Anyone seeing GP then transfer to Gynea


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Just wondering anyone seeing a GP who wld later transfer U to a gynea?

My SIL is seeing a GP. when she reaches her 7th mth, he wld then arrange her to go to gynea else where...

frankly i dun like the idea cos he sounds a very irresponsible GP to me. On 1 occasion, his clinic suppose open at 6pm to 9pm. nurse came at 6.30 while doctor came at 8.30pm and kept 20 patients awaiting, most came for normal sickness while my SIL is there for preg check up. On a 2nd occasion, my MIL acc her to see e GP. clinic opens at 9am and doctor oni came at 12++...

my BIl chooses there as its cheap. my concerns is the safety of e BB and if e doctor is reali a responsible one.

I didnt know GPs do provide pre-natal checks?

Does the GP do ultrasound checks for your SIL?

Sorry but maybe I am suaku or what, I never heard GP provides such service and am surprised to see that your SIL has been seeing the GP for close to 7th mth !!
It's better for pregnant women to actually see a gynea. There are blood tests and scans that only a gynea can do actually. They have the equipment over at their clinic. Have you SIL undergo herdetailed scan and ultrasound? Also there is a few blood test she have to undergo.
if the pregnancy is uncomplicated, it's okay to see GP until 28 weeks or evern 32 weeks of pregnancy. This is normal in polyclinics. some polyclinics offer prenatal services.

Actually the normal routine checks for preg women are just the weight/height, urine test, and bp check every visit. The blood tests is only done at first trimester (unless there are blood disorder issues which are apparent after the initial blood tests) and can be done with the triple screen test/oscar test at between 11 to 13 weeks. There is no need to do any other scan (NT scan is combined with the triple screen/oscar) until 19 to 22 weeks. Most GPs will refer the preg lady to an ultrasound facility to do these 2 scans. as for the blood test, GP can take the blood, and send to lab for results.
actually i was very surprise when i hear GP doing prenatal, my BIL go there cos its cheap. when he compare 2 my charges, my gynea charges ard $80 for scan and $50 for consultation. the gP oni charges $38 for cons w scan and extra $10 if u wan supplments.

frankly, i am not against GP doing prenatal but what surprise me most is that my SIL is coming 24 weeks and he NEVER offer any blood test or even tell them to consider if wan to do e OSCAR test, maybe he dun earn that why dun bother.

i told my BIL my concerns that this GP has no "YI DE", although cheap but must really offer suggetsions to pateint. worse, he won take in my feedback and oni kw how to say "I dun know".

my SIL is from vietnam, i told my BIL he must also read some preg books to understand more, maybe i being KS lor... pregnanacy is a process, a process of parenthood also mah...

my SIL NEVER went for any blood test nor any test. only the normal consulattion and scan. worst, the last visist my MIL went with her, e GP say the 'TV" screen no good, cant see very clearly boy or gal.

its true if not complicated case. i told my BIL also, but all parents wan e best for thier kids, dun just becos of cheap than go. if suay anything happen to BB and mummies are did not take precaution, then the outcome is......
There's a few gynae I know that's really cheap. Just pay one time $500 and after that no need to pay for consultation. Even if you go in for flu or anything else it's free, just have to pay for the extra medicine. There's one at Sengkang under TMC. He's pretty good for normal cases. My friend is with him. Plus delivery there is package also. Also need to go for detailed scan to check the baby. Make sure everything is okay. Esp. hole in the heart which is common.

What's ur BIL going to do about the delivery? GP can't deliver the baby.
my bil says the GP wld recom him a gynea on the 7th month. the gP brother is a gynea accoridng to my BIL. if he dun wan the gynea, can always looks for other gynea for delivery...
since the gynae is already so irresponsible, i wonder how good a job he will do when transferring ur SIL's history and notes over to the gynae.. hope he does a good job of transferring over..
Ya. I agree with babyS.

It's better to see the same doctor thru the pregnancy. Not good to change doctors. It's always better to take package right from 12 weeks. It's a lot cheaper actually. Cos the package includes all the consulation and test.
Hi all, i'm not sure whether to sign package with my gynae whom can deliver either at Mt Alvernia or Thomson Medical because my hubby had heard about private appointed gynae whom might not be there to help u deliver should anything crop up last minute and no other gynae will be able to help since we have our own appointed gynae. Does anyone of u has anything to share abt private gynae?
Btw, does private gynae here refers to those whom just borrow the hospital facilities to deliver their patient's bb whereas they own their own clinic?
ahqing, usually when private doctor goes on holiday, he will arrange for cover. but we don't have a choice for the covering doctor. also, erm, sometimes, the covering doctor may not be as conscientious cos not really his/her own patient mah. my SIL delivered when her doctor was on holiday and the covering doctor came and did a bad job on her. bad c-section stitches, etc. it's actulaly the same in govt hosp. govt doctors also need to go on holiday and there will be coverage loh. but I think in govt hospital, there is more accountability.I delivered in SGH. when I was week 36, my doctor told me he would be on leave when I was in week 38. but he told me if I were to deliver, he will return to hosp to deliver for me because he is not out of the country. eventually, I delivered at week 40.
Hi cactus_79, tks for sharing

so u feel more comfortable with govt hospital?
in fact, i've receive quite positive feedbacks abt KK gynae, Dr Benjamin, Dr John & Dr Tan Kim Teng so am wondering whether to switch gynae... my relatives and hubby fren were delivered there. But there seem to be more positive feedback abt Dr Benjamin.
anqing, I've only been preggie once.. and delivered once.. hee! And that was at SGH. I chose SGH cos it's near my work place - Raffles Place (I live at Tampines - not near to any hospital). And my hb works at SGH. So that was my natural choice, although for first trimester, I was at KKH's Private Suite cos I wanted weekday evening clinics. SGh does not have weekday evening clinics. I became too tired from 2nd trimester onwards to continue going to KKH. I would take half day leave from work to go to SGH, then go home with my hb. very convenient.

I've heard very good things about Dr Ben Tham, and Dr John Tee. I would have gone with Dr Tee if I continued at KK. My mom was seeing Dr Tham previously for her checks. So far, I've heard more bad things about private doctors than those from govt sector. also, although pple have a stigma about govt hosps, if you choose A or deluxe wards, the treatment is good. on par with private hosp.
Hi mummy , i have just delivered my 2nd baby in thomson medical centre and my gynae is Dr Caroline Khi..
I was with GP at KK hospital for my 1st baby and i have very bad experience during my prenatal check up and also during my labour process especially with the midwife.. Though with that bad experience and also we are short of cash , when i was pregnant with my 2nd baby , i went to GP again at KK hospital..
The first few times when i went for my pre-natal check up it was OK , then when i was in my 7th month pregnancy , the horror comes to me again.. Each time when i visit the GP , i have to wait at least 2HRS .. Is as though i came in without appoint BUT eventually i did make an appoinment.. I was so frustated and on that day it happen that i have asthma , my breathing was poor and i really urgently needed the doctor badly..
So i went personally to the nurse manager and seek for an advise on how long more should i wait for the doctors as i am really in the bad situation.
I WAS SHOCKED WHEN THE NURSE MANAGER TOLD ME , IS ONLY 1 1/2hr and u have got so mad , there is other patient too that is waiting for doctors and unfortunately the doctors was called to the labour wards as there is a delivery.The nurse manager was so rude!!!!
Till that day i decide to move on to private gynae and i did a lot of research on the bill as i know it would be a hefty to both me and my hubby .. I was so thankful with my doctors who have safely deliver my 2nd baby plus i was so happy with the Thomson medical service , the nurse are so great , i was treat like a princess , hehe all my worries on the bill that we thought it would cost us a bomb eventually was not , i only fork out $600 cash in total upon my delivey, PHEW i was glad and i also learn the lesson
If there is any mummies who wish to transfer from GP to Private Gynae , All u need to do is to inform ur GP of ur decision plus ask them to prepare a full report of all the medical checkup that u have done.. U only need to pay less than $40 for all the report, with all the report ur new gynae has no problem in asissting u with ur delivery but thus not every private gynae except cases like me , so before u decide to engage a private , pls make ensure u check with the gynae about ur case.
Which GP provides ultrasound scan in Jurong West? I want to spend less than $50 on a scan to see if my baby is ok. Still have 1 month till my next check up at my gynae.
Hi Reira

There are 2 female GP @ Blk 256 Jurong East St 24 #01-389 Tel: 6565 2822 - Esther Yeo Clinic. Their name are Dr Esther Yeo & Dr Lim. U can look for them as they do ultra sound scanning. Dr Yeo is the most popular one there. Their charges are reasonable.
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I'm glad that there is positive feedback on Dr John Tee. Seeing him at KKH

And I am impressed on how they done up the place, looks a lot like the private suit now at the clinic A/B/C