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Anyone concevie successful using pre-seed?

Discussion in 'Year 2012 Mums' started by mloh30, May 16, 2011.

  1. mloh30

    mloh30 New Member


    Any successful mother's here concevied using pre-seed?

  2. shijiaxin

    shijiaxin Active Member

    i got friend did.... i am still trying..
  3. mloh30

    mloh30 New Member

    Hi Jia Xin,

    I hope to strike after using pre-seed too.

    Me try ttc for #2 about 5 months already, hopefully pre-seed can help us strike.

    BTW how long your friend use the pre-seed before she strike?
  4. amaesing

    amaesing Member

    I've just got my BFP after TTC for 2 1/2 years, and I used pre-seed for about half a year. But I'm sure pre-seed is not the only factor. It is just one less thing to worry about. Good luck ladies!
  5. dairy

    dairy Member

    I did after second month of using pre-seed.
  6. shijiaxin

    shijiaxin Active Member

    Hi ong (mloh30)
    sorry for late reply... i think she used for 2 cycles before getting preg [​IMG]
    let hope we got baby dust for dragon baby
  7. mloh30

    mloh30 New Member

    amaesing and dairy: Wow, congrats!!!

    it seem hopeful for me using the pre-seed!

    Jia Xin: Your friend so lucky. hope that I will be the next lucky one. Hehehe
  8. dairy

    dairy Member

    ong: oops! Sorry, I didn't state clearly, conceived using pre-seed in 2008. Tried for four months, no success and used pre-seed for 2 months and strike liao. My boy is almost 2 years old now.

    Just bought pre-seed to try for a dragon baby :)

    All the best for us!
  9. yeolk078

    yeolk078 Active Member

    Hi wat is pre-seed?? Curious to noe[​IMG]
  10. shijiaxin

    shijiaxin Active Member

    LiQing, Pre-seed is a fertility-friendly personal lubricant is safe to use when trying to conceive

    you can find out more from here:

    Dairy, me too!! hoping can have a dragon bb...

    Ong, you will be!! baby dust to us all!
  11. pofy

    pofy Member


    I did after 2 cycles. In fact I still have some left if anyone is interested to take over to try. Expiry is Feb 2012.

    I can mail out or meet to pass over at city hall mrt.

    Baby dust to all. : )
  12. yeolk078

    yeolk078 Active Member

    Jiaxin: oic.. Thank you for de info.
  13. yeolk078

    yeolk078 Active Member

    hi all, all 1st time mummies??
  14. pofy

    pofy Member


    Not for myself. We tried for 2 years but suffered a miscarriage. After that we tried using Preseed and it worked after 2 cycles. [​IMG]
  15. yeolk078

    yeolk078 Active Member

    Hi Pofy So u r preg now?
  16. pofy

    pofy Member


    yes, pregnant now. [​IMG]
    hope you have good news soon too.
  17. yeolk078

    yeolk078 Active Member

    Haha.. still tinking whether to haf a 3rd bb anot.. having 2 kids oready make mi headache lol. So hw many wks is ur bb? Wen is ur EDD?
  18. mloh30

    mloh30 New Member

    diary: its ok. I just want to know how good is pre-seed since the comment is so good.

    pofy: Hey congrats to you! your comment makes me more confident in this product.

    Liqing: hi, we are trying for #2. wow you are brave to try for the #3.
  19. pofy

    pofy Member


    Liqing: my edd is oct. [​IMG] I want more kids too but we lost alot of time trying and I am already above 36 so another child will be difficult for us I guess.

    Ong: thanks. In addition to product, timing very important. So I use it together with ovulation test kit. Good luck!
  20. yeolk078

    yeolk078 Active Member

    Hi pofy actually my 2nd preg is unplanned. Their age gap is is 1 yr diff. If calculated by mths, my ger is older than her bro by 20mths. Once u preg easily get preg again. Mi too oso tried almost 2 yrs to haf 1. So I still considering to stop at 2 or 3. Cos looking 2 of em v tiring Liao.. U can try 4 another 1 nxt yr if u reAlli wan to haf 2 kids[​IMG]
  21. shingirl

    shingirl New Member

    i tried for 6 months before i use pre-seed. bingo on the second cycle
  22. pofy

    pofy Member


    Liqing : Thanks. This pregnancy not easy for me. 2nd trimester but still have bleeding occurances. Now my main concern is to have a healthy baby. I just want to make sure baby reach full term and born healthy. Sigh. 2nd one dare not to think actually. [​IMG] But I can't deny pre-seed was useful. We used other lubricants at first for so many months until I was told by gynae about pre-seed. So much wasted time. [​IMG]

    Anyone interested in pre-seed?
    I got i think 5 more with expiry date of Feb 2012. Don't mind to sell all at just $20, can throw in some Guardian ovulation test kits which I have left over too.

  23. ivye

    ivye Member

    Hi Pofy,
    I am interested. Just wondering you said you have 5 more is it in a tube or packets. Just wondering why you buy so many. For me this is my first time hearing this. Keen to share?
  24. yeolk078

    yeolk078 Active Member

    Hi pofy meanwhile u enjoy ur pregnancy period. So haf u choose which hospital to gif birth??

    Hi ong I'm still considering for a #3. cos nt easy to cope wif my 2 kids & both of em is 1 yr age diff. Tiring lol.
  25. pofy

    pofy Member

    hello everyone,

    Ivy : Sorry but I sold off the pre-seed already.
    It comes in a box of 6 applicator. Each tube is individually wrap and you are to use 1 tube for each intercourse session. Its suppose to not kill the sperm. Apparently there are many lubricants out there that are not sperm friendly.[​IMG]
    I used only 1 of my third box as I was successful after 2 boxes that's why I had 5 left over.

    Liqing : thanks. I think you are brave. 2 kids must be tough. The cost of living in Singapore is very high and these days because of peer pressure among parents, kids are sent to all sorts of enrichment classes which are very expensive too. The kids also have less childhood in my opinion. 1 year apart is a good thing too. I would like to have that if i can. at least they will be close, can play together and if you think about it, they grow up same time so easier for you. [​IMG]
    I wish to try for another next year but also worry i cannot cope financially. Have to work how tough to care for kids. sigh. The big issue for mummies. [​IMG]
  26. yeolk078

    yeolk078 Active Member

    Hi pofy, starting is still ok for mi. As my son learns to walk, he started climbling here & there. wow v active. v tiring to follow him everywhr. As for my ger, still ok. onli wen napping & slping time is my best time to rest..
  27. ivye

    ivye Member

    I agree with pofy that 1 year gap is very challenging. Are you working or SAHM? I want to try for second one last year (so that i can get bunny) but i am afraid if i can cope or not. However, i need to try again soon coz age is catching up.

    Thanks for the explaination.
  28. yeolk078

    yeolk078 Active Member

    Hi Ivy
    I'm full time wking mom. I did employ my maid to help mi wif my chores while my mil look after my kids. Is fun to play wif time. Sometimes both of em make a big fuss wen i going crazy.. If u can manage ur time, so is ok to haf 1 after another. haha!! So u haf any kid now or trying for 1??
  29. ivye

    ivye Member

    Hi Liqing,
    I have a girl. She is about 2 YO. I am a working full time and my girl goes to child care. I wanted to have a second one but at the same time also afraid if i could manage. I do not have family here as i am from Malaysia. So its basically me and hubby taking turns taking care of my girl if we have functions beyond the child care time.
  30. yeolk078

    yeolk078 Active Member

    Hi Ivy,

    Oic.. At 1st is v difficult for mi cos my ger is jealous of my boi for 1st few mths.. as time goes by, my boi grows up.. he even snatch or make a mess of her sister's toys. If u send to infant childcare after ur maternity leave, tink shld b ok. Wif ur hubby's help, shld able to cope la..Try ur best lol.
  31. papillion

    papillion New Member

    Hello everyone,
    Checking where can I get Preseed?

    I have been trying baby for 3 yrs... still no news..
  32. jessbear78

    jessbear78 Member

    Hi tee u can go guardian or any pharmacy. Or online shop.. Bb blogshop. Tink they advertise on the forum before. They all sell it.
  33. ariesleo

    ariesleo New Member

    I did!!! ,I jackpot immediately on the cycle that I used preseed. Not sure whether it's coincidence that the preseed really got me preggie, because I've also been trying other stuffs to get myself preggie too [​IMG]
  34. movenpick

    movenpick Member


    what else did you do to get yourself preggie? My trying for #2 for 3 mths without success even though I used preseed. I had my #1 after using preseed for the 1st time, so thought should be quite easy to get preg again..[​IMG]
  35. ariesleo

    ariesleo New Member

    These are what I did for my 2nd cycle, not sure whether they really help me to conceive or I'm just plain lucky during my 2nd try. Some of the methods have already been discussed in forum.

    -Besides using preseed, i did...
    - 1 mth prior i started taking folic acid, zinc supplements and primrose oil .I get hubby to take zinc supplements (to boost his 'sperm power').

    - I drank de-caf green tea almost once every 2 days. (I researched that green tea boost fertility)

    -I gauge my ovulation period to be 12-14 days after menses and start doing 'it' everyday on the 10th,12th,13th,14th,16th day after menses.

    -I think MORNING SEX really works. I kinda believe i conceive on the day we had morning sex.

    -doggie-style/missionary position only. I put pillow under butt or raise my legs for at least 10mins, at same time stuff my "below" with tissue to prevent 'sperm wastage' lol. Having orgasm helps to 'suck' in the sperm too.

    -And the last method, some ppl may not think it makes sense.During my fertilization week, almost every night before I sleep, i mediate..do deep breathing..just close eyes and visualize the image of the sperm meeting the egg and forming into a baby. The image helps me to feel v relax, calm and happy,which I think it helps my body to gain lots of positive energy. But whether this helps me to conceive , im not too sure. But no harm trying right?
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  36. movenpick

    movenpick Member

    Thanks ariesleo, for your advise.

    To BD daily is very tiring for our HB right? my HB complain, "not again"...Also, will daily BD cause his sperms to be tired and hence have lower power?

    How to have morning sex if we need to rush to work? if only i can take leave during the fertile week to BD...haa...
  37. pofy

    pofy Member


    The advice I got is to bed dance at approx 3 days before your ovulation. This way your hubby's sperm will stay fresh. Then wait for ovulation to bed dance on actual day and the following day.

    We tried to bed dance like ariesleo's schedule previously for a number of cycles but we can't last. Became very tiring and it affected the quality and quantity of the sperm. Also frankly, it took out the mood and became quite mechancial instead of a loving experience.[​IMG]

    However, many websites do recommend that so that you don't miss the time the egg is released. The trick is to catch the time as the eggs only last for 12 hrs after its released.

    Good luck.
  38. movenpick

    movenpick Member


    The old Preseed packaging works very well for me last time. I don't really like the new Preseed packaging. Very big tube, difficult to insert. Do you feel the same?
  39. movenpick

    movenpick Member


    I prefer the old Preseed packaging. The new Preseed's tube is too big and difficult to be inserted. Do you feel the same?
  40. ariesleo

    ariesleo New Member

    Ya! I kinda force hubby for the morning sex lol! He was rushing for work but the night b4 i set his alarm clock half hr earlier! I did not use the applicator from the preseed at all, i just squeeze straight from the preseed tube and apply on hubby's tool. :p
  41. pofy

    pofy Member

    hello movenpick,

    I didn't try to new preseed packaging. Mine should be the old one as its about 6mths since i last use it. The last time, i bought 3 boxes at a go so that i don't have to keep going back to buy. I worry pai sei. [​IMG] hahaha
  42. kwlim

    kwlim New Member


    Just like to know if preseed is available at local pharmacy?
  43. pofy

    pofy Member

    Yes. Guardian. Watson etc sells them
  44. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member

    dear all,

    i'm CONFUSED abt the pre seeds.......

    i'm 42, m/c last sept ....dying for 2nd kid as i lost my younger twin gal 5yrs ago, left with surviving elder twin boy today .
    2x FAILURES in IVF and kena condemn by KKH Dr Loh tt I'm EGGLESS !

    pls guide me how to use the pre seed :
    1) apply directly onto hb's penis ?
    2) insert into my vagina ?

    veri pai seh, me so OLD liao yet so DUMB !

    I 100% agreed tt MORNING SEX is GOOD, tt's how my +1/-1 twins came 5yrs ago. I took clomid then have them. Young twin gal KO with no heart beat during 2nd trim, cannot accept the fact till now.

    I cannot take hormone pills as feet swollen then have the guts to do IVF, every jabbings sure gone black out till my son cried non stop coz' he scared ( i tik so ).
  45. summerpeh

    summerpeh Member

    Just to share...

    First time i use Pre-seed & i got my baby gal! but u must also make sure u O first!

    I love this product! Baby Dust for your^^

    Mrs Lew: is insert into ur vagina...
  46. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member

    summer peh,

    TQ for the instructions.

    wow ~ won the battle only use 1 time !
  47. poapoa

    poapoa New Member

    im ttc
    miscarriage before via IVF

    hwo does this preseed work..
    n bout how much isit/
  48. zsmdaddy

    zsmdaddy New Member

    Has anyone tried this CHOICE method to determine gender of baby?

    We came across this but not sure if should try it.

    Any advice?
  49. kwxy

    kwxy New Member

    YES...I conceived twice using preseed. 1st one mc at 7 weeks and now currently 4 weeks pregnant, after my MC 3 months later.

    Can be apply on husband but ideal to insert into yourself.

    Baby Dust to ALL!! [​IMG]
  50. movenpick

    movenpick Member

    Poa Rina,

    The Preseed cost around $36 at Guardian, and $3 cheaper at KKH. You need to insert the applicator with preseed inside your vagina.


    Did u use the new packaging with 9 applicators? Somehow I have prob inserting it to my vagina, so will apply on HB. The old packaging of 6 pre-filled preseed is easier to use, but I can't find it anywhere. Those who know places that sell old packaging, do let me know..

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