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Anyone seen Dr suzana sulaiman frm kkh b4?

Discussion in 'Year 2012 Mums' started by nuri, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. nuri

    nuri New Member

    #1 preggy was wif dr irene chua, # 2 was wif irene chua also but half way she transfered to gleanagles. And i choose to stay in kkh n she recomen me 2 gynae, jasmine or cynthia.. But i had choose cynthia kew, she's ok soft spoken. Only that im abit down wif her, i was admitted at 34.2weeks, due to low AFI. And was suggested by her that i must b warded. I'm Staying in d ward for 8 days until i delivered at 35.3weeker, and i dont even she her face at all.. During labour, only senior staff nurse n hubby arnd me.. Not even 1 doc, in the labour ward to deliver me. Myb im so unlucky.. But thanks god, i hv safely deliver my 2nd bby boy on 5th jan 12.. And today he is 3mnth old n im preggy again. ;) and choosing a malay female gynae as my new gynae. Is doc suzana sulaiman ok? Hope she's ok im so phobia of choosing gynae.. For me dr irene chua is the best ever gynae ive seen b4. Bt to bad i cnt b wif her. Pls advice is anyone seeing suzana sulaiman b4 recently?

  2. lyn1404

    lyn1404 New Member

    Just had my first appt wif KKH yesterday... The waiting time & queue was tremendous. Already booked Dr Suzanna Sulaiman for my next appt and will update you once I see her ;)
  3. nuri

    nuri New Member

    Ok thanks lynda.. ;)
  4. shafiza

    shafiza New Member

    Hi....I am also looking for new gynae....let me know if Dr Suzanna is good.....how abt Dr Regina Zuzarte?
  5. fz_flower

    fz_flower New Member

    Hi,Dr Jasmine had delivered my 2nd son last Oct and I have been seeing her for my 3rd one that is due in Dec. Indeed she is transferring and was asking me to consider going to TMC. I am still finding more info such as the maternity package and pricing. The carpark at TMC has always been a problem.

    Any comments or feedback about Dr Suzanna anyone?
  6. sara_syahz

    sara_syahz New Member

    Assalamualaikum! I had Dr Suzanna for my 1st daughter. I think she's great. Very approachable, easy to talk to and can ask her anything without feeling silly. She didn't rush through the appointment like most gynaes do. [​IMG] However, halfway through my pregnancy she got transferred to another hospital on loan so I had to change to another gynae and chose Dr Mariamar George.

    I'm now 15 weeks pregnant with my 2nd one and will be getting Dr Suzanna. Unfortunately, I just called to fix an appt with her and the earliest date they gave me is 3rd Oct!! I didn't know it would take that long to schedule an appt. I shd've called earlier. [​IMG]
  7. fz_flower

    fz_flower New Member

    Ws, Sara Syahz. Thanks for your comments on Dr Suzanna. It seemed that not much comments about Dr Suzanna online.
    My 1st son was with Dr Mariammar but it wasn't a good experience with her,maybe because of my long delivery time which took almost 24 hrs.

    Is Dr Suzanna soft spoken? Dr Jasmine is soft spoken and makes me feel calm.... but kinda rush during appointment. too bad she is leaving.

    BTw anyone knows the deposit that we need to pay for ward A1 at KKH?
  8. mamabd

    mamabd New Member

    I delivered my second child Dr. Suzanna Sulaiman at KKH. Just one single word about her: she is awesome!!!

    She patiently listened to all my concern every time I visited her. I even bought my facial cleanser and showed her whether it was suitable for use during first trimester. She patiently looked at the ingredients for a while and with a nice smile on her face she said something like - "generally these are ok. But you should minimize anything that concerns you. But if you can't stop using, then use it, as long as any such chemicals are not directly absorbed by our body". My husband, who has experience working with busy doctors, was surprised at her patience.

    She is very experienced too - you can tell from her confident way of advising.

    At the end on the final day, I delivered at 2:35 am and she had another patient at the delivery suite on the same night. But I could see she calmly handled both the patients. Assisted me to deliver first, as the other patient was still little bit far from fully dilating. Then after the delivery of the second patient, she came to me again, chatted with me for 10 mins, carried the baby and spent some time with him as well. She then went back to the other patient again. She was then back again around 9 am for her round at the ward to check on me. I was really fortunate to find her as my gynae.

    My husband is not so willing for a third child - but if we eventually agree to try for a third one, then I am looking forward to go back to her again.

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