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Anyone has Cupcake divinity contact number?

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by gerger66, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. gerger66

    gerger66 Member

    Can anyone give me the contact number of cupcake divinity pls...

  2. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    You can contact Jess at 91799970.
  3. gerger66

    gerger66 Member

    Thanks alot.
  4. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Most welcome..I have ordered their cupcakes for my son's coming party so i hope it is good. Heard it is quite good.
  5. sunshinekid

    sunshinekid Active Member

    HI Zolldoll

    IS you son's bday party over? What are your comments on the cupcakes?

    Do share!
  6. jamie_nov

    jamie_nov Active Member

    hello!! I used them for my wedding actually... they're very gd.. taste, color, price.. all ok..

    http://profiles.friendster.com/997622 see my pictures here, under the "15th June 2008" album. =)
  7. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Hi sunshinekid, my son's party is only on the 8th dec so not here yet. But i ordered mickey mouse cupcakes from them as my colleagues whom ordered from then before gave good reviews hence my ordering too.
  8. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Hi Jamie,

    I tried looking at the site you gave but it is set as private as i cannot view. Mind resetting it?
  9. jlsh

    jlsh New Member

    Hi Zolldoll

    Can you show me some pic of the Mickey cupcakes? How much did you pay for it?

  10. michbaobei

    michbaobei Member

    hiz juz to share....i recently celebrated my ds's 1yr old bdae...ordered cakes + cupcakes from cupcake divinity...all our relatives n frens commented tt itz not only very nice n cute but also tastes great...

    had comments from frens who used her before tt her cakes/cupcakes tend to be on e sweeter side...so do let her noe if u wish to have less sugar...i did n it taste wonderful..[​IMG]
  11. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Hi loo jane, here are the pics of the mickey mouse cupcakes i ordered. So far the comments have been good.[​IMG]
  12. adellegirl

    adellegirl Member

    im ordering for my girl 1st bday this april.
    do you think my girl can taste abit?
  13. Mummy_Yan

    Mummy_Yan Member


    for those who ordered cupcakedivinity, are their cakes good? Heard that their cupcakes taste nice but not their birthday cakes. is that true?
  14. dingdingtan

    dingdingtan New Member

    Yes. Is true. The birhtday cake is very dry and stale. Not worth the money. But if you are only looking for design then go for it.
  15. happymrskoh

    happymrskoh Member

    Hi is the chocolate flavour good? I am thinking of ordering this flavour for the cupcakes.
  16. michbaobei

    michbaobei Member

    hmz..if u prefer rich choco cakes den this isn't ur cup of 'tea'...[​IMG]
  17. milk_junkie

    milk_junkie New Member

    Hi michbaobei, i've placed my order with cupcake divinity for the chocolate cake...but am feeling worried if i made the right decision after your comment. Their cakes are not cheap..am wondering now if i should look for other alternatives? Any other recommendations?
  18. ashlynsun

    ashlynsun New Member

    Heard that Cupcakedivinity uses Betty Crooker Pre-Mix flour that can be bought from any Supermarket. Sell the cake for $100 and the cost of the flour is $6.00.

    Will quit n bake cupcake now.
  19. mandy0808

    mandy0808 Member

    Dear all

    I had actually ordered my son's birthday cake from Cupcake Divinity last year. Both the cream cake and cupcake tasted super super sweet even though I had reminded them a few times to have less sugar. 80% of the birthday cake was thrown away eventually as it was really unfit for human consumption due to the over sweetness. Can you imagine that a 4 years old child refused to finish the cake and commented that the cake was too sweet (kid likes sweet stuff in general).

    However my colleague who had also ordered from them did not complain the sweetness. She ordered the fondant cake.

    I believe that these cake were baked by different person therefore had different end results.

    I must agree that the cake design is really fantastic and beautiful. If you are only looking for design then can go for it.

    I don't know should I give them one more chance. Anyone had ordered cake from them recently can share their views?
  20. preciousthots

    preciousthots Member


    any feedback on their cake recently? I was about to confirm my order for my daughter's 2 year birthday cake when I chanced upon this link....i was considering between Cupcake Divinity and Pine Garden..
  21. trichang

    trichang Member

    hi, am also thinking of placing order with them.
    Pls let me know if the cakes are good?
  22. mypreciousmoments

    mypreciousmoments New Member

  23. von

    von Member

    i had recently order a 2kg cake fm cupcake divinity, other than the cake looks really pretty, the taste is horrible.

    the texture is dry and cream is not fragrant. I would say that any neighbourhood bakery store on the street makes better texture than them.

    and is totally overpriced... a total disppointment.
  24. mandy0808

    mandy0808 Member

    Hi dia, I fully agree with you. The design of the cake is indeed impressive. However the taste is horribly sweet. Three quarter of the cake was thrown away eventually. So heart pain on wasting food but the cake is really is not edible......

    My colleague also ordered from them last time and she told me the taste not bad. I think their baking skill is not consistent and also depend on who bake the cake. At the end, i will say that it is your luck to order a good taste cake from them.
  25. newbiemum

    newbiemum Member

    For Cupcakedivinity, you can only order from Baker - RENA to get good service and good taste cake.
  26. ashlynsun

    ashlynsun New Member

    Baker RENA? Sure or not? The Baker I order from is Jesslyn. The design is BEAUTIFUL and she uses fresh cream for my cake. Taste wise "OK lah"
    If you really want GOOD CAKE then go for the professional baker not any so called Baker

    I think the above post "Baker , Good Service and Good Taste" is written by that Baker herself.

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