Any Success stories with Myo-Inositol/IUI? Tips for TTC


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Hi! I have been TTC for 2 years. Last year I went for fertility checkup and the doctor said that there is nothing wrong with me and my husband except that I have mild pcos. I was on letrozole for 6 cycles with no success. Now the doctor suggested us to go for IUI. Actually I was hoping that I could get pregnant naturally since it is hard for us to keep going for the appointment. I'm currently taking folic acid,vitamin D and myo-inositol. Anyone would like to share their success stories regarding the supplement or IUI?
I consulted doctor anupriya in mount Elizabeth. I was so trusting that she will help for my infertility. We did 2 rounds iui and unsuccessful. She told in the beginning I have PCOS issue and might need surgery. Then 2 iui done and unsuccessful. Suddenly she told that in private surgery is expensive go to KKH or NUH. I was real upset as I wasted my money and time. Feeling helpless. Please help to suggest gynae in kkh, who can treat my PCOS and help in conceiving.