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Anyone hire a maid to take care baby ?

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by Bendi, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Bendi

    Bendi Member

    As above, both my wife and myself will be working. So looking for a maid to take care baby and do housechore.
    The maid will be alone at home with the baby.
    Can I ask anyone did the same as me? Is it safe to let the maid alone at home with the baby?

  2. dazzlingbee

    dazzlingbee New Member

    Can you trust your maid? If not sure better get somebody else to supervise, like parents maybe; if can not then put cctv is the only way
  3. ajollyaffair

    ajollyaffair New Member

    Yes, I have engaged a helper to look after my baby and I have left her alone at home with no CCTV. I think it might be helpful for you to consider transfer maids, and make sure you interview them face to face if possible, so you get a feel of their personalities. I think the trust is mutual, from my experience with helpers, most experienced maids remain in Singapore because they want to work and make a living, they wouldn't do anything to sabotage themselves. I would recommend that you find someone with experience in infant care or have looked after elderly before and have finished their contracts, because if they can handle elderly, who are in some ways just as dependent as babies, they can handle infants.
  4. Bendi

    Bendi Member

    Hey thanks for your inputs.
    Can I ask any specific reason for transfer maid?
    During the day she take care of baby got time to do housechore?
    How about at night does she also help to feed baby?

    I think is not easy to find a helper who can be patient with baby. So far yours ok? From which nationality?
  5. ajollyaffair

    ajollyaffair New Member

    The reason for transfer maids is because they have experience working in Singapore, so they have no illusions of what it is like working here. They also tend to be less emotional, having already learnt how to deal with missing family from home and also likely to know how to cook based on their experience with previous employers. New maids are sometimes promised a scenario by their agents and when they arrive it's a different picture or they are not used to working in an environment like Singapore, so they will miss home, they will want to go home when faced with difficulty, or they don't know how to manage their emotions. We don't want that because if they are emotional, then it can affect their work, whether it's cleaning, cooking or looking after baby. Of course not all new maids are like that, but for me, I prefer to minimise the risk because my experience with new maid from Philippines was she could not adapt to the quick pace of life in Singapore. Transfer maids have lower debts, so it is also lower risk for us employers, and she can get her full salary quicker. For us, our helper's priority is to look after our baby. She will only do the chores when she has time, like when baby is sleeping. So she knows what to focus on, and we also manage our expectations with regard to household chores. Because she is caring for our precious, we want to make sure she is happy and well rested. And so far, she has been doing a good job and not overstepping her boundaries. My baby is also growing healthily and happily. Frankly if you ask me, I think it'll be quite impossible for one person to care for baby, do laundry, iron, cook, clean, wash car etc. It'll be too much to handle and they will get impatient with the baby for sure. I tried to do it all by myself before and not engage help before, (because of all the horror stories we hear right), but it made me a very unhappy mother. So I think it won't be fair to expect the maid to be able to do it all.
    My helper is Indonesian and she is very patient! Also, because I had a really experienced confinement nanny who sleep train my son and also trained my helper before she left, so she already had a routine to follow.
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  6. ajollyaffair

    ajollyaffair New Member

    Also if I may add, if you ask the helper whether they can look after baby, cook, clean, iron etc...they may tell you they can, because they want the job and maybe they really think they can. But my advice is, decide which is more important -- if you want a helper to clean and cook, then consider putting your child in childcare. If you want a helper to watch your baby, then consider getting part-time cleaner, bring laundry to laundromat and cater for dinner. Otherwise, engaging 2 helpers and giving them clear designation of chores will make everyone happy.
  7. Bendi

    Bendi Member

    I see. Which maid agency did u hire from?
  8. ajollyaffair

    ajollyaffair New Member

    I went with RC Employment Pte Ltd
  9. Bendi

    Bendi Member

    I see. One concern that I have is that the helper will be spending most of the time at home with the baby who may be cranky or fussy at times. Not sure how long the helper can do this cos it will be quite mentally exhausting for anybody I guess.
  10. ajollyaffair

    ajollyaffair New Member

    Yes I know what you mean. I don't know how your baby is, if let's say your baby is cranky and fussy because he/she wants to be cuddled and carried all the time, then maybe you can get a carrier/wrap for your helper so she can sling him/her in the house so he/she won't fuss and maybe she can still do other things. My helper baby wears my son sometimes and she also tries to "train" my son by putting him down and then going away to do something else before coming back for him. For us we don't mind our son to cry, and we tell her it's ok if sometimes she really needs to do something, like go toilet or cook and he's crying because he doesn't want to be put down. We are most strict with the safety and have told her that is the first priority in the house. It's ok for him to cry, but he must always be safe, in his crib or buckled up in the bouncer. I also suggest that if you are worried, one of you can stay at home with her for the first week or take turns, and give her a two week period, just to see how she is and make sure she has the right energy for your baby. It's also important during this period not to micro manage her so she isn't nervous and stressed. We started leaving our helper alone with our son for short periods of time first, then gradually increase the duration. And our way of "testing" at the beginning is not telling her when exactly we'd be coming back. She also feels we trust her and that helps her gain confidence. I always believe if you have the right energy, you will attract the right helper, if you are always distrusting, she will also feel very uncomfortable in the house and perform not so well. I hope that by sharing my positive experience, it will give you some confidence to engage helper, because really, I think as young parents, we all need help so we can juggle our work and family properly.
  11. Faith1977

    Faith1977 New Member

    There is this new maid search portal, they have all kinds of maids there! Be it new, transfer or ex maids!

  12. Bendi

    Bendi Member

    Hi how about her lunch etc? She cook herself or bring the baby out and buy?
  13. radish1

    radish1 Member

    ÑO NO NO...
    Don't rely on maid to take care of ur IO..
    She will hang on phone....don't do schelded job..lots of excuse,cannot do housework,cannot cook,off day after loan etc...
    MOST IMPORTANT is IO tends to throw tantrum easily,bad habits etc....
    Their hygiene is bad...
    WHY don't put in infantcare or babysitter....
    Is safe ...
  14. Rinoa_bunnies

    Rinoa_bunnies Member

    Our plan was to let first maid to take care of baby with the help of MIL, long story short, MIL got angry and walk out on us..
    So end up maid took care of baby by herself.
    Basically when the baby is young, nth much she need to do.
    Eat, sleep & change diaper. Bathing wait for us to come home then we bath him cause its dangerous.
    We placed CCTV over the baby cot and check every once in a while. Only place that allow air con is the baby room so sometime baby sleeping I can see maid there relax, but I am fine with it as long as housework is done.
    She will cook her own lunch, we will do weekly grocery shopping together.
  15. milogal88

    milogal88 Well-Known Member

    I personally wouldn't leave my baby alone with the helper. Maybe I'm more of a 'motherhand syndrome'. Generally, helpers of today are no longer like yesteryear that you can trust 100%. There are definitely good ones out there but it's really rare and purely based on luck. Ideally, to have someone to be at home with her. If not, IFC might be a better solution though the probability of keep falling sick is there. But if really no choice gotta leave the baby with the helper alone, best to install CCTVs. I have 8 at home btw. Installing CCTVs is more of safeguarding everyone's interest; not just about monitoring what's happening at home. JTS, one of my colleague's helper was carrying the baby while cooking. Somehow the baby's hand went into the hot wok of oil. Needless to say, the baby suffered 2nd degree burns. Upon sending to KKH, the case was referred to the police, suspected of child abuse. Fortunately for CCTV installed at home, my colleague was able to clear her helper's name.

    You'll also need to prioritize her duties, which in this case is your baby, then you have to close 1 eye on the household chores; and manage your expectations.

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