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Anyone knows where to buy bean sprout pillows?

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by first_born, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. first_born

    first_born Member


    does anyone know where I can find those small pillows filled with bean sprout kernels?



  2. edde

    edde Active Member

    u can find it at punggol plaza push cart.
  3. bluebellas

    bluebellas Member

    I just bought mine at the Taka BB Fair for $15.92
  4. jayce

    jayce Member

    I brought mine at kiddy palace for $16.00. But when i got home, then i realised it's not packed with bean sprouts kernels, it's filled with green beans..
  5. bluebellas

    bluebellas Member

    Hi Xueyi,

    Is it the Bon Be Be brand? I almost got that too until my sis pointed out to me is green beans. My previous confinement nanny told me green bean pillow also can.

    Hi First Born

    Was at Punggol Plaza yday and saw the pushcart. Prices cheaper than whatI bought but no sales staff there, got to call.
  6. jayce

    jayce Member

    Yes bluebell! But when i realised it's too late.. Green beans! i might as well buy green beans and stuff them into pillow myself, it will cost me less than $5!
  7. yakydodo

    yakydodo New Member

  8. yakydodo

    yakydodo New Member

    and..it is not filled with green beans..but with real kernals!! good buy!!
  9. janc1008

    janc1008 New Member

    just got mine at:

    a little bit more expensive but the designs are so much nicer than the other ones I have seen online
  10. cpyan001

    cpyan001 New Member

    you can get from this website

    they sell the baby pillow filled with Huck Wheat Husks. You can do customization of wordings on the pillow also
  11. siohchong

    siohchong New Member

    i bought mine from this website when they having promo. the cover quite good material. i am not too sure if it still under promo.

  12. bluemarinesg

    bluemarinesg New Member

    I have 2 to let go with covers. They are hardly used as they are extras. I am not sure if I ever used them as junior has many (from gifts). Each going at $8 with cover. Self collect at Toa payoh, Raffles pl or town area.
  13. nickmummy

    nickmummy Member

  14. crown

    crown New Member

  15. afcai

    afcai New Member

    For yr consideration, pls

    Brand New Home-made bean sprout husks pillow. No cover. Design: Moon and star. Had extra. so selling it away.

    Filled with 100% BeanSprout Husks. Measure 27cm by 18cm.

    This pillow serve to calm the newborn babies/infant as such to feel safe and warm. As the bean sprout husks are light weighted, they are safe for use on newborn babies/infant.

    Advisable to self collect. Asking for $10.

    Have a used one but in gd condition. no stain and tear. selling for $7.

  16. yakydodo

    yakydodo New Member

  17. afcai

    afcai New Member

    I have 2. one hardy used but with cover and one brand new. interested, pls pm me for pic.
  18. jycneo

    jycneo New Member

    My mum making beN spout pillows my new born baby now. Got few to spare. Pls drop me email at jycneo76@hotmail for details if u are interested.
  19. tri

    tri Member

    Cheng Choon sells them for $12, made with bean sprouts husks. Just bought one for my bunny. [​IMG]
  20. nickmummy

    nickmummy Member

  21. lilybeary

    lilybeary Member

  22. smellysmellypillow

    smellysmellypillow New Member

    mum made extra handmade beansprout pillows. pls PM me if interested.
  23. afcai

    afcai New Member

    One have one brand new to sell. do let me know if u need it.
  24. blurqueen30

    blurqueen30 Active Member

    I ordered customised ones with baby's name thru 'Embroidery Garden' to give as gifts to friends and relatives who gave birth. You can add her in FB too. [​IMG]
  25. appletech

    appletech Member

    Smellypillow, can't pm u..
  26. smellysmellypillow

    smellysmellypillow New Member

  27. srn21

    srn21 Member

    Hi Smellypillow.

    I have just email you abt the bean sprout pillow.Pls see my email. Thanks!

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