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Any1 noes where to buy rice wine?

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by babystarlet, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. babystarlet

    babystarlet Member

    Hi,need some advises,
    any 1 noes where to buy gluntinous rice wine and ginger wine?for confinement uses

  2. bel_vodka

    bel_vodka Well-Known Member

    hi babystarlet
    rice wine is normally people home-made one..den sell out. 1 bottle shd be ard $16 or what.(if im not wrong)
  3. babystarlet

    babystarlet Member

    thanks queenie.
    any idea where to get ginger wine?
  4. helloagain

    helloagain Member

    i just use rice wine from the market to use for confinement.. if i am not wrong, Eu Ren Shen has ginger wine
  5. ribenagr8s

    ribenagr8s Member

  6. cczyan

    cczyan New Member

    You may get the glutinous wine at Yue Hwa (in Chinatown). The rice wine is home-made, email me to get contact.
  7. green_kiwi

    green_kiwi New Member

    do u still need rice wine. I have 2 bots of spare home-made rice wine (untouched) cos my mum bought too many. I gv birth in Sept 08. I can give them to you if u don't mind picking it up at my place. PM me if you keen.
  8. koala75

    koala75 Member

    Hi green kiwi,

    My EDD is early March 09 and looking for rice wine. May I know your rice wine is for cooking purpose or for washing hands, etc? Tried to PM you but not able to.

    Pls PM me as I don't come in this thread v often. Thanks.
  9. green_kiwi

    green_kiwi New Member

    Hi Koala,

    mine is for cooking[​IMG] PM u already.
  10. green_kiwi

    green_kiwi New Member

    Hi Koala,

    mine is for cooking[​IMG] PM u already.
  11. maydazed

    maydazed New Member

    Hi Christina,

    I tried to email you but you do not accept PM. Would appreciate it if you could give me the contact fot the purchase of glutinous wine at Chinatown. Thanks!
  12. dolphingal

    dolphingal Member


    my mum make rice wine.. let me know if u gals wanna get any.. =) cheers
  13. towkua

    towkua Member


    I make rice wine. Just harvested yesterday. Interested? Pm me.
  14. musicbox

    musicbox Member

    I bought my rice wine from an old lady in TPY, very nice, even my confinement lady wants to order.
    $18 per bottle with herbs
    $12 per bottle without herbs
    The wine is very pure without water added
    PM me if interested
  15. yschua

    yschua Member

    hi towkua ,

    I am kind , please kindly PM me your contact


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