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Anyone has any good reviews on various postpartum girdle? Bellefit?

Discussion in 'Year 2014 Mums' started by beac, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. beac

    beac Active Member

    I'm considering on getting bellefit girdle to slim back down. I'm due in Oct.
    Has anyone tried it before? Or maybe you have tried other brands? If yes, do share you reviews on the brands you tried?
    Thanks in advance!!

  2. Chufang

    Chufang Member

    I watched YouTube reviews and decided to go with Belly Bandits. But haven't tried them yet, my EDD is 23 August.

    I bought both S and XS.
  3. Chufang

    Chufang Member

    So my baby decided he had enough of my belly. I'm 20 days early.

    I started wearing the S size belly bandit original yesterday. But I don't have any measuring tape with me so I can't tell you the progress while I'm in the hospital. I discharge tomorrow afternoon, will be able to take measurements and give a more proper review then.

    Comfort wise the belly bandit original feels fine over clothes, and really keeps things in and makes me feel more comfortable. When I take it off in the toilet to wash myself I can feel my belly and all my insides flopping about, which is quite uncomfortable. Also my gynae was very encouraging when she saw me in it this morning. I started wearing it yesterday, 3 hours after delivery.
  4. beac

    beac Active Member

    @Chufang thanks for the update! :) appreciate it. Do let me know how it goes! Jia you! And congrats on your little one. :)
  5. Chufang

    Chufang Member

    Thanks dear. :)
  6. Chufang

    Chufang Member

    Hi beac,

    I measured myself daily since I came home on 6 Aug afternoon. Still wearing the S size Belly Bandit Original 24 hours, only take it off when wiping myself clean or to go toilet, since I wear it over my clothes.

    Here are my daily measurements, very encouraging so far:
    6 Aug belly 36"
    7 Aug belly 34"
    8 Aug belly 32.5"

    When I hit 32", I will switch to the XS Belly Bandit.
  7. beac

    beac Active Member

    Wow, sounds good! Jia you! So fast can go down :) Are you doing postnatal massage as well? Thanks so much for the update!!! Really appreciate it ehehehe
  8. Chufang

    Chufang Member

    My Jamu masseuse will only start coming in next Tuesday. She's supposed to come tomorrow on Saturday but it's a public holiday, so they can only come next week, but next Monday is my pediatrician and gynae appointment so she'll come on Tuesday instead. Will let you know about that too. :)
  9. beac

    beac Active Member

    Thanks for the update :) all the best!!
  10. Chufang

    Chufang Member


    Here are my measurements after my last post.

    9 Aug belly 33"
    10 Aug belly 32.5"
    13 Aug until now 32"

    I've switched to the smaller belly bandit, but it's the bamboo, not the original. And also my 8 daily sessions of Jamu massage is ending tomorrow. I guess this is as much as binds are going to help me, the rest would be reduced by exercise and breast feeding.
  11. beac

    beac Active Member

    That's good. Jia you! Yeah we must still watch our food and work out abit also to tone up.

    Thank you so much for the updates. Very helpful
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  12. Xxiaogua

    Xxiaogua Member

    Hi Chu Fang,
    Which massue you engage with?
    Are u thinking of letting go the belt after this?
    I'm due in sept
  13. Xxiaogua

    Xxiaogua Member

    I mean the girdle
  14. Chufang

    Chufang Member

    Hi, I engaged Mila through PEM Confinement. http://www.pemconfinement.com/

    Yes, I can pass you the Belly Bandit Original in size S already, I'm already too small for it. Would it be a size you need though? Is $50 ok? You can check sizes here http://bellybandit.com/sizing.html
  15. Ros Dan

    Ros Dan New Member

    I suggest you to use exlura 3 in 1 postpartum support. I am using it and really work well. It help me get back to my body within three months. It have belly belt, waist belt and pelvis belt. And with safety certificate.
  16. starchaser

    starchaser New Member

    After my second baby, I was wearing the same one. And yes, started to wear it right after returning from hospital.
    It doesn't help you lose weight but I loved wearing mine because it gave me great back support. It really helped me with recalling the control of my abdominal floor too - since you can't do that when preggo and it's a hard thing to recall after almost a year of not doing it.

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