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Anyone releasing a Good Transfer Maid - URGENT

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by sarmila, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. sarmila

    sarmila New Member

    Hi im looking for a good and honest maid (indo, srilanka) who loves kids to work in a muslim household to take care of my boys 2+, 7 and 10.
    She must be able to cook.

    I am a very easy going employer as long as the maid is reliable and trustworthy.

    Kindly contact me at 81383595 or likewise email me at sarmilaariff@yahoo.com.sg.

    Many thanks.

  2. ktan

    ktan Member

    hi Chocobundt,
    as spoken.

  3. blurqueen30

    blurqueen30 Active Member

    hi samila,
    Sori to ride on ur thread. Im also looking for a gd transfer maid. My current maid will be leaving after CNY, so need a new helper to help out with my 2 gals & the hsehold chores. Anyone can help? Pls pm me. Thks!
  4. yernying

    yernying Member

    may I know the prosedure of hiring a transfer maid who I knew ,she end contract with her employer then she wants work with me>for such case,did I still need to pay agent fees?or I directly apply work permit for her?
  5. rae_cheong

    rae_cheong Member

    Chua: U needn't pay the agent fees. You can either apply the work permit online yrself or pay an agent to do. It's approximately $150 - 250. However, the current employer must agree to sign the transfer form. Do take note the expiry of the passport. If there's a need, this trsf maid must also renew her passport.
  6. Hi

    I have Myanmar maid to let go. No longer require her service as I am sending my kid to school.

    Her current duties:
    - Taking care of 2 toddlers
    - Cooking (her cooking is ok)
    - Household chores

    Her English is not too bad. She is capable. Similar to all other maids, she needs to be reminded of her role. Otherwise, they can get overboard.

    Anyone interested, feel free to contact me.
  7. joanna_lim_sb

    joanna_lim_sb New Member

    I have a maid to transfer cos my girl is going to childcare next mth. She had worked in S'pore before for 2yrs and 4yrs in Taiwan. She can do housechores, cook simple dishes, taking care of children.

    Contact me if interested @ 90030078 - joanna
  8. sept03bride

    sept03bride Active Member

    hi presario,
    how long ur maid been with u? any off day?
  9. j_noelle

    j_noelle Member


    I'm looking for a transfer maid with prior experience taking care of young children in Singapore. If you know of or letting go a good transfer maid with the following criteria, kindly PM me with details and the relevant contact number. Thank you so much.

    - Filipino, Indonesian maid.
    - Must be able to speak English.
    - Keen and able to take care of young children
    - Able to cook, and perform general housekeeping.
    - Pleasant personality with good attitude.
  10. blueroses

    blueroses Member

    hi, im looking for a maid with no off days, Top priority is to take good care of my younger child (1yr old). I want a quiet and “homey” kind. Knows how to speak english too. Do PM me if you have one. Thanks
  11. joelletan

    joelletan New Member

    i need one too...need to take care of 2 young children and handle basic housework.pls pm me if u have one
  12. hokoh

    hokoh New Member

    I am looking for a good trust-worthy maid to take care of my 7th month old baby (home alone).
  13. hokoh

    hokoh New Member

  14. mrsngpk

    mrsngpk New Member

    HI, i have a Filipino maid for transfer, she's 29years old and have 2 kids. Her main duties is to look after my 2 young kids, 5mths old and 18mths. Every weekday morning, i bring the 3 of them to my MIL place and fetch them home at night.

    On weekends, i take care of my babies myself while she do the housework. She's good in doing housework and taking care of my babies. Her English is generally good and she also teaches my toddler how to read. Of course like others, she has her "blur" times too.

    She's with me for 3 months. Her salary is $350 without off days. Reason for transferring her is coz i'm out of job now. Cannot afford to keep her anymore.

    She's available for transfer after 24th Feb 2010. Anyone interested, please PM me for details.

  15. gk1981

    gk1981 New Member


    I am looking for a Filipino transfer maid urgently.
    - With previous experience in Singapore in taking care of young children.
    - Must speak good English.
    - Must be able to work independently.
    - Must be willing to work with no off days or max 1 off day/month.

    Please PM me if anyone has a maid to transfer.
  16. linsaw

    linsaw Member

    Hi Everyone ,

    I am looking for a transfer Indo maid with prior experience. If you know of or letting go a good tranfer maid please kindly PM me the detail and relevant contact no .

    - Indo maid
    -understand / speak simple engish
    - able to look after elderly
    - able to look after young kid during weekend
    - able to cook and perform general housekeeping
    - pleasant personlity with good attitude
    - No off days
  17. jas_soh

    jas_soh Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Like many others, I am also looking for a transfer maid with prior experience, preferably from Philippines or Indonesia. If you are letting go a good tranfer maid in October/November, please kindly PM me the detail and relevant contact no .

    - Philippines / Indo maid
    - understand / speak engish
    - able to look after two young kids
    - able to cook and perform general housekeeping
    - pleasant personality with good attitude
    - honest, diligent, "automatic"
    - No off days
  18. bugsfire

    bugsfire Member

    Looking for a maid to help with general housekeeping, children and 1 dog.

    Please PM me if you have someone.

  19. orangebb

    orangebb Member

    I am looking for good maid too. Taking care of my baby, doing housework and cooking at times. Preferably religious. Any good maid to transfer to me? Please pm me. Thanks!
  20. flyn

    flyn Member

    Looking for transfer maid asap to take care of my boy (2 yrs old), can cook and general housekeeping.

    - Worked in sg for working family at least 2 yrs
    - once a month off day
    - Speak english
    - Positive attitude and humble
    - Loves children

    I can be contacted missflyn@yahoo.com

  21. jamie_nov

    jamie_nov Active Member

    Hi all,

    I need a transfer maid asap.

    Must be good in/love/at least willing to learn cooking or and can handle newborn and toddler well. Prefer cheery, love to learn types with gd attitude and character.

    Main duties at my home will be general hsework, cooking, fetching the children to n fro presch.

    Must speak and understand english.

    Pls email me @ jamie_nov@yahoo.com if you have 1 to transfer out.

    Thanks in advance.
  22. dour

    dour New Member

    Hi,, posting on behalf of my friend. She is urgently looking for a transfer maid. Duties include the following:

    - look after elderly woman
    - household chores
    - able to cook simple dishes
    - able to speak simple mandarin or cantonese is a plus.

    Please email her, she_is_sandy@yahoo.com.sg
  23. tansy

    tansy Active Member

    I am looking for a good transfer maid (preferably Philippino) to do housework and take care of my 4 year old twins (Chinese family) when they return from their full day childcare centre.

    PM me if any

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