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Anyone know which hotel in HK sits directly above MTR?

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by banazz, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. banazz

    banazz Member

    hi, anyone know hotel in hongkong sits above an mtr? i'm planning for a trip in nov and hope to stay in a super convenient hotel. can anyone share any info?

  2. ningyo

    ningyo Member

    Prudential hotel is directly above Jordon MTR.
  3. banazz

    banazz Member

    thanks mrslau & hanhui. i was still worried that there is no reply. ok, i'll check out these 2 hotels.
  4. worry_mum

    worry_mum Member

    Hi, I booked my trip stay in Nathan Hotel, is near to Jordon MTR too. U may also wanna check out Novotel Nathan Hotel. My advise, dont book directly from hotel web, book via 3rd party (those online hotel booking) you may find good deals there is so much better than direct hotel. [​IMG]
  5. banazz

    banazz Member

    thks worry_mum, i have booked the hotel. yah, i agree with u, hv to book thru 3rd party for some savings : )
  6. missk

    missk New Member

    hello banazz, I stayed in Prudential Hotel last year. Yes,it's an extremely convenient place becos it's located above the mtr station.

    Another hotel u can consider is Kowloon Hotel. It's above TST MTR. This year, I stayed in YMCA in TST. It's very near the mtr station - about 3 mins walk. Good value for money and it's conveient too. I prefer YMCA to Prudential becos of the shopping in TST. I could go eat a decent supper and walk to HArbour City.
  7. ccc

    ccc New Member

    Langham hotel. beautiful with MTR and hopping mall around it, there are few langham hotls so pls ask for the one at Mongkok.
  8. bubbles2006

    bubbles2006 Member

    Can share which are the places you visited? Brought ur little ones along? Am planning for a trip there in Apr.. [​IMG]
  9. bluehare

    bluehare Member

    Hi, I just came back from HK. I brought by 22mths son there. I still have the itinery that I plan. Can PM me if keen .
  10. airex

    airex Member

    i agree that langham place is great.. opp mongkok mtr and shopping mall beside the hotel with a linkway. went there in jan
  11. stacies_mom

    stacies_mom New Member

    I've been to HK several times with my daughter. She's 3 now. We usually visit Disneyland for the bulk of our trip as the holiday is really for her then a few days in HK. We've stayed at Excelsior Hotel in Causeway Bay which I found to be very convenient. Everything is very nearby - MRT, shopping, local eateries for breakfast. Hotel Nikko Hong Kong in Tsim Tsa Tsui was good too but not as convenient but to make up for it the hotel has a free hotel shuttle running between the hotel and Star Ferry and stopping at a few placed in between.
  12. dumbibo

    dumbibo Member

    Kowloon Hotel at Shim Sha Zhui station.
    directly above the station.

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