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Anyone tried I CAN READ at River vale Mall (SK)

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by ek_mummy, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. ek_mummy

    ek_mummy Member

    hi planning to put my girl (going 4) to i can read, can anyone advise whether the programme is good or not and do they conver phonics programme as well, existing mummy hom put their children in SK branch, thks for your advise.

  2. gjj

    gjj New Member

    I send my 2 children to this programme http://www.icreativelearner.com/ (the Rivervale Crest location), similar to I Can Read. The programme has been benefical to them. Most important of all, the teacher is delicated, hardworking and responsible.
  3. ek_mummy

    ek_mummy Member

    hi CYL, thanks for your info, can tou PM to share more about the programme, i am keen to know where is the rivervale Crest Location (inside the condo itself), please advise as i am very keen already and need to knwo how they can keep my kids too, thks so much
  4. gjj

    gjj New Member

    Hi E & K Mummy,
    It is a home-based programme whereby the max. no. of children is 6. Parents will go through an orientation programme (abt 1 hr or so)whereby the course details and expectations are outlined and explained. Timing and day of this orientation depends on the individual teacher and intake. Have to liase with her directly.
    Both my boys went through this intensive phonics and reading programme. They usually take in children at 3+, able to recognise fr. A-Z. At K2 level, they introduce things like comprehensive skills, basic grammar, spelling, dictation etc. Basically to prepare kids for P1. My elder one is completing the pre-sch programme soon, and the younger one is going on to the K2 level next year. When my no. 3 comes to age, I will send him to the same teacher too.
    I chose the Rivervale Crest location. The teacher conducts her lessons at her home there. There is another teacher under the same programme in Seng Kang area too. Do go to the website to find out more and speak to the teacher you have short listed. Hope this helps.
  5. morningstar

    morningstar New Member

    Hi CYL,

    Are u able to provide more info? Like the course fee, cost of materials, duration and frequency etc.

  6. gjj

    gjj New Member

    Currently, I am paying $170 for every block of 8 lessons, once a week for 1hr 30min. There is a one time registration and material fee, which I can't remember how much.
  7. snoopwen

    snoopwen New Member

    Hi CYL,
    Are you required to get any books for your kids during the course?
  8. hopeac

    hopeac New Member

    hi snoopwen,
    My son is also in Icreativelearner. You no need to get any books for the kids. The material fees covers all the materials for the 2 and 3/4 years. And they will also borrow one story book back every week.

    One thing to note, they only take 1 intake a year for the 3+, which starts in march. And there is usually a long waiting list for popular teachers. Eg. My younger daughter is already registered for the 2009 class. She was given the last slot for a particular teacher. However, they have "crash" programmes if you start your kid in K1 or K2.
  9. snoopwen

    snoopwen New Member

    thanks hopeac,
    which centre or location is your kid in now? my son is 3 , he is currently with ICR. thinking of withdrawing him out from ICR, and let him try speech and drama instead.

    any comments on lorna whiston speech and drama?

    Or any mummies has got kids in LW speech and drama, pls share your views. Thanks.
  10. gjj

    gjj New Member

    The choice of centre or location really depends. Some parents opt for the more 'popular' teachers, and are willing to travel, or to be put on waiting list. Some just choose the teacher with the convenient location and timing. Guess most important of all is that you got to short list the preferred location and give the teacher a call directly (nos. listed in the website) to check out the intake and timings. At the same time, talk to the teacher more abt the programme. Can't comment on LW speech and drama though, no experience. [​IMG]
  11. hopeac

    hopeac New Member

    hi snoopwen,
    I stay in the east, so i go to the one in simei (the only one that had space that time). She no longer takes in new preschoolers. She now focus on pri school. So my daughter has to go to another teacher in 2009.

    I am not sure about LW speech and drama. But my son is in a Speech and Drama program this year. The emphasis and focus of icreativelearner and speech and drama is different. icreativelearner emphasis is on reading, later writing. Speech and drama focuses on expression, speaking etc. I feel both programs complements.
  12. snoopwen

    snoopwen New Member

    thanks CYL and hopeac.
  13. ek_mummy

    ek_mummy Member

    hi thanks all for the advise, i wanted the rivervale crest location but she is already fully booked. her next class is in Jun 09, i am in trying to be in her waiting list ;) by the way CYL, is the teacher Eva good?
  14. gjj

    gjj New Member

    Hi E & K Mummy,
    When teacher Eva was first recommended to me, I was told that she is a strict teacher. I did not mind and went ahead to sign up with her. My thinking is that I'll rather have a strict one that teaches and able to handle kids, than one who is too nice and lenient.

    For the 3+ years that we are with her, teacher Eva is very motivated and responsible. She is willing to go to the extra mile to teach. Though strict she is, teacher Eva is caring and shows concern for her pupils. She is always motivating and encouraging her pupils to learn. It's a pity though she does not each primary school children.
  15. ek_mummy

    ek_mummy Member

    hi CYL, good to hear about Eva, I will definitely placed my second girl which is going to be 2 years old in her waiting list early, i am not sure when my elder girl will be also to attend to her class next year june, the class for 4 years old covers phonics as well right, menaing i do not need to go other phonics and reading class right? but price for next year will be 190 for 8 lessons of 1 1/2 hours each.
    i am quite excited about it already! thanks for your valauble advise! cheers
  16. snoopwen

    snoopwen New Member

    I have registered my son for 2nd term 2008 class. Teacher is June (or Jane), location is Bedok Terrace. Any mummy tried her class? Is she good?
  17. hopeac

    hopeac New Member

    I wanted to register my daughter for weekend class for 2009, but she was full. She is suppose to be quite popular.

    190 for 8 lessons is weekend class? I think weekday class is around 175 only
  18. morningstar

    morningstar New Member

    Hi mommies,

    May I know what is the number to call to contact teacher Eva? Called the no on the website, no response.

  19. gjj

    gjj New Member

    Sorry couldn't reply, just got back from overseas. The $170 for 8 lessons for mine is on week days. I think week ends rates are different. Shouldn't need any extra phonics lessons already. Eva's no is 81283503. Thanks.
  20. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member


    do you know which icreative center still has vacancy for K2?

    Please pm me the teacher's contact number.

    Many thanks for your help [​IMG]
  21. luvcp2005

    luvcp2005 Member


    I heard good reviews of icreativelearner and would like to register her for next year's class. I contacted the principal and however, most of the the slots are fully taken.

    Does anybody has the teacher's contacts to share with me? I hope to check with them whether they can squeeze me in.

    I am also thinking of asking them to open up classes in the North or Northeast areas. Anybody keen? If we have 6, I can try to talk to the principal.

    Pls PM or email me at maltbibi@yahoo.com.sg

  22. jag

    jag New Member


    I was thinking of enrolling my 3 years old daughter in i-creative learner after hearing good reviews from parents in the forum.

    Can I check if anyone has any reviews of teacher Angie at Rivervale St? Tks.
  23. tata_yeo

    tata_yeo Member


    Does anyone have the number to call for i-creative learner? Appreciate your help. Thanks.

  24. etelle

    etelle Active Member

  25. elinang

    elinang New Member

  26. assamjam

    assamjam Member

    hi, are the teachers local or westerners?

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