Anyone has good maids for transfer



I'm looking for a good transfer maid urgently.
Any employers migrating / going overseas for studies, work etc and has a good maid for transfer please let me know.

Thank you!

I have a good maid to transfer as I have quit my job to care for my kids.
I cannot bear to send maid back to agency without finding her another employer. Pls let me know if you are interested.
hi KT, may i know where is she from? how much are you paying her and is she experienced with newborns till infancy?
Hi Sneaky,
she is from philippines, a mother of 4 kids.

I am paying her $360 without off days.

She is very experienced with newborns and toddlers.

My first kid was under her care since he was 4 months till currently 15 months and now she also helps out with my second newborn who is just born this year.

She used to work for another family in Singapore taking care of 2 year old kid and a newborn as well.

In both the above family and my family, she also was in charged of confinement.
<font face="Calisto mt"> KT,

Is ur maid still available? Pls kindly PM me ur contact number so we can discuss more</font>
hi .. am oso looking for a good maid.. am a mother of two.. coz mine one is going to back...

i prefer not to have philipines coz they are too smart.
I have sent my maid back to phillippines for home visit and extension of her passport on Monday.

If you wanna interview her, it is over the phone. I have a copy of her biodata. If you are interested, pls let me know. She has been a good maid.

Sorry, lately have been busy with my babies so did not update you all.
hi i am oso looking for a full time live in maid. I have a small family, Parents and one little baby. small apartment only 2 bedrooms.
both adults working so the maid is mostly to look after baby and cook in evenings occasionaly.
house is very small and easy to upkeep, till b4 baby, only had parttime maid which take 3hours only to clean whole house and do ironing.

oh 1 more thing, maid most like dogs - i have small pet dogs.


can email me at [email protected]
Hi There,

I also looking for a maid.. urgent cos mine going back due to domestic reasons.

Please e.mail me at [email protected]. Indicate " Maids for Transfer"

Or if you know of any agency that have good maids.. please do let me know as well.. My maid going back in March... Opps.. Big Headache cos i m about to start my new job... Please help!!
I also need a maid for my newborn in Nov and my gal who is 18 months old now. Can someone email me if there is any maid for transfer? Really appreciate.
Hi -
I'm also looking for a reliable good maid to take care of my 18mth gal. Anybody has good one to transfer. Pse PM me. Thank you very much!

I'm also looking for a good maid if anyone has for transfer. Patient with babies and good general housekeeping. No need to cook much. Preferably Indonesian. Please PM me. Need to start by end of the month, if possible, as I have to go back to work. cheers!
I am having a newborn soon and have 2 toddlers (1 will be going to childcare) Needs a good maid urgently, as I had previous bad experiences with some maid

am looking for a good transfer maid end Oct/ early nov, preferably Indonesian that is good with baby and housekeeping. Must have good attitude. Please PM me if you have one or know of one.

thanks so much

As with the others above, I am also looking for a good transfer maid urgently. If you have one that can speak good english and is great with babies and has good attitude, please PM me. Nationality doesn't matter as long as attitude is good. Thanks in advance!

I had a philippines maid for transfer too, but most probably can only transfer around Mar 07, reason is my mother want to take care of my 6 months old baby after she end her contract. My maid is very experience in taking care of infant since my baby was born and she able to cook chinese food, I left my baby with her when both of us went to work and she really well taken care of house chores when we not around.
Hi jongsn, I am looking for a transfer maid around March 07. Can you PM me to discuss further as you dun accept PM? Thanks.
Hi jongsn,
Have a fren looking for a good maid willing and trustworthy to take care of 5 year old child. Pls PM me. Thanks.
Hi jonsn, I'm looking for a philippines maid 'cos my indo maid's contract will end around march 07 too. can u pls PM me? thanks much!
Hi Jongsn,

I am looking for maid too to take care of my 10 months old baby and I really want to return to work soon but now without someone to trust, I can't. (PM or call me 98622031 please so that I can discuss with you more).

They are only 3 of us in an apartment so it should be easy for a maid with experienced.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Hi jongsn, pse advise if your maid is still available. I'm looking for a transfer maid around March 07 to take care of my 2 year old gal. Pse PM me to discuss further. Do you have the mail biodata? Can PM me as well?

Thank you!
Hi jongsn,

I am also looking for maid around March 07 to take care of my baby due in Apr. Could you PM me the details if she's still available,please?

Thanks much! =)

Yes, my maid is still avail. but anyone of u know what are the proper procedure of maid transfer to another new employer? As i try not to go down to agency and i believe they charge at least one hundred, to save up the cost i prefer do it myself.
I have a good maid to transfer, trained by me to take care of my toddler and preschooler. She can cook, speak ENG, read Eng, plays with children very well.

Call me at my home 67865626.

Is she from Indo or Phili? How long she is in SIN? What is her salary? any Off day? What is the reson nt renewing her?
Hi Sandra,
I prefer if you can call her directly to speak to her. She is indo, asking for $300 with off day. Reason not renewing is because I only want to pay $260 for a maid as I am a stay at home mum - no need to pay so much. Ex Jarkarta, Ex Sin 2years with me,
Due to overwhelming response, I am unable to handle anymore incoming calls as I am also busy with kids.

For those who have called, I will keep you in communication.

As for others, sorry, I cannot handle so many calls. Thanks with apologies.
I have a Phil maid for transfer. 32 years widow with 2 children. Has 13 years of working experience in home country as domestic helper. Her houschores is very good, have initiative and decent. Not choosy with food and very easy to train because of her experience.

She has been with me for 1 month and so far, we leave our money lying around and no problem.

We are transfering her out because her English is only so-so and cannot communicate with my young child. Because I am a WOHM, I need someone who can communicate with my girl very well.

Her salary is $340 without off-day for 2 years. She is available for interview from April 10th. Please PM me if interested. Thanks.
I have a quite a good maid to transfer. But must be quick as I plan to release her by April 9 or 10. Few mummies contacted me already but timing not right. If u r looking for 1 good one and priority is to take care of baby, PM me your number so we can chat.
I am currently looking for a good transfer maid end Jul/ Early Aug, preferably Indonesian that is good with baby and housekeeping as i will be due on end Aug.Good attitude is main criteria. Please PM me if you have one to let go or know of one that is good.

Thanks in advance
Hi, My hubby will send my maid who has been with us for 9 months back to agent on this wednesday/20 June.
She is good in houseworks, wash car, cooking chinese food, porriage for my kids ( 6 and 3 yrs old ), cook soup, operate microwave, oven, bottles sterliser, washine mashine, cooker, blender, vacuum and etc.
She is indonesian and can speak English as well as understand simple chinese.
The reason we do not want her is she has made many friends in my condo and use make a lots of phone calls. You see, she is at home alone from 7am to 7pm when my kids are in childcare. My monthly local call phone bills come to $10+ . Usually me & my hubby will use hp. When we confronted her, she denies the usage. When she go down to wash car, she will stay there to talk to those rubbish guys. I think it is not safe to have her with us coz no one at home to monitor her. Don't know if she will bring some guys home when we are not around.
If you didn't plan to leave her at home alone, then I highly recommend her.
You can sms me at 82336226
I'm looking for a good transfer maid.
Must be able to cook and have good attitude. preferrably a christian.

Pls PM me if u hv one to recommend. I dun check this thread often.