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Anyone hear of "Ning Yin" (Ghost baby)

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by kk_mum, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. kk_mum

    kk_mum New Member

    I had a miscarrige before for 2 months only & after 1 year I give birth to next baby.

    As my family this year got alots of problem so My MIL & I decided to ask "Tan Kei"! They say the baby I had lost become "Ning Yin" & was disturbing my son & always following me. That why my son always sick! I had visited different "Tan Kei" & all say the same. It make me afraid to stay at home.......

    Finally we visit "Cheng Hung Miao" (temple), they lady say they can see his soul & ask him to re born. Now they are asking for SGD$600 for all this!

    Anyone had come across this things before & can tell me what to do?

  2. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    KK kids Mum,
    How did you talk to the "Tan Kei"? You told them everything that you had a miscarriage, etc?

    I think when the day you decided to consult the "Tan Kei", meaning you are prepared to do what the "Tan Kei" adviced. If you are not going to heed theior advice, you should not have consulted. I once very itchy backside, wanna go consult regarding my career and my hubby's new business. But I did not go cos I am afraid that the "Tan Kei" will ask us not to continue blah blah blah...

    Damn commercialise man... If the good ones, they will ask you give a little bit ang bao... You got ask got warranty or not? *bad joke
  3. kk_mum

    kk_mum New Member

    I did not tell the "Tan Kei" anything, i just tell them I want to check my house problem! ("Cha Jia Shi")Then they just say my house is not "clean" & ask me whether did I had a miscarrige before!

    That I don't belive in one so I had been asking around & all say the same things! (Example: "Guan Yin, Ma Zhu, Budda..)Its make me sooo frighten.

    Now in "Cheng Huang Miao" (temple) the lady say want to help me, but must pay SGD$600 for Re-born.

    My hb say want to close case give them the $ for the rites but very expensive leh!

    So anyone can advice?
  4. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    Wa.... damn accurate then! Damn scary man! Hmm... if I were you, think I will believe liao after so many confirmation. Think this type of things dun play play lor... end it faster so that your unborn child will rest in peace.
  5. stanamy

    stanamy New Member

    hi kk_mum,

    why dun you 'consult' those 'deities' at taoist temples? you know those men who let the 'deities' possess them? they only tell you what is going on and advise on what to do.

    for my family, my mum will do that whenever any of us experiences 'weird' encounters. i am not encouraging or saying they are 100% trustworthy but these temples are not as 'commercialised'.
  6. kk_mum

    kk_mum New Member

    Can I know anyone had encounter this things before & what did you all do?????????


    That why I already visit the "Cheng Wang Miao" (Temple), the woman there say she can see the soul even talk to him. she want to help me to do re born for the child. But SGD$600 lah. Feel like genna cheat so expensive...
  7. shimmrs

    shimmrs Member


    KK kids mum,
    If i were you, i will also be caught in such dilema. i know you are definitely very concerned about keeping your son well & safe.

    This is my first time hearing this.

    Hope some mommies here is able to give you some advice.

    Take care!
  8. paranoidmummy

    paranoidmummy New Member

    hi KK

    Why dont u ak ard and chk out the prices?? or u cn ask the tan kei to do it 4 u? maybe it cheaper??

    I had a few friends who has abortion n miscarriages before but so far they r ok w thier kid...
  9. helpinghands

    helpinghands Guest

    Hi KK

    My aunty actually came across similar incident many years ago, but not miscarriage. Her younger daughter have been falling down in the house for a few times. And is very serious. Once she broke her arm. My aunty suspect something dirty in her hse so she engage Pok Si Ya recommended by her friend's mum. When he came into the house, he saw a small gal spirit so he ask my aunty whether she had a miscarriage but my aunty did not. So he invite Dua Ji Ah Pek to bring the spirit away. He ask for $300 only.
  10. mrstoothless

    mrstoothless New Member

    Hi KK kids Mum (kk_mum)

    There's a chinese saying, "Poh Cai Siao Zai". My colleague's sis was recently possessed after giving birth and sought help from many mediums, almost give up until a colleague introduced a malay medium. She was expecting twins but did an abortion without the husband knowledge. When the gynae showed her one of the babies, she regretted and ask gynae to keep the other one. Luckily the baby was saved. Her luck wasn't good even since the abortion and one indian spirit managed to possess her. The medium also added the aborted baby also played a part....

    Such things better don't drag too long. If S$600 can help improve your son's health, it's worth it.

    Just my 2 cents worth.
  11. superlemon

    superlemon Member

    Hi KK kids Mum

    If spending $600 will solve the problems and make u feel better, I also think it is worth it. Since u consulted so many sources and they all say the same thing, maybe it is really true. Treat it as doing something for your miscarried baby loh.
  12. helena

    helena New Member

    Pardon my ignorance but what is Tan Kei?
  13. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    Hahaha... TANG KEI - is a hokkien word.

    You know some adults get GODS to possess their body to help others? These adults are specially choosen by GODS. Then you will see them jumping around, some GOD take pacifier(they call the Children GOD), so abuses themselve(dunno y though) etc...
  14. jjjl

    jjjl New Member


    I am just passing my opinion.
    I dont think it really helps getting a 'tang kei'. The most important thing is to take good care of the baby. Make sure that he eat well. Baby immune system is not so strong that is why they easily fall sick (running nose, cough). So prob, i think you should take more notice on the hygiene.
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  15. helena

    helena New Member

    Thanks for the definition. I do not have contact with them cos my family has been Christians for 5 generations but I do remember when I was about 5 years old, I saw one at my nanny's neighbour's house. The only thing I can remember is that I was terribly scared then.

    The pacifier...as in the pacifier babies have in their mouths? Saw in some Chinese documentary about some parents letting their kids become some god-children cos these kids are not healthy or something like that.
  16. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    I am one of the victim but my godmom isn't a god. Hahaha... I fell sick easily, mom said that my body is "heaty". Yup, there is a "children god", he likes pacifier... *weird Maybe he has a brand preference. kekeke *joking

    Just to set an example;
    My old house at Jalan Pisang Emas (Bukit Timah area). It is haunted man. My mom went to ask the Tang Kei nearby (if you know that area, you will know which temple cum house is that). He said that our house Feng Shui isn't good, sth to do with the sunshine being blocked, my backyard's neighbour's unit is like 3meters deep behind so it somehow reacted a downslope. So every month end, we got to give offerings. You know sometimes very busy already still got to rush back for offerings. Then after the inccident, our side by side neighbour asked why do we pray every month end as it isn't the normal Chu Yi Shi Wu. Then she began to tell us that our previously owner, priests have been coming to "chant" with the holy water quite often. Eeek! My dad bought a haunted house man! Though every mth end we gave offering, somehow we felt pressurize. Later, we moved! We sold the unit to a Christian, but we don't understand why outside the maindoor there is a yellow charm. Hmm...
  17. helena

    helena New Member

    This is interesting! I don't know that area. But there is this bungalow along Old Thomson Road, at Springleaf, that has been unsold for 2 years. My friend who lives in that vincinity told me it's haunted. Dunno if it is true.

    Another friend who lives at Sembawang Place said a haunted bungalow a few houses from his place(where an old woman hanged herself at the balcony) was sold at a very very low price.

    Actually if the new owners are practising Christians, they shouldn't have a charm outside the door at all. There are a lot of Christians, but only in name.

    A good example is the Da Vinci Code. Many Christians who have weak faith or no faith at all are influenced. It all depends.

    My husband and I have an apartment for rent and in our contract to our tenant, we forbid any offerings or prayer or the display of any religious icons. Good thing they are free thinkers.
  18. adelynntan

    adelynntan New Member

    i personally feel tt if the tang ki [called medium by ppl usually] is really out to help, there shouldnt be charges at all. i know of someone who is medium and out to help ppl with problems. its not a must to give $$ mayb a token of appreciation if u find that the god really help you..
  19. helena

    helena New Member

    If these tang ki do not charge, then how are they going to survive. It't their bread and butter, right?
  20. pu wen

    pu wen Guest

    Maybe u can try to visit Ke Tai Tai at 6858 6330. She can resolve the problem for u. The fee is reasonable. Trust me. Her office is near Serangoon Circle.
  21. kk_mum

    kk_mum New Member


    Haizzz! Now I don't care liao, I don't want to think too much about my unborn child spirit liao! As its make me scare until I dare not go back home & also felt like going mad!!

    But whenever my kids go to my MIL house to stay, they will have bad dream or behave differently so my MIL say my unborn child spirit is staying at her hse & is playing with my kids! Also blame me didn;t give him go "Tou Tai"!

    But now whatever my MIL say, I just don't take it seriously or else I will be scare again & maybe will go to "Woodbridge Chalet" to stay!! (just joking) :p
  22. just fyi

    just fyi Guest

    KK kids Mum, if it can give u peace of mind, I know there is this temple near Mohammed Sultan. (Pretty huge buddhist temple, if u ask around maybe people can tell u) During the 7th Month or Qing Ming, the monks will "chow du" for the dead, this includes an unborn child. It is not an individual session so the cost is not high, I think less than $50. It can make u less scared n yr MIL will stop nagging. Maybe u can ask?
  23. kk_mum

    kk_mum New Member

    Hi Just FYI

    The temple is it called "Ju Shi Lin"?
  24. emilybiz

    emilybiz New Member

    Hi KK Kids Mum,

    I shared the same problem of miscarriage about 6 weeks. and encounter almost the same problems. My elder child once cried for a month (every nite) .. and everything don't happen to be smooth..

    I was told by a Feng Shui Si Fu and advise not go to the "Tan Kei" blah..blah..blah. cos may encounter some bad one who cheat.

    He mentioned that "chow du" is good and I was given a "Jin" . He told to copy it 7 times of the Jin then the spirit will be relief. (FREE at no charge). He mentioned that just do your best to copy the "Jin" no matter how long it takes..1year,2year,3year...just do it when u are free.

    PM me your address , I will copy a booklet for u.
  25. folic

    folic New Member

    I agree with Just FYI- I did a ceremony at Ju Shi Lin (kk kids mum, yes that's the temple name) during the 7th mth. I think I paid $28 and the monks will chang prayers for the whole month.

    It did give me peace of mind, when I lost my boy at 23 weeeks almost 3 yrs ago.

    You don hv to wait till 7th mth to do prayers. Just go and pray first yourself and then about 1 mth before the 7th month, you can go to the office in the 2nd floor to ask them to do the prayers for you.

    Hope you find peace soon.

  26. boyzz

    boyzz New Member

    My aunt did tell me once that a good tan ki is not suppose to receive any returns at all. It's forbidden and will be punish by the god if he does.

    Usually a tan ki has a stable job and he only becomes a tan ki when help is needed. I came across several of them who are working people. You only need to pay a few dollars only for the ' praying materials' only.

    Anyway, this is just my encounters.
  27. sharmaine06

    sharmaine06 Member

    I can share my experiences with you. I ever encounter tan ki accept credit card.... interest free somemore!! My uncle used to be a tan ki. That's what he told me. Usually tan ki only "lure" those who deeply believe. Have you ever heard of "English educated" tan ki?? When the so-called Ang Mo God enter into him, the first question he ask you is," what's the matter with you?" funny right?? And this Ang Mo tan ki, who stay in changi area, later become indian tan ki. I guess you know why lah!!
  28. jess_lan3

    jess_lan3 New Member

    sharmaine06, does the ang mo tan ki has a website too? Something like singaporetanki.com?? Sorry to say, he seems more like a con man to me.
  29. pcs

    pcs Active Member

    kk kids
    Can you travel to JB (Muar)
    i can recommed a place.
    Its famous for advice for bb problem
    2 of my cousin have problem conceving but got pregnant after visiting the temple
    Pls PM me if u r interested
  30. 55995

    55995 Guest

  31. 55995

    55995 Guest

    Hi KK mum. Saw yr posting and I would like to share my story with you.

    A few years back, we applied for a new HDB flat but as my queue is so far behind and we dun have a good location for us to choose, we decided to give up the application and bought over his parent's house. Now, I'm staying with them all these while.

    After going through the customary, I stayed with my PIL and as a new member of the family, I do not know the "HISTORY" of the house. I start to see shadows in the house. I can see clearly that it's a big size guy and his back view looks so much like my hubby. This scared me and I discussed the matter with my hubby. And surprisingly he say he also encounter such incidents. From that moment, I'm angry with him for not telling me the truth before deciding to take over the flat from his parents.

    We went around finding the TangKi to check on my house problem. And he told me that the shawdow is my husband brother. That is a "Ling Ying" and the big size shadow shows that he had grown up. TangKi told me that the "Ling Ying" is actually following the mother, which is my MIL. I must be prepared to see more of the shawdow since I'm staying with my PIL. I'm shocked & regret for staying with my PIL.

    After meeting the TangKi, I confronted my MIL and she confirmed that she did have a miscarriage before when the baby is about 4 months old. She asked me how I know about the miscarriage; no one know about this except herself and my FIL. So I told her about the sightings and my meeting with the TangKi.

    I've stayed in the house for six years and I been seeing "him" occasionally. Sometimes, I felt that there's someone standing at my bedside in the middle of the night or will see shawdows flashing around in the house.

    My husband is the youngest son he insists to stay with his parents. Therefore, not planning to buy another house. This will not solve the problem cos' the "Ling Ying" is following my MIL.
  32. deepsea

    deepsea New Member

    You may want to check it out with this "Da Jie" at woodlands industrial park E8 "Tian Fu Gong". She's a card reading teller. You may want to check with her.

    I've abort before and through her, every year I do the "Chao Du" for my baby and other "wu zhu yin ling".

    My encounter is that on the coming 3rd year, I dreamt of a baby (feeling it was mine) thanked me for doing such "chao du" for them and requested me to do it again on the 3rd year and wanted additional things.. so i went to the "Da Jie" and told her about it. (Actually, I've forgotten about the 3rd year "Chao du da fa hui"!) So sometimes, it just cant explain!...

    You may try chanting "xin jing" or "namo amitaba" for your deceased baby. They are pitiful.

    Many of you out there may not understand or believe, but i do see them occasionally - "yin yang yan". :)

    you may want to email me for her details, avck@pacific.net.sg

    Take care! And I hope to be of help to you. Jus stay happy! Don keep on thinking of the baby.... Sometimes its our 3rd energy - our thots tat couldnt let them go... so they loiter.
  33. lite

    lite New Member

    Hi there,

    2 years ago my best friend who was cheated by a local married man aborted her baby and from then on her health condition has been turning from good to bad. As her best friend, I would really like to do something for her although it may not guarantee to improve her health. She is no longer staying in Singapore now, can I help her to pray for her lost baby? How to do it if the lost baby has no name? Do we need to pay the temple every year or it's a one time off thing?

    All replies will be appreciated.
  34. rong

    rong New Member

    Hi deepsea, pardon me but what do you do when u see "it"? I heard pple who have yin yang yan have the black pupil not resting on the lower part of the eyeball. is't true?
  35. enerus

    enerus New Member

    Hi, I also went to visit the "Da Jie" at woodlands industrial park E8 "Tian Fu Gong".

    I failed a few time of IUI and she suggested me that i should do bu du in case some of egg "formed" bb. She is good and helpful.
  36. willdalee

    willdalee New Member

    hi enerus and deepsea,
    i want to ask the both of you about the lady at tian fu gong. She is a card reader? meaning can be consulted for basically anything? is she there all the time or got to make appointment? How accurate are her readings?
  37. sotong1209

    sotong1209 Member

    wat's the charges like?
  38. mtyh

    mtyh Member

    There is a 法会 coming up at Singapore Buddhist Lodge. You may call the office to enquire about 超度 matters.

    contact info at http://www.sbl.org.sg
  39. heartbearf

    heartbearf New Member

    I can recomend you a place and they don't charge anything just 2 sweet in a red packet.Up to you to believe and the shop is located at Serangoon if you want I can give you the contact number to help you.
  40. jigglywigglydoll79

    jigglywigglydoll79 New Member

    Hi all, do you have any idea if i want to "chao du" the "Ning Yin"? Must i do it every year? I remember two years back i went to Kwang Ming Shan (Bright Hill Monastery), they have a "Shui Lu Fa Huay". I just gave my hus and my surname to them and paid $10. I am just wondering why they cant put our full name? How does the "Ning Yin" know we are "chao du" for them.
  41. sarah

    sarah New Member

    KK mum, hope everything works out well for you. i'm wondering..he's your son..you don't hav to be afraid of your son. hav a good talk w him and explain tat it's not tat you don't want him...
  42. cocomiki

    cocomiki New Member

    Hi Nicole,

    U shouldn't put both ur hubby and ur name cos u dun wish the kid to stick to u and want him to reborn again. So no one put the parent name. Kind of not to let the kid know.
  43. jenzhuzhu

    jenzhuzhu New Member

    Hi heartbear

    Can u share the contact with me. Thx
  44. rebirth

    rebirth Member

    hi coco,

    If put parent name already, how? Shd do it again without parent name?

  45. bitbit

    bitbit Active Member

    Juz read the posting here.

    Nicole, Rabbit it's the energy, the power of the "chao du", in fact putting your name or not is not important, is the telepathy thingy. The "Ning Yin" has no form, (we human has form, i.e. body), if u think of them, they know.

    Juz generate good thoughts and sincerely hope that they will let go their attachment and be liberated and go for good rebirth. With the "chau do", the "Ning Yin" can "jump" out from their attachment. 55995, I think you should ask your PIL to do the kindness for the "Ling Yin" following your MIL, this way also the "Ling Yin" could have chance to go for good rebirth.
  46. jigglywigglydoll79

    jigglywigglydoll79 New Member

    Coco, Penguine8, i am wondering issit a must to "chao du" for them every year cos Guang Ming Shan - Shui Lu Fa Huay is coming..
  47. wannabmummy

    wannabmummy New Member

    hi Ladies,
    anyone with Ling Ying or "ghost" problem..sick very long but duno why..i know there's a temple can help..no charges only when if u are cure pls come back and "shao xiang" can liao or if u wan "tain you" will do..Nd address pls PM me.
  48. hmmm. i did an abortion in oct. after my abortion my mother saw in the newspaper that dey have those ritual for ling ying and she say she'll bring me go but nt yet?
    anibodi haf ani advice? not for my peace but for my baby's afterlife.
  49. rivernile1

    rivernile1 New Member

    Hi princessbaobei,

    You can go to a temple that conducts "Fa3 Hui4" to "Chou1 Du4" for your baby. I understand Guang Ming Shan & Ju Si Ling temples both conduct such Fa Hui either annually or quarterly. To find their address and telephones, go to http://www.buddha.sg/htm/general/temple.htm
    What u have to do is after finding when the temple is going to have the Fa Hui, go to their offices before the Fa Hui, pay a token (about $10) and give them the baby's father & mother's surnanme and they will pray for your baby. I am doing that for my baby died in miscarriage. I Hope our babies can find peace and be reborn well.
  50. hi rivernile thanks for the info [​IMG] but i cant seems to find both of those temple that u mention. ani other guides?

    yuppies, not scare dey will come find me, afterall, is my baby. jus wan dem to find peace and a better afterlife.

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