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anyone has kid started piano lessons at 3.5yrs? any recommendations?

Discussion in 'Year 2010 Mums' started by springong, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. springong

    springong Member

    Recently I attended a trial class with my girl at mycs, I quite like the program but is a long term commitment required to attend class with her for at least 4 years, I am not sure if the program is as good as what the school claims to be, wud like to hear some views, thanks

  2. Medleybb

    Medleybb New Member

    My nephew is attending Yamaha, seem not bad
  3. springong

    springong Member

  4. ommadesiree

    ommadesiree New Member

    I agree Yamaha is good for the JMC programme, good for music appreciation. It is a much shorter period compared to MCYS. 2 years. and then I sent my child to private piano lesson in Bishan. The teacher is very patient, she prepares my child not only exam but also let them have fun playing songs they want to learn. my child always have fun at class. from what i know, her youngest student is 4 years old.
  5. friends78

    friends78 Well-Known Member

    My boy (40mths) attending group class at Cristofori. Only 2nd lesson but he enjoyed and look forward to the next lesson.
  6. springong

    springong Member

    thanks will check out.
  7. springong

    springong Member

    is it ok to share how much does the teacher in bishan charge, need a gauge to start looking for teacher for my girl, thanks.
  8. Piano Mom My

    Piano Mom My New Member

    My daughter's teacher charge me $35 per lesson for beginner. 1 lesson 45 minutes and we travel to her place. I looked around and it's about the market price. (some is more expensive - or super expensive like $100-200 per lesson).
    I don't want to go to very young "teacher" who offers $5/lesson or $10.. Doesn't look promising to me @@
    Any parents send their kids to teacher who charge $5 or $10 per lesson?
  9. durian monster

    durian monster New Member

    Too cheap- something not quite right. We go to Juzmusic at Parkway Centre.
  10. durian monster

    durian monster New Member

    We look for something with a good comprehensive program- recitals and performances, extra exam preparation program, group classes etc....
  11. springong

    springong Member

    I come across nafa recently, heard is an intense n progressive program.
  12. durian monster

    durian monster New Member

    They have good teachers there, i checked it out previously too. I am sure it is a good program, though i have not tried it. But the commitment seems too much for me. Might be alright for some other ppl. Check it out and feedback here!
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  13. Ladysohfree

    Ladysohfree New Member

    I got a this male teacher to teach my son at 4 year old. He is quite good and my son look forward for the next lesson. However he only teaches in the east. Now my son is 8 years old and will be taking his grade 5 this year. :)
  14. ashgray77

    ashgray77 Member

    Hi, is Auerus Academy good? Thanks
  15. springong

    springong Member

    Thats really fast. My girl started at 4 too and only grade 2 at 7. Last 2 years her teacher slow down a lot which I wonder why. Which part of east does yr boy's teacher teach? Can pm me abt his contact n charges? Thanks.
  16. springong

    springong Member

    I heard good but price on high side as teacher really qualified n mostly degree holder. Think is abt $200+ for 30mins. And their price is the same whether u are beginner or higher grade, they charge by the time u want for each lesson n not by yr grade. Free trial lesson so u can arrange for 1 to try.
  17. piano0011

    piano0011 New Member

    Hey guys!

    If you would like your child to learn how to play the piano right from the comfort of your own home, we have uploaded a few lessons on youtube:


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