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Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by grownup, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. grownup

    grownup Member

    hai , if u have a indonesian maid to transfer , pls pm or sms me 93856063.. Prefer not to deal with agent and no need to pay any loan.
    can take good care of infant and toddler

  2. sunglow

    sunglow New Member

    Hi Hannah....my cousin's maid has just returned to Indonesia on 30 Dec....waiting to get another employer...I have her contacts in Indonesia, if you are interested let me know...

    My cousin has to let her go because of financial reason, so maid is ok...she has a 3 year old daughter herself, currently in Indonesia, but need the money therefore willing to return and work.

    Not sure if you contact her this way, does it mean that you can avoid dealing with agent?

    I have seen the maid and she had come to my place also, good natured person, very patient with kids cos' my cousin's boy is very naughty yet she is able to endure...

    Pls let me know
  3. grownup

    grownup Member

    hai sun , thanks for ur advise ..
    I am not too sure about ur case but wati've understand if the maid is still in singapore
    for my side i only need to change her work permit and sent her to medical check-up and i;m done with the maid.. this was told by mom itself cause previously there was a mummy who also wannna to transfer the maid to us , so we did all the procedures but the maid was rejected as her medical check-up shown that she is sick and cannot work in singapore.. The mummy did not inform me , that's the reason she wanna transfer the maid to me to avoid paying all the amounts that owed by agency, And honesly i don want to deal with agency cause we need to pay a large sum of loan to the agency and plus the agency fees , that would cause us a bomb.. so i prefer to get a maid who contract ends and no loan.
  4. puppet

    puppet Member

    Hi sun,

    how long has the maid being working with your cousin? any experience with infants? I am delivering twins in mid/end Feb. can you pm me the contacts? Thanks!
  5. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Does anyone know how much does employers lose if they transfer maid? Asking on behalf of my aunt whom has got a new maid and she does not know anything and is very lazy. My aunt is going mad but she is tolerating cos she thinks she will make a lost of bout 2k if she change maid.
  6. sunglow

    sunglow New Member

    Hi Puppet

    The maid has worked with my cousin for 2 years...

    She was taking care of my cousin's son - 5 years old now...so since 3 year old if count back...

    Maid had a daughter 3 year old, so she left her girl when baby was 1, so I presume she knows how to manage babies...but twins I do not think so...

    However, she is a pleasant person, according to my cousin, fairly timid, thus obedient, willing to do work...had to hand-wash my cousin's clothes...

    I will provide you with the contacts after I have spoken to her...she is currently in Indonesia...

    BTW, I am pretty new to this...so how do I pm you?

  7. puppet

    puppet Member

    Hi sun,

    Click on my user name on the left hand side. A pop up box would appear and you can click on the send a private message at the bottom of the pop up box. Would appreciate it if you could let me know asap as i am interested in getting the maid in early.
  8. sunglow

    sunglow New Member

    Hi Puppet

    Have sent you pm on contacts...
  9. nest4babe

    nest4babe New Member

    Hi Sunglow,

    I am also interested. Could you send me her contact and biodata please. My email is nest4babe@yahoo.com.sg

  10. sunglow

    sunglow New Member

    Hi mummies

    Just curious...maid already returned to Indonesia, so we can engage them (without going thru' maid agency) directly? So what's the procedures? Just buy air ticket, get social visa and when they arrive Singapore then apply work visa?

    Pls enlighten....thanks
  11. sweetjo

    sweetjo New Member

    Hi mummies

    Personally I do not encourage mummies to engage maids w/o going thru maid agency as I had a bad experience recently. Just to share with mummies here.
    My previous maid was from Philippines, she bought her own air tik to Spore on social visit for me to interview her. During the interview, everything was ok fine. So i paid $700 to the agent to handle all the paper work. She went thru all the necessary tests and started work for me. However, after 2 days of work, she came up with excuses n been giving me problems telling me she wants to go back to Philippines. But she was supposed to work n repay me back the $700 that I paid to the agent. So i tried to talk to her nicely n explain to her that she still owe me $ and she is supposed to work and repay me unless she can find a way to pay me back the $ and also to pay for her air tik back to Philippines. So she called back home and as expected her family did not get back to her although they promised to. On the fateful day, she ran away from my house to the embassy. End up i have to rush home from work and make police report. I even have to go down to the embassy to settle all these issues like how to settle her etc etc. I end up losing $700 for hiring her for 10days as she had no means to repay me back but luckily she managed to raise money for her own air tik otherwise according to MOM's regulation, employer has to bear for the maid's repatriation costs. After this incident, my maid hunt will be from maid agency. Should the maid is unsuitable at least we can throw them back to the maid agency and get an FOC replacement. At the same time, we wont need to lose out that much. Hope this helps.
  12. jan78

    jan78 New Member

    hi i oso in need to hv a maid. anyone outhere has any to intro? w/o gng thru agent
  13. orangepeel

    orangepeel Member

    Dear Mummies,
    I got my FDW from Comfort Employment Agency since Ist Jan09..Though she is young but she manage to meet most of my criteria n it really lesser our work load.

    Handling general Household chores is not a problem for her. My hubby n I taught her cooking skills n she really enjoy it..

    Previously after work, I would have to cook for my hubby n myself. If too late, then we buy packet rice. Now with my new FDW, dinner is often served when we return home.

    My MIL can't take care of my new born
    (EDD 18/04/09).Coz got to take care of my FIL ( due to poor health)[​IMG] Hence we employed FDW

    We too engage a CL for a mth (28days) Hopefully my FDW n I will be able to benefit from it.( learn abt babycare etc)[​IMG]

    Mummies, if you are keen to employ a FDW for your household, I strongly recommend Comfort Employment Agency at Bugis . There are three branches in singapore. Bugis, Tampines n Jurong East. I got mine from Bugis main branch.

    Their sales staff are all professional n polite.
    You can look for Jamie Ang at 63384057 for more details...

    Cheerio to all mummies.
  14. grownup

    grownup Member

    still looking for a maid , anyone please cal or sms me at 93856063
  15. snowing

    snowing New Member

  16. sunglow

    sunglow New Member


    Sent to your email already...
  17. xiaobai_78

    xiaobai_78 New Member

    Sunglow, is ur cousin maid still available? Can ask to call for dicussion at 93352932 thks
  18. pagyoh

    pagyoh New Member

    I'm keen to find out more. Still available?
    Pse contact me @ 96716677.

  19. chewy_ring

    chewy_ring New Member

    hi mummies ,
    I have a good helper maid ( filipino) who is obedient and follows instructions. She takes care of my two sons 20 mths and 5 mths n She is with me for 7 mths , coming to the 8th mth already( new maid) her loan finished ... My hubby is being posted Overseas and after enquiring about maid visa status, I could not bring her overseas for long ( max two months and she has to come back for another visa application) ... so it is quite costly for me to send her to and fro .. I am nw thinking of looking ard for propective good employer for her since she is quite a nice person. I have not called the agency to open her biodata yet cos I am still thinking if i should leave her at mums place ... if there are any employers interested can PM me ...
  20. xiaobai_78

    xiaobai_78 New Member

    Hi Chewy U've got a pm...pls kindly check TIA...cheers
  21. mandy0808

    mandy0808 Member

    Hi Chewy,I have also PM you. Pls check, thanks.
  22. piggo75

    piggo75 Member

    Hi Chewy,
    Was wondering whether yr maid has been taken?
  23. nubie

    nubie Member

  24. orangepeel

    orangepeel Member

    Dear Mummies,

    If you are keen to employ a Domestic worker, be it a fresh maid or transfer maid.You can look for Jamie Ang at 63384057 / 96515610 for more details... Their sales staff are all professional n polite.

    I strongly recommend Comfort Employment Agency at Bugis . There are three branches in singapore. Bugis, Tampines n Jurong East. I got mine from Bugis main branch.

  25. yanqiu

    yanqiu Member

    Hi Chewy,
    is your maid taken up?
  26. chewy_ring

    chewy_ring New Member

    Mrs douglas , Mandy ,
    received your email .. think i have replied .... u can interview her at my place or during her off day.

    Dear mummies ,
    I have to first clarify that due to differences in expectations to work load and committments , it is better to interview her and get to know what she can / cannot perform. My prioity is my kids and she managed to show me that she is patient and caring towards my little ones. she is also clean and tidy with her work thou she is quite slow at times. That is the primary reason I feel that she is quite okay for kids .. however i must first say that it is quite impossible to get a all rounder who can perform everything.. keke .. also i dun need her to cook .. so her work load might not be so heavy compared to some families out there .. hmm ... as detailed as possible i guess i try to describe what she can perform already .. hmm ... and she is only avail in april .

    To all interested parties,
    I have asked the maid agency to open her biodata again. I have spoken to the maid and she is more interested to get a newborn bb or toddler.

    Ho yam chiew , piggo 75
    I just post the message a few days .. not taken yet [​IMG]
  27. prisccie

    prisccie New Member

    Hi Sunglow and Chewy,

    Are your maids taken? I am looking for one actually.. can you email me at prisccie@yahoo.com?
    Many thanks
  28. nat3674

    nat3674 New Member

    Hi! Any good transfer maid? need one to look after my 8 mth old girl and chinese cooking! must be patience and sincere pls sms me if any at 9771-7716 ;-)
  29. jane0312

    jane0312 New Member

    Dear mothers or mothers-to-be, if you are looking for an experienced nanny, feel free to contact my mom by sending me a personal message.

    My mom has a lot of experience taking care of children as well as newborn. willing to take care for day and night.
  30. puppet

    puppet Member

    Hi Hui Li,

    Your private message tool is not on.
    Is your mum willing to take care of newborn babies at the employer's place during day time?
  31. paulynl

    paulynl New Member

    Hi Natasshia,

    I do have a filipino maid who is with me for past 6mths that I need to let go. As I will be quitting my job and will be a stay home mum to spend more time with my 10mth old boy. She is age 25 and have 2 young kids herself - 2yr old and 5yr old. So she is very experienced in taking care of babies. She took good care of my boy since he is 4mth old.
    She already know how to cook(filipino dishes), but my mum taught her how to cook chinese dishes as well and she is now able to cook for our family with no guidance at all. Also she is a quick learner and pick up instructions very quickly probably due to her fluet conversation ability in English. Thus if you are keen to have some one to take over your household chores and adapt to your household quickly, you can pm me at 9436 2889.
  32. belinda_koh

    belinda_koh New Member

    Am looking for a Filipino maid as my new maid giving me too much problem. Email me at kohbelinda@yahoo.com.sg if you have any good maid. My son is currently 3 half years old.
  33. lbhserene

    lbhserene New Member

    Hi mummies

    If you have any good maid for transfer (with good experience in taking care of newborn), please email me at lbhserene@yahoo.com.sg. Thanks!!
  34. s0perm0m

    s0perm0m New Member

    Hi All,

    Just want to share my bad experience with you all here. Lately I've just had encounter with this maid agency named "Jrs Business Express Pte Ltd" located at 420 North Bridge Road, lady boss by the name of Naty. I shan't say what happened as its a long story. All I can say is this maid agency is not honest and truthful. Understand that all agency will sometimes make mistakes, this agency made mistakes never mind, but she refused to bear responsibility for what she had done, instead started being very unreasonable..
    The mistakes she made is not something small, she did not handle matters the legal and correct way in the eyes of the MOM, plus all the advices she gave are all wrong (found out after checking with the other maid agencies.)
    And when she is being confronted by it, she pushed to all the people she can find to put the blame on.
    In the beginning, she sounded so sincere, promise you a lot of things, but once anything goes wrong, all that she promised, she will tell you that it's not possible to do this and that anymore, take it or leave it! She even send an SMS to threaten me. I was so shocked that she will do such things.

    Well, there's nothing that I can do now, I can only share my experience with you and hope that this will stop people from having the same fate as me, please pass this on to all your friends before it is too late.
  35. higgledy

    higgledy New Member

    Hello, I need a good maid to take care of my 18 month boy. Anybody with maid to transfer please email me at geriseow@yahoo.com.sg. Thank you.
  36. ethanlee

    ethanlee New Member

    I have a 3 months old girl. My wife will be going back to work in early july. We desperately need a good transfer maid to take care of our girl when my wife's ML ends.

    You can reach me on my mobile 966 66 911. Thanks
  37. bestberry

    bestberry Member


    looking for a good indon maid to do household chores. my filipino maid will take care of kids so new maid only need to focus on "hard labour" like washing, cleaning. anyone with good recommendation pls contact me 90999788 thanks
  38. mummynen

    mummynen New Member


    I am letting go of my maid. I just left my job early this month to fully focus on IVF. There's not much for her to do since I am able to do the work too.

    Though she's been with me for only 4 months, she was working for a chinese family caring for an elderly couple for 4 years. She left coz she needed to go back to visit her family in Indonesia.

    Let me know if you are keen. Can interview her.
  39. anchl

    anchl New Member

    Hi sofia,

    I am interested in interviewing your maid. May you contact me @97919438. Thanks.
  40. november

    november New Member

    I am oso lookin for a transfer maid..any to recommend pls PM me..kinda need it quite badly as i gettin separated fr my husband in nov..so e maid wil b alone most of e time n i really need someone tat can b trusted..her main job wil b to take care of my boy..housework got time then do

    or can sms me at 9685 4756..thks in advance

    *my boy is 16months old soon..
  41. poohcsl

    poohcsl Member

    Hi Sofia,

    I'm interested in interviewing your maid. Please email me your contact details chewsl77@yahoo.com.sg
  42. hael

    hael Member

    any prblems with her?
  43. melodyme

    melodyme Member

    I've a filipino maid to trf, she with me for abt 3mths, previously worked for chinese family, can cook, ok with housework. But she prefer no elderly at home.

    reason to trf : cannot communicate with my MIL. i'm taking back my old indo maid.

    pls pm me if interested.
  44. melodyme

    melodyme Member

    any taker?
  45. dianajs

    dianajs Member

    Hi serene... I Pmed u dunno if u received it. Am interested in the maid.. Could u PM me your email addy??
  46. happyface1

    happyface1 Member

    Hi, I am looking for a transfer maid Indonesia. Anyone? contact me at 98414191. To be able work on Nov 23 2009 or Dec 09.
  47. obisana

    obisana Member

    Hi Sunglow,
    Interested in your cousin's maid.
    Is she still avail?
    Pls PM me.

  48. Mummy_Yan

    Mummy_Yan Member


    My maid is going back to her country because of some incident back at her hometown and she is needed to go back and help for good. I am urgently in need of a good maid to take care of my 15mths old twins and is able to cook well. My MIL will be there to help her out with taking care of the kids as well.

    Pls PM me if you have a good maid to transfer. Thanks!
  49. sayuri

    sayuri New Member

    Hi, I would need a maid to send and fetch my two kids age 7 and 5 next year to school and also to clean my house. This is my first time deciding to hire a maid so am not sure of the procedures.

    If I were to take a transfer maid from here, then what are the procedure to go about doing it? What are the things I need to pay? And is this going to be legal? And if I hire a maid directly without going thru any agency, then what should i look out for?
  50. zola

    zola New Member

    Are your friends, colleague or you yourself looking for a Reliable Philippines, Indonesian Maid? If yes, please do not hesitate to call Lilian, one to one home service. or you can email her @ lilianchia80@yahoo.com.sg

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