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! Anyone can share your antenatal & delivery package?

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by nelotte, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. nelotte

    nelotte Member


    I'm 29 weeks pregnant, currently with ACJ at TMC, they charge me $200+ each visit. Been there three times, they didnt tell me abt their package until I was 22 weeks. Their package is about $700+, only include scan, blood test and consultation. Not including vitamins. Found it a bit expensive.

    So, I'm just wondering if mommies here can help me by sharing ur packages and perhaps, ur delivery cost as well? Feel like changing gynae.


  2. athen

    athen Member


    I'm with Dr Adrian Woodworth from Thomson Women's Clinic. His package is $550 excluding GST. Package starts as early as week 4, includes routine ultrasound scan, consultation (unlimited visit), vitamins & flu medicine. Excludes hormone tab, highblood pressure & other non-routine medicine.

    Can't remember how much I spent on delivery cost as it was 4 yrs ago.
  3. olivegal77

    olivegal77 Member


    I am with WK Tan...from wc cheng Associates...her package is $2675 include delivery fees....and all consultation for the 10 mths....exclude supplements....

  4. felicitypoh

    felicitypoh Member


    I'm with Dr Adrian also. Yup, package is still $550+GST last year. Excludes the NT and detailed scan done at TMC @ 231.1. Fish Oil natal care plus is $30+GST

    But my delivery cost is at high side @2100+GST, cos emergency Cesarean. Normal delivery fee is $1000+GST if i'm not wrong.
  5. mystique_j

    mystique_j Member

    Hi, I'm with Dr Lawrence Ang from TMC but his clinic is at Sun Plaza. Antenatal package is also at $550 which includes consultations, ultrasounds at each visit, routine blood test and vitamins. Not included are Down test, FA scan and other additional tests as well as Fish Oil. Very similar charges as Dr Adrian.
  6. athen

    athen Member

    Hi Juliana,

    Dr Lawrence Ang & Dr Adrian are both under Thomson Women's Clinc. Thats why charges are the same. The only difference is both of them runs different clinics.

    Delivery charges is separate. Natural birth charges is cheaper than C-sect charges. More like A-la-carte. We pay for the service we require. I feel this is better than paying high fees which includes Ante-natal & delivery (same charge regardless of natural birth or C-sect).
  7. nelotte

    nelotte Member

    Hi, thanks for all the input!

    I actually prefer a female gynae.

    for olivegal: when was yours?
  8. chunmummy

    chunmummy Member

    i m with DR Lee Chee Wan.. he delivers both at thomson n mt A.. his package is $550 also.. include consultation, ultrascan(nt including the picture), 1 kind of vitamin... he is a very gentle doc.. nice guy.. his clinic is at china sq central..

    gd thing is.. he only charges for the operation that delivers my baby.. he wont charge both natural + c-sect like most doctors do... but i nt sure abt the hospital side.. ^.^
  9. joey_bee

    joey_bee New Member

    Hi, i also having my check up Thomson ACJ under Dr Caroline Khi... How about yrs? As i know different gynae over there have different charges.
  10. nelotte

    nelotte Member

    Hi Joey,

    I decided to stick with Caroline Khi, did try to ask around but a bit too late as now I am in my 31 weeks. Other gynae dont offer package anymore and have to pay pervisit. Well, what i can do is lessen the number of my appointments with Dr. Khi as I'm in a very tight budget.

    I think she is the cheapest in ACJ.

    How old is ur pregnancy?
  11. andrianie

    andrianie Member

    I am currently with Dr Cordelia Han from Raffles Hospital. Charges for package is $1000 from 20 weeks onwards.
    But her delivery charges will be $1500.
  12. neongoby

    neongoby Member

    I am with Dr HK Ho from Mt A. Package at $800 from week 20 onwards. Delivery fees at $1284.
  13. mamaprecious

    mamaprecious New Member

    I'm with Dr Poon KF at mount A too.. His prenatal visit cost $700 if I rem correctly. His clinic is at hougang ave 1.
    Very gentle and patient gynae.
    Think is delivery package is from $700 to $1200 for normal delivery.
    My sis just gave birth. total cash fork out is $1500. already deduct the subsidiary.
  14. coco69

    coco69 Member

    Anyone get antenatal package from 12 weeks onwards? Too late? The later the higher is the package costs? - cannot be right?
    I am stuck overseas, so can only get such packages when I return to Sg. By then it's about 12 weeks. Any risks?
  15. zing

    zing New Member

    Dear Mummies,

    Can i check if anybody here have good experience with their gynae to share or any recommended gynae from Mt A or TMC? I am staying around Toa Payoh.

    I am in my 5 weeks now but yet to visit a gynae. Hope to do some research before i commit to a gynae.

    All advise are appreciated. Thank you.
  16. chunmummy

    chunmummy Member

    zing u can try my gynae.. he is a soft spoken doctor but will answer ur qns n he always reassure me whenever i hv my doubts... he delivers both at Mt A n TMC.. i chose TMC..

    i find his package quite reasonable n i like the nurses there too.. very friendly.. his clinic is at china sq central.. cross st there...
  17. elisechow

    elisechow Active Member

    zing: there are baby and child clinic at amk central. you can go and try. but then, rem to do a pregnancy test first. the clinic will advise you on that. in the meantime, don't eat any unhealthy foods and drink cold stuff!
  18. slapurface

    slapurface Active Member

    Hi can I know the price u guys state includes the stay at hospital?? Is is a nett price??

    Eg.package $550+ and delivery $1000+ = to total cost of check up an deliveries expiring extra scans and extra fish oil??

    Thx !
  19. athen

    athen Member

    Hi slapurface,

    Are u referring to Dr Adrian's charges? Additional detail scans done at TMC is not included. Also exclude blood test on hcg level, high blood pressure med, diabetic med, hormone med & jab. Typically, he'll charge for those tests or medication which not all preg women need. This is only fair rite? His package also includes unlimited post natal check up ie up to your next preg. Of course, pap smear post delivery is excluded.
  20. elisechow

    elisechow Active Member

    slapurface, the prices that they comments EXCLUDES the stay at hospital. last year i stayed at TMC, i paid about 2 thousand over dollars, excluding my gynae fees. and also they also have a nursery package for your newborn.
  21. slapurface

    slapurface Active Member

    Huh!! Really ah?? I see from the paper after medisave If normal delivery no epi is about $800cash leh... Oh no...
  22. dodolee

    dodolee Member

    Hi slapurface, I think it's before gst also. N r u sure u'll be able to survive without epidural?

    Hehe, I'm with dr tc tan at KK. Each visit is about $50 excluding supp but he gave free supp occasionally n only visited him 10 times so ard $500?? During my delivery, I had to induce due to leek in water bag n afraid of infection. I couldn't dilate but dr tan was wonderful n didn't give up on me! I was in the delivery suit 3 days 2 nights n finally a natural birth. In the meantime, I had epidural, petidine n finally the 'laughing gas' to relieve pain. Finally stayed in a 4 bed ward for 2 days. After medisafe n stuff, paid abt $2k. Do take note that if there's any complications, KK is still the cheapest.
  23. alicia80

    alicia80 Member

    Hi Dodolee,
    we are same Dr TC Tan [​IMG]
    some of my friends also visited him n even myself also recommen my friends to see him. i think now he already promoted and the consultant fee increase, my #2 also look for him...
  24. miracle25

    miracle25 New Member

    hi, can anyone advice when do we start to go for check-up? some say 12 weeks some say 20 weeks? I'm in my week 6 now and was told by my GP to go for ultrasound on week 8.

    so when shld I sign a pkg? any good gynae to recommend? I'm staying in SK.
  25. 30012011

    30012011 Member

    hi miracle25, im also sourcing for the same info, hope we will get the replies soon..

    next week, im gg c my gynae, im also week 6 this week. All the best to u!
  26. huang_meifen

    huang_meifen Member

    I'm currently in my 19th week, visiting LN Sim at TMC.

    I went for a scan in wk 8 cos anytime earlier, u won't see much also. I only sign my package at wk 14 for $700 which includes basic consultation and ultrasound pics. Multi vits, fish oil n calcium is separate, abt $60+ per visit cos it's 1mth dosage. The nurse told me it will be mthly visit till 7th mth before I visit once every 3 weeks, den more frequently in the 8th n 9th mth.

    So far Doc LN Sim has been pretty professional, even though she has this serious look. Nurse are friendly also.
  27. clim73

    clim73 New Member

    I was with Dr Jocelyn Wong in ACJ Clinic at TMC with my 2 pregnancies & she terrible superb. She's full of TLC. My 1st pregnancy was with complication & she showered me with d attention n care tht I'm so thankful. My 2nd pregnancy was a smooth one but due to my history, she was very careful with me.
  28. catlibra

    catlibra New Member

    Hi there...

    anibody can tell me whats the total delivery charges like for dr khi...? and any mommies out there who have given birth and was under dr khi's care...can share..? both the charges of normal birth and c sect..? any complications...? dun mind breaking down for me after the medisave deduction etc...im giving birth soon in earli jan..so would roughly like to calculate the total charges needed to set aside...thanx... =)
  29. sghlynn

    sghlynn Member

    She's quite ex.. Now she doesn't even have pCkage anymore so each time $88 for consultation and $88 for ultrasound
    Plus everything else if needed
    So u end up easily paying close to $200 with supplements

    Charges for delivery is $3088-5088 with c section on the higher end.
    Her per ward visit is $300-400
    She's good N gentle but with the rising inflating prices I would personally look for another gynae if cost is a concern
  30. introvert521

    introvert521 Member

    I am with Dr. Joycelyn Wong also. Very pleased with our journey so far and she does not offer package anymore, so every time we go, we pay for follow-up consultation and ultrasound scan. With weekend surcharge, is slightly over $200.

    Seeing her again in 1 months' time and will need to pay a deposit of $1000 for her Dr's fee for delivery.
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  31. JXmangoXB

    JXmangoXB Member

    read till here
  32. Poshberries

    Poshberries Member

    Hi is Jocelyn Wong really good & patient? How's her charges like??
  33. introvert521

    introvert521 Member

    She is good and patient. Her consultation is $88, ultrasound another $88. Saturday $20 surcharge.

    Her deliver fee rang from $2688 to $3288. C-section a few hundred more. Ward visit is $300 to $400.
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  34. Poshberries

    Poshberries Member

    Wow seems like her charges are also quite reasonable. Really didn't expect this, especially when she is such a busy and renown gynae.
  35. introvert521

    introvert521 Member

    It's all that add up that make the bill big and is subjective. The consultation (10min there about) you need about 8-10 times. There are other scan/test that you might need depending on your age/choice. Emergency C-sect is another sum (can't remember how much). There is also hospital stay that you need to account for. Just to clarify, her ward visit is per trip that charge $300 to $400.

    Key is you must be comfortable with the doctor & hospital.
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