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Anybody bought irobot Roomba before?

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by ahblur, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. ahblur

    ahblur Active Member

    Anyone bought this automated vacumn cleaning robot before? Need feedback on this. Thanks [​IMG]


  2. sanngal

    sanngal New Member

    I bought my irobot roomba in Oct 07, find it very useful cos it will really pick up dust and hair.

    However, I have stopped using it after I'm pregnant, cos I have engaged part-time maid to clean up the house now. I'm actually planning to sell my irobot now. Let me know if you are keen. [​IMG]
  3. hweehwee

    hweehwee Active Member

    hi sanngal, there are a few models right? the one you have is just for dry vacumming? i thot i heard one for cleaning the kitchen too? can yours do that too? if yes, then i'm interested. [​IMG]
  4. sanngal

    sanngal New Member

  5. sanngal

    sanngal New Member

    forgot to mention - it's for dry vacumming only. [​IMG]
  6. ahblur

    ahblur Active Member

    tat day went to Courts to take a look. The salesguy dont recommend me irobot because he says the vacumn power is not very strong. Me still thinking if shld get it...cos its not a cheap investment too....[​IMG]
  7. abigailjoy

    abigailjoy Member

    hi, i happenned to browse through and saw this thread. I am currently using irobot roomba, bought from courts last dec. It's recommended by my friend. It is doing a great job for me at home. It's quite good and our floor is quite clean. The only trouble is the charging part coz every time, i have to charge for at least 6 hours b4 i can re-use it.
  8. ahblur

    ahblur Active Member

    charge for 6 hrs? Then can estimate vacumn for how many hrs? [​IMG]
  9. hammy_yaya

    hammy_yaya Member

    hi, we have been using irobot for YEARS! its really useful, though its only vacumn but cleans really well under beds, sofa, etc... sometimes i need to mop the floor only once a week
  10. ahblur

    ahblur Active Member

    using for years!!! wow....so far need to replace any parts or all still working well and good? [​IMG]
  11. foliage

    foliage New Member

    i hv been using irobot for both my house and my mum's house. its such wonderful piece of machine. mine's the one that auto dock back when it runs of of battery. On alternate days, i just on it and let it run just before i go off work. v helpful. No regrets.
  12. sarahteddy

    sarahteddy New Member

    Anyone is selling the Irobot? I am keeping chinchillas at home, so sometimes got fur-flying situation, need to vacuum constantly so that our parents won't nag at us about the fur.
  13. eniale

    eniale Active Member

    me too lookin for 1.. anyone letting go.. pls PM me.. thanks
  14. sanngal

    sanngal New Member

    hi sarahteddy & eniale, my irobot is still avail.. PM me if u r keen.. [​IMG]
  15. abigailjoy

    abigailjoy Member

    Sorry Celeste, sorry i lost this thread liao. When i first bought the irobot, i needed to charge it for 6 hours then it will run for 1.5 hours. But after i replaced the charger wth a new one, i only need to charge it for 2 hours and the battery indicator will turn green already. It can run for max 40 mins. I dun bother to change the battery coz i m ok wth 40 mins lor..
  16. dardar63

    dardar63 Active Member

    is courts still selling ? what about the scooba ? anyone tried ?
  17. yell0wp0wer

    yell0wp0wer Member

    Hi! I hardly use my irobot these days (out of pure laziness to charge it! also, I do have a part-time helper), it is the cherry red one, an early model, purchased in '06 at almost $400.

    It's in good condition. If anyone is keen to buy it, please let me know and I'll supply more details.
  18. dardar63

    dardar63 Active Member

    hi yell0wp0wer,
    I'm interested. what model is it ?? how much u wana sell it for ?
  19. curiousfroggy

    curiousfroggy Member

    is it still available... am interested... can you e-mail some details...


    sorry...not checking forum very often.

    Thank you.
  20. cecilathome

    cecilathome New Member

    Why not just buy it from internet? I bought mine from United States. A lot cheaper than getting it here. Buy 1 unit in US is equivalent to buying 2 units here.
  21. pildough

    pildough Member

    Hi Cecil,

    If we buy from overseas, we'd have to avoid our warranty options here right? Share your website and shipping details?

    I may get a 2nd hand one, i drop hair like crazy so i need the lil critter to pick up after me but i do my own thorough vacuuming and mopping once a week.

    Anyone who's selling, pm me!
  22. rugrats_pat

    rugrats_pat Member

    I have been using for irobot for 4 years now. I swear upon it and cant imagine without it as i stay beside the main road. You will be amazed what it can pick ups when you empty the bin. And I recommend only the irobot. Dont buy all the China copy cats they konk out within months. I bought mine through spree as the local distributor sells double the price. But there is no warranty when you bring it in from the states. However, the battery is very sensitive it needs to be change abt once a year (cost abt $100) since I use my irobot almost everyday. I am now on my second irobot. I believe average life time of irobot (depending of usage) is beteen 2 to 3 years. But as for the wet one, Scooba the problems starts after a year or so. So I will recommend a very basic model to do vacuming (since they dun last forever)

  23. simsl_sg

    simsl_sg Active Member

    i have been using roomba for a few years, really efficient to clean the house. Only changed the battery and wall unit once.

    Anyone has feedback on the scooba? Thanks
  24. planet

    planet Member

    Hello Pat, you bought your irobot from US? How do you charge it? Need to change the power plug or anything?
  25. makino

    makino Active Member


    you need to either buy a transformer or modify the adapter to fit our local voltage. I got mine modified by an ebay seller for $25.
  26. planet

    planet Member

    thanks tsukushi! i'll ask my friend to buy one from the US for me. will try and find someone to modify the adaptor! =)
  27. babyethan

    babyethan New Member

  28. planet

    planet Member

    Hi, i got my irobot 532! Very excited to start using it. Instead of modifying the adaptor, I'm gonna get a transformer instead. Understand I can get it from Mustafa. But which one should I get? Any difference in brand or wattage etc?

    Would appreciate any advice.
  29. robovac

    robovac New Member

  30. peachpicky

    peachpicky New Member

    My iRobot die on me and I got the replacement Filters (3 pcs in a box)to sell, letting go at $12 include postage, pm me if interested.
  31. pildough

    pildough Member

    Hi Wendy,

    pmed you [​IMG]
  32. pildough

    pildough Member

    I just bought mine, it is wonderful. The only icky part is cleaning the rollers, picking the hair out from the brushes and emptying the dust. But my husband need not walk on carpets of my hair anymore and i don't get so up tight when my little girl drops crumbs on the floor [​IMG]
  33. robovac

    robovac New Member

  34. bouncybouncy

    bouncybouncy New Member

    any feedback on scooba? Thanks
  35. robovac

    robovac New Member

    It would be better to run roomba or vacuum using conventional vacuum cleaner first before using scooba. Although scooba has a prep vacuum, it is not as effective as roomba. Roomba owner here can attest how much dust this little thing picks up even when operated daily.

    Hairs that get inside the scooba tank is difficult to remove and it will gives a lot of sensor problem in the long run. The tank is sealed and only a small little opening for you to empty the tank thus making it difficult to remove any debris inside it.

    It would be great if you can invest on both roomba & scooba. However if you were to choose only 1, I would strongly recommend a roomba as this robot is more autonomous. All you need is to do a little cleaning periodically as it can even schedule to run while you're working and returns to recharge itself upon completion. As for scooba, you had to prep it everytime, clean it after completion & recharge it yourself. More human intervention but this robot still does an amazing job freeing you to attend to your little one.
  36. robovac

    robovac New Member

    I also have a few used roomba for sale. Both the 400 series and even the latest 500 series. Interested parties can drop me a message using the contact form here: www.robovac.weebly.com
  37. planet

    planet Member

    hello barney! i just bought one earlier this year. for me, i find it useful because i have a cat, and i have long hair that drops everywhere. And they show up on my tiles very clearly. Having roomba means i no longer have to magiclean my floor twice a day. I can wake up in the morning and turn it on.. and in half an hr the house is hair free! and then on wkends i mop after Roomba is done sweeping. it's like having a helper do half the work. (unless u can count on your hubby to help!)

    another plus is that u can pre-programme it to start at certain time of the day.. so u can have it start cleaning half an hour before u reach home, so you can come back to a dust -free house! i havent figured out how to do that yet. :p

    but having said all that, the downside is the electricity. it takes like 4-5 hours to fully charge roomba. and each charge can probably last u about 1.5 to 2 rounds of cleaning max. i dunno how much electricity that consumes but 5 hours of charging sounds damn long! and my hubby always says.. roomba takes half an hour to sweep the house, u can do it in like ten minutes with the magiclean! heh. which is sort of true lar.

    so you weigh the pros and cons!
  38. irobotvac

    irobotvac New Member

    Hi barneybaby,

    I personally use iRobot 560 for 3 years. Still going strong and very robust. It is really good and I am happy that the floor is clean enough for my daughter to learn to walk now! Hurray!

    It gives me more time to relax, though I will still mop the floor twice a week.

    So effective is iRobot cleaner that I have online store that you may like to check it out.


  39. babypooh

    babypooh Member

    I am interested to get the irobot, anyone has it to sell? thk
    email: ngemily@yahoo.com
  40. irobotvac

    irobotvac New Member

  41. autovacstore

    autovacstore New Member

  42. pizza

    pizza New Member

    Hi, I've read that the Roomba needs to be kept charging on the Homebase even when not in use. Wouldn't that cause the electricity bill to increase? Can anyone enlighten me on this? Thanks.
  43. reenal

    reenal New Member


    I'm looking for the scooba 330. Anyone selling it? and any reviews on it?
  44. autovacstore

    autovacstore New Member

    Pizza: If you schedule it to run daily, you may need to charge it quite often. After charge you can actually off the power switch and switch it on when the scheduling time is about to reach.

    The Roomba uses relatively low power (33W per hour)

    Do the calculation and you will understand that it is actually ok saving the time you use in manual vacuuming.
  45. autovacstore

    autovacstore New Member

    Hi Reen (Reenal)

    Scooba 330 has recently stop production and I believe it will quite difficult to find one. Why not consider a 380, improved version and leaves the floor drier, covers a bigger area too.

    Price wise almost the same.
    Visit us at http://autovacstore.com
  46. autovacstore

    autovacstore New Member


    Neato XV-11 100% Authentic going for only $599

    Only at http://Autovacstore.com

    What's in the Box

    * Neato XV-11 robot vacuum
    * charging base
    * power adapter(110 to 240V ready)
    * Magnetic boundary markers (15 ft)
    * filter replacement package (1 extra)
    * quick start guide, user guide

    * *6 months warranty (6mths on battery)
    * Sealed box in excellent condition
    * Free delivery, Installation, demonstration and maintenance tips
  47. sesksc_grace

    sesksc_grace New Member

    Do you have latest IRobot Roomba 780 ? How much? pls pm me
  48. autovacstore

    autovacstore New Member

    Hi grace, I don't carry Roomba 700 series. Not sure about the price
  49. autovacstore

    autovacstore New Member

  50. firstchild

    firstchild New Member

    Anybody using samsung robot vacumn which works like irobot?

    I'm considering between irobot and samsung brand.

    Which model (any brand) will you recommend?

    thanks to share!

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