Anyone can recommend the best milk powder formula for pregnant woman?


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Hi all,

I am currently on enfamama and it's very lumpy despite putting only hot water. I can't drink up the whole glass, the lumpiness makes me puke. Luckily i only bought a small tin to try it out. Can anyone recommend me any better milk formula? Thanks in advance


I just bought Anmum Materna (chocolate flavour) yesterday. Have not try the milk but it's chocolate....chocolate is generally everybody's best friend!
I read some online reviews and most of the reviews are positive...Even those that dislike milk actually like drinking this.;)
Will drink it tonight and feedback the taste.

FYI, a blogger did a review on the various milk powder for pregnant mums...check it out:


I am drinking similac mum. Need to use room temperature water then it won't be lumpy. Personally I think anmum Materna chocolate flavor taste nicer haha but I have few free tins of similac mum from attending their seminar, so finishing them first. Maybe try to mix with room temperature and see whether u got better mixture :)


Ok!...I just tried the Anmum Materna chocolate milk....quite yummy.
Taste like a milder version of milo. I used slightly warmer than room temperature water to make the milk....the milk powder dissolves quite well, no lumps.


Similac is so-called the better milk cuz of the nutrients and also more exp. But I've tried friso sample and prefer it.