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Anyone has contact of the lady who make agar agar cake for birthday?

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by abcdisney, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. abcdisney

    abcdisney Active Member

    Hi anyone has the contact of the lady who make agar agar "cake" for birthdays? Pls PM me

  2. organicmummy

    organicmummy New Member

    Hi, you may wish to try this numbers : James Chan & Wife (97887807/96350758)
  3. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi Organicmummy,
    Thanks for the contact. Just wondering what are prices like and your personal comments on this unique idea of agar agar cake. Thanks.
  4. cherylasu

    cherylasu New Member


    I've been ordering from James & Wife for all my parties. Prices are approx. $35 depending on design. Taste.. is 10/10.. All of my guests commented that its good. Go ahead.. you will impress your guests and I'm sure you will order again from them.
  5. bbjay

    bbjay Member

    Hi cherylasu,

    DO they have any website? Can we choose the pic we want? What flavours do they have & which would you recommend? Thxs
  6. happylady

    happylady Member

    Any pics to share, sounds interesting
  7. hook

    hook Member


    i have just ordered the agar agar from James about 2 months back. its for my friend's daughter b'day party. guests and friends commented is not bad and the agar agar really look nice. the price is resonable at about $35-$40 if i didnt recall wrongly. i still have the pixs James emailed me. if any mummies interested, drop me a pm and i will forward the pixs to you. you will be spoiled for choice!
  8. keann

    keann New Member

  9. roseytulips

    roseytulips Member

  10. jasminetea

    jasminetea New Member

  11. blue2003

    blue2003 Active Member

  12. hook

    hook Member

    hi mummies,

    i will not reply to emails / pms asking for pics anymore. Please contact James directly for pics. Thanks.
    James Chan & wife (97887807 /96350758)
  13. bubbles2006

    bubbles2006 Member

    Hi, Just to share.. I managed to find one stall at Bukit Timah Beauty World - top floor. Got the same one at $10 cheaper than James.. However, James provide delivery, but the one at Beauty World have to self collect. So its more convenient for those staying near there as u'll have to drop by twice, once to choose the design and another time to collect it. fyi..
  14. krazy

    krazy Active Member

    <font color="aa00aa">mummies:
    can you email me the pics?


  15. lilianngo

    lilianngo New Member

  16. vinn

    vinn Member

  17. mummyfileong

    mummyfileong New Member

  18. sgblingff

    sgblingff Member


    Any other contacts for agar agar cake beside James and Wife. Cause they are not able to deliver the agar agar to my Changi Chalet because of timing issue. The stall at Beauty World also do not provide delivery. Help!
  19. mun_mun

    mun_mun New Member

  20. ynby80

    ynby80 Member

  21. chillipadi

    chillipadi Member

    I have ordered once and will definitely order again from Ms James Chan (97887807/96350758). I love all their designs. attached are some pictures i had last year. Not sure if they have any new designs
  22. chillipadi

    chillipadi Member

    file to big to upload
  23. auroa

    auroa Member

    any1 tried Ejelly cake?
  24. jjjtq

    jjjtq New Member

    Hi Hook,

    Can U email to me the agar agar cakes picture too?

  25. are

    are Member

  26. diamonds_mum

    diamonds_mum Member

    I tried Ejelly before, good jelly and nicer designs. Can log on their website www.ejelly.com.sg
  27. mary_ho

    mary_ho New Member

    I got from Ejelly, the taste is great and they have so many designs to chose from. I have a lot of good feedback from my guests.

    Website is www.ejelly.com.sg

  28. wenbao

    wenbao Member

    i used ejelly and my frens luv it!
  29. sotongfen

    sotongfen New Member

  30. foodchem

    foodchem New Member

    if you want to buy agar agar powder or food thickener. you can send email to me. Our email is xinwen-baby@hotmail.com
  31. ahpinh

    ahpinh New Member

    hi, can anybody knws where can i find james chan and his wife website? as i wanna see their design. do they still doing this? if anyone know do pm at ah ahpinh@yahoo.com.sg tks!

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