to back up into the tube as there is a bellow that completely separates the milk from the tubing.

For this reason, it is not advisable to use an old Medela PIS and you are warned of it on Medela USA's website. If you have to use an old Medela PIS, get brand new tubing. Also remove the faceplate from the machine and wipe the diaphragm and also use an alcohol wipe to disinfect the diaphragm which is the part that may touch the tube. You would be surprised to see the dirt that accumulates on the diaphragm behind the face plate and many people would not realise it. Imagine all the months when a tiny spray of water droplets or even milk droplets have been sprayed on the diaphragm through the tubing!
I have the same problem on the softfit funnel disintegrating after using it for 1-2mths. I sterilise the funnel each time after use (abt 6 times a day). The funnels turn yellowish and look like they have blisters...also feels oily...anyone have the same prob?

now very stress duuno whether it is toxic...
after using the normal funnels - I have also since tried the soft fit funnels - i dont like them at all! I suppose its softer thus the material is not so hardy thus wears & tears faster.

The problem i ahve with my PIS adv is, I hear its one of the stronger pumps around - I got so used to it - I am lookin at the hospital grades maybe for my next child. However i was told by some who used hospital grade pumps before that the PIS adv is much stronger - I suspect its because i have not changed the valves since my child was born that's why. (i pumped for 12 mths & now baby's 16 mths old & still latching at nite & during weekends)
I am using PIS for almost 3 months and had already changed 1 set of tubings because of fungus/ bacterial growth! The connections to the PIS unit appeared blackish.

I think it was the water vapour which caused the problem. I sun the tubings now whenever I have time.
The vapours in the tube is normal. The sales asst told us to keep the pump on till the vapour is gone after we had finished pump.

Kewee, u can try washing the funnels in hot soapy water. The oil will go away.
i bought a new pair of funnels...this time round...never sterilise them as the medela service centre advice to sterilise only on 1st use...thereafter jus wash with hot soapy water will do. Have been using this methd for the past 1 mth. So far, no blisters on the funnels. But the funnels have turned yellowish fast.
are the tubings meant to be sterilised? i had black spots in mine and after washing, thot i'd better sterilise. but the colour of the tubing after sterilising turned from clear to cloudy, like the medela bottles. wonder if this is normal??
jdsummmy, they are not meant to be sterilised. the sterilizing may make the tubings hard. may affect function.

Re: soft fit.

Yes, I've used them but only for 4 months before they started turning very yellow and oily. in the end, I had to buy new ones. but worth it cos I love those breastshields.
<font color="119911">hi mummies..
i hv also been using Medela PIS Advanced since the birth of my #1 till #2...

indeed vapours will developed within the tubings after we have expressed..temperature varies frm the place we are expressing and our body too..

it will be a gd practise to continue running the pump on for the tubings for awhile (say 2-5mins) while u settled to pour the expressed breastmilk into the milkbags or while u r dressing up..

but if u r gg to bfed for longer's recommended to replace the parts often just in case of any possible bacteria formed or dirt developed within the tubing or any other parts too..

but once liquid enters the "pump" during the suction momentum..ur breastpump might malfunction..

meanwhile, do hope that mummies can continue to breastfeed for as long as possible..cheers~</font>
Thanks all for the suggestions. I'm going to purchase the medela PIS Advanced. Wondering how often we should change the parts (tubing, funnels and the white membrances).
hmm.. actually i m using a PSI with ameda parts, including tubing.
it works well and safe.
no milk flow thru the tubing.
Hi Medela PISA users,

Anyone encountered hissing air sound during pump suction? I juz bought mine 3 weeks ago, initially no such hissing sound, only the "wumpa wumpa" pump suction sound. Then a few days ago, I encountered this hissing sound in addition to the pump suction sound. Checked my tubing and they seem ok - no vapour or water droplets inside (although initially there were and it was only recently I started learning how to clear them the correct way by running the pump for few mins after expressing). Anyone encountered such hissing sound before?
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