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Anyone enroll your kids in the school CCAs in P1s

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by april_star, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. april_star

    april_star New Member

    Hi Did any mummies enroll their kids in the school CCAs during P1? Not sure if it is necessary for them to start at P1 where they still "blur blur"..will they feel the stress?

  2. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    I thought most schools start CCA only at P3 or P4 onwards?
  3. loyfam

    loyfam New Member

    Hi, We did that with our P1. Girl took wushu last year when she is P1. Son doing the same this year as well. It's not every week and our mentality was for the fun of it.
  4. april_star

    april_star New Member

    Ya most schools start at P3 but some start at P1. so loyfam did they enjoy or feel stress cos it will be a long day....
  5. easy

    easy New Member

    Actually nowadays, P1 they also encourage things like ballet, fun gym, etc. My dd's school has those and she tried the gym. Alot of people signed up for ballet but apparently, they don't get to do much in that 1 hr with so many kids
  6. amazinggrace

    amazinggrace New Member

    I was given form on ballet and tap dancing in January, my girl said she is interested in ballet but we didn’t sign her up as she just started school in pr1 and student care. I told her she will miss her afternoon nap if she went for ballet. Both ballet and tap dancing are conducted on weekday in the afternoon after school as the school is single session. One of her friend in student care signed up but always fall asleep while doing her homework. We have also received forms on Junior Netball and Tennis.
    Understand from the school that CCAs is compulsory when in P3. My girl is interested in singing and dancing we will encourage her to try for choir or Chinese dance as CCA.
  7. zhen49

    zhen49 Active Member

    i am keen to sign my boy up for cca at P1. but their school doesn't have. but the teacher said she will check with the respective cca dept to see if can allow my P1 boy to join if my boy is interested. but my boy not interested. :p boo!
  8. 2sleepy

    2sleepy New Member

    my girl's primary school offers ballet, Chinese dance and Guzheng CCAs from P1
  9. kingspark

    kingspark New Member

    I feel that if a child has interest in a particular area and the school does offer it as CCA, there's no harm giving him/her the opportunity to learn something they like. Important is the kid enjoys the CCA. If they like it, they will not feel the stress.
  10. littleloki

    littleloki New Member

    My son is in p1 now and he has a cca. In fact he was selected by his school for basketball through a selection process. Since school think he got talent, so I let him join. I dun think he got stress cos every week he play until sweaty and dirty and come home happy.
  11. kingspark

    kingspark New Member

    Hi cc

    That's good! If he enjoys, he will not feel stress and be happy to go. Good for him.
  12. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    My daughter's school offered ballet for P1...but I didn't let her join...would prefer her to adjust to school in the first year. At P2, I understand they will be given different opportunities and select them for CCA...anyway, her afternoon nap is very important.
  13. angieyeo73

    angieyeo73 New Member

    what if the school doesnt offer anything from p1-p3 and outside classes be it for gym or ballet are too expensive for poor folks like me? i wonder if theres any govt subsidies for people who want to get their kids started with sports/music/cca stuffs at an earlier age.
  14. rl271103

    rl271103 New Member

    Janet, which school is ur daughter attending?
  15. miracle_bebe

    miracle_bebe Member

    To the mums whose kids in P3 and taking up a CCA,
    1)could you tell me how do your kids get to join the CCA of their choice?
    2)or are the kids given chance to select 3 choices, and it is the school (form teacher) who will then decide which CCA suits the child best?
    3)what happens if the child is thrown a CCA which he/she have no interest in?
    4)why do some schools have this practice ie no giving the chd his/her choice (frm the 3 choices given by the child) but instead assign a CCA which the school thinks is best for child?
    5)how does one join school team and does 1 wait till P5 or school team already starts at P3?

    Thank you[​IMG]
  16. daisy_85

    daisy_85 Member

    so far my boys who are in P1 & P3 now haven joined any CCA
  17. miracle_bebe

    miracle_bebe Member

    hi Daisy
    is it not compulsory to take up a CCA from P3 onwards?
    if I'm not wrong, all kids in P3 must learn to swim and the lessons run only for a term or so.
    whether or not the school offers swimming as a CCA is another story.

    if and when your son in P3 decides to take up a CCA, do you know what is the procedure or how does one get into the CCA of one's choice?
    or will the school (eg CCA HOD or form teacher) decide for the child?
  18. miracle_bebe

    miracle_bebe Member

    Since I never got a reply to my questions and that's probably becos different schools are organised differently.
    Anyway to share, my son now in P3 and happily going for swimming lessons called Swimsafe programme, a compulsory cca held after school for 5 weeks only.
    Why is he happy? After trying so many times due to phobia, he managed and learned how to stick his head in water just from the 1st lesson and he loves swimming now[​IMG]

    As for the CCA, he also managed to get into his 1st choice ie badminton and I heard this is the 1st time in his school where many kids got into their desired cca based on 1st choice[​IMG]

    Perhaps this is cos the school will be having a new sports hall or that the one at the helm is a new principal.

    What I do not like is the cca is held on Friday mornings during sch curriculum hours and 2hours b4 school is dismissed, the kids have another round of half hour PE. I feel the kids would be rather tired from the 1.5hrs plus of cca training, then recess and then exercise again?

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