Anyone diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer?

Lady Harken

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Hi All,

Just to find out if anyone has ever been diagnosed with endometrial cancer before? Can anyone advise which gynae is good in treating this condition? What are the kinds of tests involved to confirm diagnosis?

I had severe bleeding in May 2018 during menses & was admitted to hospital for blood transfusion. After some scans, they found several problems in me. I had ovarian blood cysts, polyp, endometrium thick lining ( endometriosis ). I saw 4 different gynaes until the latest gynae i met told me he's suspecting that i may have endometrial cancer after he found abnormalities during the TVU scan.
He wanted me to go for hystereoscopy for further checks before he advises me on the treatment plan to remove the ovarian blood cysts etc.

I am very sad & worried after being told that i may have endometrial cancer.
Gynae told me he wanted to do another TVU when my menses come, before he schedule me for the scope.
Its waiting time now.. and i get very worried & anxious. Can anyone share your experience?


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Hey there. It's not an easy piece of news to hear but stay strong. Not many Singaporeans talk about it and I'll be happy to share my experience. I've hone through hormone treatments, D&Cs, various scans and completed a total hysterectomy and bilateral salphingo-oophorectomy too.

Stay strong. :)


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My friend eat Lingzhi supplements I top of Drs medication. now she is recovered very well. Want to know more pm me


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1. I am new to this. I do no have any symptoms but believe that I am risk as my mum had uterine cancer. Hence, would like to learn about how I can help myself. I am now 47. What other regular tests should I take to check on developing on the typical womb cancers that you would recommend, especially for endometrial/uterine cancer?

2. May I please ask if a hysterectomy is claimable by enhanced or basic hospitalisation insurance?

3. how much does a full hysterectomy cost?

thank you


Hi thetows,

Would very much like to share with you about this findings on the cause of cancer and how Resveratrol as an anti bacteria, anti virus and anti inflammatory agent, hence an anti cancer, can help.

Please do PM me for more info on this and the most suitable source of Resveratrol that is available for this purpose.