Anyone gave birth at Gleneagle?

Hi J&M,

No worries, glad to be of help!

Yes, like you mentioned, the diaper/maternity pad etc are included in the package though I'm not sure regarding the quantity of each item that's included in the package, but I didn't have to top up for these items.. anyway do remember to bring the open packets home since it's all included in the bill.

As for keeping the baby in the ward, yes you're allowed to do so, but I let the nurses bring the baby back to the nursery at night, and only bring her to me at 4 hourly intervals so I can get some rest! :p Most babies are quite sleepy after birth, so even if you keep the baby in the room with you, the baby may not wake up in time for her feeds regularly, which means you'll have to watch the clock yourself. So I preferred to keep my baby in the nursery at night...

Having the baby back at the nursery also helps since the nurses could help change the diapers, else you'll have to call for the nurse each time the baby soils her diapers (I do change the diapers myself sometimes since the nurses may take a while to respond when they're busy).

My baby's seeing Dr Gong Wei Kin of Kinder Clinic - he's a very patient and detailed PD

Hi mama_lemon,

Thanks again for all the info and advice. I will take note the above-mentioned. Take good care and enjoy your motherhood! If I have any questions, can I pm you?
hi mummies,

I've juz delivered at Gleneagles also in March09 & my gynae is Dr Chan K.H. Overall my experiemce is fantastic & i'll look forward to the same experience again when i have my next one. Originally i booked for a single bedder but 2 nights before my induction date, they said it's full when i called up. So i changed it to a Superior room (6th flr) so my hubby can room w me. i checked in on mon night 8pm & out on thurs 11am ->total bill $13k for natural w epidural and forceps. PD was Dr Ngiam (sscb). Overall, the confinement food is nice & the nurses are very polite. I had no problems w my baby being brought to me in the 6th floor. One thing is they dont give formula samples or free bathtubs like other hospitals. The lactation consultant
Mila is also very good. She taught me an easier way to hold my newborn to breastfeed which Mrs Wong didn't even teach in her class.
One night when i had engorgement problems, i could even call up at 4am to sort out my pain& worries. Once after check out, consults w
Mila are at a seperate fee so ask everything while u're still in the ward and attend her free babycare class, very good refresher after mrs wongs.
Hi ladies,
Usually when will you request for the kind of room you wanted or do we have to wait till the nurse of our gynae arrange?

I am in my 30 weeks and will be delivering in GE as well.

Hi starflower,

Thank you for sharing your experience with Dr Chan and at Gleneagles. I realised that your total bill was huge. I am really puzzled. Is it becos you have changed to superior room? I thought they should charge you according to single bedder charges. I believe you have already made your pre-admission prior to your delivery, right?
My girlfriend spent abt 8k (total bill) when she delivered last Sep 08. Her gynae was also Dr Chan.
Hi helpme,

My gynae's nurse asked me about my room preference when I was in 26 weeks and I did my pre-admission at the hospital counter when I was in 35 weeks. Perhaps you may want to check with your gynae on the procedure as I guess all gynae clinic has their own practise.
Hey J&M,

Realised that is gonna be ur turn veri soon...! Jia You k! :D Wish you a speedy and painless delivery!.... Dun forget to share your birth story with mi hehe... :D

Thank you for the well wishes. EDD on 30 May so I am still counting down. Dunno when I will deliver. Dr Chan mentioned that it will probably be next week. I have an appt with Dr Chan next week cos now I see him on a weekly basis. So when is your next appt with him?

My appt with him is next sat. Yours?
How did he estimate when you'll deliver? Did he do a VE? I asked him the other time he said will only do VE when I go into labour. Cuz told him I scared pain haha.. Oh ya btw did Dr Chan do the swab test for you? I heard from others its a routine test but dunno abt Dr Chan lei..
Hi all
can anyone share with me what r the things to pack for delivery at gleneagles?
Dr Chan is my gynae n i ll b doing c section GA on 26th june. Now at wk 32. I heard gleneagles r not as generous when it comes to providing samples. Tot i shd pack early cos of low placenta, doc warned me dat i might deliver early if not careful.
So i m trying to check what i shd n shdnt bring.
Hi Serene22,

My next appt with him falls on Tuesday. He did not do a VE for me. In fact he estimated that I will deliver next week based on my #1 pregnancy cos I delivered at 38 weeks. Yes, he did the strep B swap test for me during 37 weeks. My girlfriend told me he has this practice on swap test since many years ago and he made it compulsory for every patient.
Hi carolle,

This is my first experience to deliver at Gleneagles. I also heard that they do not provide samples. Everything provided has a charge. This is my own packing list :

For myself
Front open PJ for breastfeeding
A set of cloth for going home
Face towel
Nursing bras
Disposable panties
Bra pad
Pad (bring my own cos I do not like the hook on type)

For baby
A set of cloth to go home
Wrapping blanket
Thks J&M! I see.... is the strep B swap test painful?? haiz another scary encounter cuming den..
Is there any charges for it??
Hi J&M,

I am seeing Dr Chan too and am due end July. All the best on ur impending delivery!
Just to check if Doc Chan performs any test to check if we have gestational diabetes?
Hi Serene22,

Dun worry, the swap test is not painful. Yes, there is a charge of $35 as this is not included in the package.
Hi Devilene,

Congrats on your pregnancy. Nice to know that you are also seeing Dr Chan. Hmmm....for me, Dr Chan did not perform any test on gestational diabetes...probably its becos my urine test always looks fine.
Hi, I'm also with Dr Chan and due in July, too. Glad to know that many are seeing Dr Chan and the birthing experience has been a pleasant one.
GLENEAGLES Charges (May 09):
Normal (Unsuccessful after > 10 hrs in delivery ward) + ESect OT charges + 2x epi w diff doc/anes + gynae and pd + double bedder + baby ward charges: 3 nights stay: Total bill $8400 (medisave - 3200)

Cash Paid: $5200

Everything is billed (sanitary pads, baby diapers, baby wipes, cotton balls, etc)
Hi Carolle
Saw your thread on having low placenta and having to be careful. Did the doc say what is it you must be careful about? I am at week 19, and my doc say i have to be careful abt low placenta. So, am confused.
Hi 76,

I am also having low lying placenta. So low that it looked as if my baby has engaged when I am at 7 months. As long as you do not bleed, everything shall be fine. Just try not to carry heavy things or squat with both legs apart. The placenta will move up as your baby grows. Dun worry too much..take things easy and be happy throughout your pregnancy, ok.

I delivered in Dec 08, had no complaints about the services. In fact, they were all very attentive. Had an e-C Section with 1 bedder , paid about 8K in total.
I delivered in GH in May 07 and Jan 09. I was in a single bed in the newly renovated Ward 6 for my second delivery. The room is definitely more updated but I find the design of the bathroom a bit odd. The shower area does not have a kerb or a drop to contain the water and water from the shower can spread out in the toilet.

The LCD TV is a nice feature but some TV channels like CNN always suffer from interference and periodically go blank for a few seconds.

Confinement food is nice and seems to have improved from my stay in May 07. I find it tastes better than Natal Essentials. What I don't understand is why GH still serves cheap looking biscuits for tea time and supper, unless other private hospitals also do the same.

There is an additional lactation consultant now which is a good thing. However I am not sure if I agree with her advice or the nurses' advice not to pump and just latch on demand. If you do this, your milk may not come in fast enough in the early days when the baby has not yet learnt to suck efficiently.
Hi Belle,

I just discharged on 29 May. Agreed with what you have mentioned above. I was also warded in 6 West ward. Shower area looked funny without kerb. Luckily the water never flow out whenever my hubby showered. I did not take confinement food during my stay. I chose from the menu. They have western/chinese/malay/india foods. Menu is different everyday and the taste is great for western only. Gleneagle has two lactation consultants. The one whom I met is a western girl.
Hi saintbaby,

Mine is not a planned one. My baby turned to transverse position during my last checkup at 39 weeks 3 days. Gynae advised me to go ahead with c-section as he suspected baby's head maybe a bit big for my small pelvic. Tat is why he cannot engaged. I do not want to go for natural and then ended up with c-section and need to pay two prices. :p
Hi Serene22,

After I sent you the above msg in the morning, I headed straight to Gleneagles to do my admission. Upon admission, I was wheeled into my room ward to rest. My operation was at 12 noon. I have requested for a single bedded ward but I think it was full. They gave me a 2 bedded ward and the whole room is mine and hubby gets to sleep on bed instead of couch....hehe.

I was told to change into hospital robe and the nurse shaved my bottom. At 11 plus, the nurses pushed the wheeled bed into my room and send me into the OT. I had c-section with epidural so half of my body was numbed. I couldn't remember how long I was in the OT cos I was a bit tense up and feeling drowsy. I slept throughout the day after my operation. I think it was due to the painkiller drip that caused my drowsiness. I feel that c-section is not as pleasant as natural delivery. I am still feeling the pain while typing this message. Btw, what is your planned method of delivery? It's your turn next month
Hope you had a smooth delivery too.
Hey J&M,

I was checking on this thread every other day waiting for your return! Congrats to you! Finally pregnancy is over for you while I'm still waiting.....

Hope you are recovering well... so the C sect wound hurts ar? I've seen and heard so many people commenting on Dr Chan's stitching skills for C sect, thought he's like more skillful in C sect wor... Btw did you've a catheter inserted? Any pain when putting in and taking out??

I 'm planning for natural with epi.. hope everything can go smoothly as planned... I also booked the single bedder, hope there are available rooms then. So you end up being in the 2 bedder at 6 west wing? If so then its not too bad huh. :D So did hb need to pay for lodger fee since its not the single bedder??

May I also ask how's your bill like? By the way Dr Chan is going on leave from 4th to 11th Jun, hope I dun pop early if not will have to be delivered by Dr Lisa Chin.. wonder how is she...

You take care k, and wish you a speedy recovery!
Hi Serene22,

You sound so cute..I did not forget my promise to update you on my delivery.

I started to feel pain after my pain killer drip was removed on the second day. I cannot comment much about Dr Chan's skill as this is my first c-section. However, I feel comfortable/happy to be his patient. Yes, I have a catherter inserted. It is not painful when putting in and taking out.

Ya, 2 bedded ward at 6 West Wing. Of course, since I am taking the whole room, hubby needs to pay for lodger fee. It's $75 per day.

In total, I paid 10K for this delivery (before medisave deduction)
Half of the amount goes to Dr Chan's bill. So be prepare for the huge bill amount.

Oh ya, Dr Chan is going on leave and I need to see him on 4 Jun to remove my stitches. Din know that Dr Lisa Chin helps to deliver during his absence.

Dun forget to update me too after you deliver, ok.

Ya really appreciate you taking time to update mi on your delivery.

Wow 10k is quite a huge sum manz... hope my natural birth can go smoothly...

Btw Which anaesthetist did you use?? Any comments on him??

Now I'm just waiting... wonder when will be the day... excited.. but scared at the same time... haiz!

You take care dear. Rest more and rest well! Will keep you updated! :D
Hihi Mummies who hv delivered in GlenE

Congrats J&M on a smooth delivery and thanks for sharing your experience at GlenE.

Wondering if there are any complaints about nurses being rough? Seems like afew mums complained that TMC nurses are very rough... glad I am not delivering there...

Hi serene22 - soon it will be our turn to pop! hehehe... kinda scared!
Hi Sweethalo,

I must say throughout my stay in GlenE all the nurses were all very nice and gentle! Except for 1 now which I recall , she was one of the mid wife very rough when she did a VE on me which was super uncomfortable. I didnt have any issues with other midwife.
Hi Serene22,

Ya, the bill is quite a huge amount. Luckily, I did ask around and was prepared for this figure.

My anaesthetist is Dr Chin. I had wanted to book Dr Tay but he was not available on my delivery date. Dr Chin is a very detailed person. He will explain to you every procedure and side effects when he is working on your back.
Hi sweethalo,

Thank you...
Overall, staff nurses at Gleneagles are friendly especially the nurses from Philippines. I have only met two local nurses who always talked like commanding. The most cheerful staff in Gleneagles are the two aunties who sent me my meal everyday. They always brighten up my day as they always entered my room with great smile and patience.

On the second day after my operation, the nurse will help me to clean my bottom, change my dress and wash/powder my body. They did it gently. Not rough at all. I was grateful for their help as I couldn't move my leg at all to do all these. Moreover, my wound is still so painful. I guess my pain threshold is low...hahaha.
Hi Cybie - I guess VE can be quite uncomfy.. so scared cos this Sat will be my first VE with my gynae... arrghh..

Some mums complained tt the TMC nurses were very rough on the babies...

hihi Serene22 - Me also scared leh... seems like everyone delivering early...Hv yet to fill up my Maternity Pack... need to submit this Sat...

Am getting sharp pains at the base of my tummy these few days... dono if it means anything.. i half suspect is the baby moving but dono if it's contractions or not... so painful leh tt I screamed out loud... almost wana faint... hehe

Hi J&M - hope u rest well and get relief fr the pain of the op soon. Thanks for your reassurance abt the nurses in GlenE.
Hi J&M,
Do you know what comes with the pack that GE gives?
I don't know what I should be packing.
I am going to be delivering in about a month's time. Thanks.
Hi helpme,

You need to pack the following for your baby cos Gleneagles will not provide these.

Baby - A set of clothing to go home/mitten/booties/wrapping blanket

As for Mummy, Gleneagles only give a pack of toiletries/Kotex pad/bed underpad/disposable bedroom slipper. You need to bring your own PJ/cloth for going home/Nursing bras/Disposable panties/Bra pad/Jacket (aircon can be quite cold at night)/pad/a box of tissue. Everything is chargeable if you ask for it.

Hope you have a smooth delivery!
Hi helpme,
I stayed at Gleneagles twice in Februray '09- 1st time 2 weeks before delivery for pre-eclampsia and the 2nd time for my delivery. Both times were emergency after my ob-gyn visit. Hence, I didn't really have time to pack my bag at all!

Having said that, it means I had to use the hospital pack till my husband was clear to leave my side and go home to pack our stuff.
They'll give you a pack:-
1. Shampoo
2. Body Wash
3. Toothbrush+toothpaste
4. Face Towel
5. Shower Cap

Honestly, unlike J&M, I didn't receive the bedroom slippers and brought my own slippers- both times!

In any case, they'll change your gown everyday or twice a day (not chargeable, I think). Useful if you feel icky after birth/ breastfeeding and wanna shower. They'll also give u a plastic cup for brushing teeth - keep this! Useful for the 2-3 days you stay. I stayed 4-5 days each time and imagine if they charge you for it!
There's a small box of tissues I think but I brought my own anyway.

The things that I asked for extra: Pillows (to prop up) +cellular blankets (keeps warm without causing a sweat!)

For the first few days, they'll provide:-
- Kotex Loop Pads
- Strings for the loop pad
But for day 2 onward, I ended up buying the longest night pads by Sofy (cottony soft cover, not the dri-weave types as they can scratch the vaginal wound area which is sensitive post-delivery). The loop pads are inconvenient and can get messy.

Two women in my ante-natal class had their babies at Gleneagles and I was expecting to hear poor reviews (since Mt A and TMC have the best reps for being maternity-friendly hospitals) but they had the best things to say about Gleneagles. On top of that, one of the Mums stayed an extra day before discharging from hospital.

I didn't believe it until I stayed there twice. For the 1st time, becos of my high blood pressure, I was put in the maternity ward (level 5) for observation in case we needed to induce. After 12 hrs, it was stable and I was warded. Also Level 5, due to its proximity to delivery ward. The nurses at Level 5 are brilliant. I was advised to induce but because baby was only week 33+, I didn't want to force the delivery too soon. They were super patient with me and my questions. After 5 days, I was allowed home on bedrest. About 10 days later, I had to induce labour- baby was already 35 weeks and safe to be born.
Even with delivery, my BP didn't go down till day 4 - imagine that! This time, I stayed at Level 6, newer wards but rooms seem smaller. The Level 6 nurses came every 4 hrly to check my temp/ BP, etc. Also because of the BP, my urine had to be measured. They also helped me with that - every time I had to go. It seems like nothing when we're mobile but post-birth, the mess of the loop pads, etc, is really unthinkable. And through all that, they were really professional and helpful.

They were also very good when I wanted to do breastfeeding. Even at 2 or 4 am, when I was really tired, no one was really impatient with me or the baby. I had a particularly difficult morning, medicine making me dizzy, couldn't hold my baby firmly, plus hormonal, crying and no let-down all that. There was a snr sister nurse who firmly ordered the hospital pump for me instead of forcing the latch. My baby was also fed formula for that feed. She then took me through the pump and also was around for the next feed. Honestly, I had the best experience there and would do it again. My husband would beg to differ as the total bill was high due to the many days and complications arising. But we left with a happy Mummy and healthy baby. That's all that should matter anyway.

Hope you have a smooth delivery and all the best for your stay!
Thanks ladies for replying.

I thought there will be hospital gowns so I need not bring my PJs, so I still need to bring?

Is there bath towel as I noticed there is only face towel?

Do we need to tell the nurses or midwives that I wanted to do breastfeeding when I admit?

Apologies...ask so many questions.
Hi Isabelle's Mum... thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with GlenE.. Am so happy tt I shld be able to expect a good experience at GlenE afterall especially when everyone around seems to be all praise for MT A and TMC only...

I did my pre-reg on Sat ... now is just waiting time for bb to be ready to be borned...

helpme, bring your own PJs if you don't feel comfortable with gowns. I ordered those nursing gowns with a flap that can come down for easy bfeeding but as I was hospitalised much earlier than EDD, they hadn't arrived yet! And hospital gowns are just convenient - no need to bring home for laundry!
Bath towel, handtowel all provided. Sheets are changed everyday. When you are in birthing/ delivery ward, they'll ask you re: feeding. Unless of course, there's an emergency c-sec, in which case, you probably won't be awake to feed baby immediately.

sweethalo - I agree with you! Everyone only says good things about those 2 hospitals. My ob-gyn is at Gleneagles so the best option was to choose Gleneagles altho TMC is near my home and I was actually born at Mt A. My husband grumbled and grumbled because he said Gleneagles is like a hotel, expensive blah blah blah.

But thankfully, we chose it since I was hospitalised twice! Both times were after visits to the ob-gyn. My BP was like 153/105! And if the lower BP goes over 90, they have to ward you, in case u go into fits. My gyn told me on the 2nd visit that with 105, if I went up to 110, I could have a stroke.

So proximity was a good thing. Secondly, I had a few friends who had latching problems at TMC and one of them had to queue to get the lactation consult. Her stay was only 2 or 3 days. Plus your milk won't really come till 3-5 days post-birth so they really leave new mums with very little help.

Anyway, I'm sure everyone has different experiences. Mine was quite good so you go gauge for yourself.

Have you done your maternity ward tour yet?

PS My husband changed his mind about GlenE after birth as he bunked in ($75 a day) with me at the single room. Meals are served and his sheets/ pillows changed everyday. If you or husband drive, you can get a season pass too - can't remember the price but it's affordable.