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Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by puretulips, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. puretulips

    puretulips Member

    I'm a SAHMTB and I wish to get to know more MTBs or SAHMTBs to share their experiences, woes, etc.

  2. poo_power

    poo_power New Member

    Hi Puretulips
    I jus gave birth to a baby boy (Jan 15) and my situation was similar to yours. Besides financial concerns, i second that SAHMTB is one of the best! I firmly believe that due to me not being so stressful, my baby is now more relaxed and happy ... Moreover, i could monitor his every "movements" while he was inside of me ... it is jus so fun n rewarding [​IMG] After looking after baby for about two months, i feel that i made the RIGHT choice in quitting my job and if possible, i hope to do so till he is about 18mths (thereafter to go to half/full day child care)
    So, whereabouts are you staying ? Is this your first baby? When will you be due? Do take care and happy being a mummy [​IMG]
  3. puretulips

    puretulips Member

    Hi Poo Power,
    Congrats to the arrival of your baby boy! You must be busy taking care of your baby boy now huh? Are you managing it by yrself or do you have additional help from yr mum / MIL? Actually, I'm not too sure if I can take care of my baby alone but I try not to think too much since I'm only due in June. It's good to know that you're enjoying every moment with your baby cos taking care of baby is no easy job. Maybe can get tips from you when my baby's out. ;-) I'm staying in Yishun. How about you? Ya, this is my first pregnancy and a difficult one. Had severe morning sickness till nearly 4 months. Even though now my MS has subsided, I do experience depression at times. Maybe too much free time and didn't know what to do. So how did you spend your time when you were pregnant?
  4. kileina

    kileina Member

  5. puretulips

    puretulips Member

    Hi tinklebell,
    Thanks for the invitation.Will take alook at the other thread ;-). My due date is slightly later than yours, 27 June 07. My hospital is at TMC. Was contemplating between Mt A. and TMC but eventually chose TMC. ;-) So now you shld be in yr 3rd trim, right? I guess must be more tiring huh? I'm already feeling exhausted everyday cos I experience occassional heartburn and have difficulties sleeping. Can't imagine when I'm in my 3rd trim which is quite soon.... SIGH! BTW, where are you staying?
  6. poo_power

    poo_power New Member

    Hi Pure Tulips
    Nice to hear from you. Personally, i feel that No amount of reading or networking can ever prepare you for motherhood till you experience it yourself ... in the first month esp, it was real tough and i think i had mini post natal depression - crying almost every other day [​IMG] But now, i am enjoying every minute of it - esp spending time with my baby (Alexander)
    When i realised i was pregnant, i shifted back to my parents place to stay - so, first half of the day is rest time, afternoon is networking/ prayers/reading and night time is spending time with husband ...
    Are you home alone? Met up with your friends? I read in other thread that you quit your job due to health reasons (hope you are feeling better now) Just wondering why are you depress? Is your husband supportive / caring / understanding? Is your baby healthy? Or do you have other concerns that led you to feeling "sad". I am staying at Yew Tee. You will be in your 3rd trimster soon - must remember to rest and relax. Its all in the mind. Most important is you must think positive and be happy ... i am sure you will be an excellent mum. Currently, my mother in law is helping out and in the first month, it would be good if you can get all the help you need.
  7. puretulips

    puretulips Member

    Hi Poo Power,
    Ya, I must agree with you that theory is always different from real life situations. What we read from books or magazines can only serve as reference. I used to go back to my parent's place in Yew Tee when I was in my first trimester but decided to stop as my 2 nieces and nephew are too rowdy and I hardly get any rest when I'm there. Now I'm always home alone and probably too much free time that's why sometimes slip into depression. My friends are all working so only meet them occasionally. I'm actually thinking of taking up some courses to keep me occupy. Will prob see if there's any interesting courses at the cc near my plc. I'm quite fortunate that hubby is very understanding and supportive. He always tries to take breakfast with me almost everyday and comes back earlier to keep me company ;-)

    I'm generally quite weak and very prone to gastric especially under stress hence I decided to quit my job. I just recovered from viral infection and was hospitalised because I kept vomiting and having diarrhea. My immunity is quite low so when I'm in contact with sick people, I'll most likely kena the virus. SIGH! I'm blessed that my baby girl is healthy and growing strongly! I have engaged a confinement lady to help me during the 1st mth but I hope my MIL can help me in the subsequent months till I feel more confident to take care of bb myself.;-)
    BTW, which hospital did you deliver your bb? Is yours natural birth / c-section?
  8. poo_power

    poo_power New Member

    Hi Puretulips
    I do agree tat home alone tends to be very lonely - tat is why i made the decision to go back to my parents place but more importantly so that there will be someone around in case anything should happen to me. Have you consider going back to your parents place twice/thrice a week? Of course you only go back if it helps - no point going there when in the end, you feel more stress! But hey, so far, you are managing well n there is about 3 more months to go before you will get really really really busy with baby!
    Glad to hear that your baby girl is healthy n strong. Current baby weight?
    For first month, MIL was staying at my place everyday but recently, she's here from Mon-Thu. This is good because i can slowly learn how to take care of baby n eventually, be fully confident ... but so far, still learning - it is never ending but it will get easier as days passes by!
    I delivered baby at KKH and via C Section - baby weight 3.8kg at birth. Which doc are you seeing at TMC? i have a friend who jus delivered there !By the way, have you done your shopping for baby stuff? Before you get really really tired in the final months, it is good to prepare beforehand [​IMG] There is a baby fair at Taka (25/3 last day) but not everything there is cheap - got to do some comparisons. Intend to breastfeed? Will keep you in my prayers [​IMG]
  9. puretulips

    puretulips Member

    Hi Poo Power,
    I went back once after CNY but caught the flu virus from the kids so decided it's better to stay at home. Moreover, I really feel more stress when I'm there so no point gg back. Oh ya, talking about baby stuff, there's a little tots fair at Isetan and ya, Taka. Will prob drop by one of these days before I'm too tired to go out. ;-) Been experiencing insomia for this whole week and merely had 2-3hrs of sleep everyday. *YAWN*.......can't imagine when I'm in the 3rd trim. I intend to breastfeed my baby provided I have sufficient milk for her. ;-) How abt you?

    Wow, 3.8kg your baby must be strong and sturdy! Hm...you must be highly favoured by our heavenly father! What food did you eat when you were pregnant? My baby weighs 535g during my visit to gynae last month and I was only in my 22wks then. Can't wait for my next visit next Sat. My gynae is Dr. Hii Hoi Chin but his clinic is not at TMC. I used to go to Dr. Joycelyn Wong at TMC but due to my morning sickness I decided to go to Dr. Hii as his clinic is just 5mins away from home!

    I must say your MIL is really very nice to help you out cos some of the MILs don't wanna take on the responsibility. But I think you should be able to manage yourself in no time! We'll continue to pray for our little babies ya! God Bless!
  10. poo_power

    poo_power New Member

    Hi Puretuplips
    It seems that we are the only one using this thread - exclusive use huh [​IMG]
    Do you have a SCV at home? It might keep you occupied! You can subscribe to your fav programmes,if not, watching those documentaries would also help!
    Basically, i rested a lot when i was pregnant. I managed to get at least 12 hrs of sleep - most impt is i told myself to be relax so i will have a happy baby [​IMG] Food wise, i am not the tonic person - but rather i am a "potato" person. Since i went abroad to study, i have been eating more potato than rice ... Also, my husband is generally big size , so baby takes after him

    My baby about 900g at week 22 but shot up to 1.6kg one month later ... so lets see what your baby weight next sat

    I been to Taka baby fair - not everything is cheap - need to compare prices though. Thought of popping by Isetan sometime this weekend. But baby jus had his jab, so got to monitor in case he gets fever ...

    I do agree that MIL help is good but sometimes, too much interference can be conflicting ... if your MIL cannot help, how about a nanny to help out - esp the 1st three months

    Will continue to keep u n baby (n not fogetting your husband too!) in my prayers. By the way, are you a Christian? I am a born Catholic. Take care
  11. newborn_mmy

    newborn_mmy Member

    hi poopower + puretulips

    i am not a SAHM, so not sure whether i shld come into this thread . [​IMG] i am FTW-mtb and i am due in earlyMay . currently in my 32wk. i had bad MS up till almost 5th mth- was v depressed cos of all the MS + coping with wk ( i was det to stick thru my job ). my hb and me are both catholics and i must say a supportive/understdg hb is a HUGE blessing. Now i am closing in on my EDD but bb's wt still a worry to me as well. at 31wk, she was only 1.55 kg. After bb comes, PIL will be takg care of bb- but me+hb alr hv plans for me to stop wk and try being a SAHM.
    can any of u tell me wat to expect if i decide to be a SAHM? i am apprehensive abt this arrngemt at the moment ......[​IMG]
  12. puretulips

    puretulips Member

    Hi Poo Power,
    I was planning to go Isetan scotts yesterday after I had lunch with my x-colleagues but ended up so tired and lazy, so headed home to rest [​IMG]. I probably go check out next wk and let you know if there's anything worth buying. [​IMG] I wish I can have 12hrs of sleep too but nowadays I am only able to sleep about 5-6hrs max. Sigh!Hey, I also ate lotsa potatoes cos I started craving for it since the day I'm pregnant but don't know why baby still so small. Hmm...hopefully her weight doubles next week. I'll have to discuss with my hubby to see if my MIL can come during the days she's not working otherwise we may have to extend the stay of our confinement lady to help me out till I'm more confident to cope by myself. I'm a Christian but my hubby is a Taoist. I can only pray that one day through God's grace, my hubby will accept Christ as his saviour. [​IMG]
  13. puretulips

    puretulips Member

    Hi Newborn mmy,
    Nice to have you join us in this thread. I can understand what you went through for the 1st 5months cos I also experience severe MS during my 1st 4 months. But Thank God we are over that phase. You still have another 1mth+ more to go before your EDD so keep it up![​IMG] Did your gynae raise any concerns about your baby's weight? For my case, my gynae told me my baby's weight is within the acceptable range even though it's slightly smaller. Don't worry, keep on praying and I'm sure our heavenly father will blessed us with a strong and healthy baby. BTW, are you having a baby boy or girl? Which hosp will you be delivering? Regarding your question on what to expect as a SAHM, I think Poo Power will be in a better position to advise you since she's already a SAHM. However, it'll be good if you can get all the help that you need during the first 3-4mths. Once you're more confident to cope by yrself, everything will be smooth sailing.
  14. poo_power

    poo_power New Member

    Hi Puretulips
    Feeling better after meeting your x-colleague? You will feel tired but it would be good to go out n get some fresh air. Moroever, time passes by faster when you are occupied.But remember not to overstrain yourself. Rest if you must!
    Glad to hear that your husband spending time with you - at this moment (n later months) spousal support is crucial n impt. With their support, you can concentrate on looking after yourself n baby
    Heartburn n insomia is normal. Try to eat small quantities but more often - it might help to reduce heartburn. As for insomia, guess God is giving you a "chance" to talk to him more often. Continue to pray to him - he understands n knows wat u r going thro.
    Initially, i tried to breastfeed baby but it aint easy n MIL heart pain when he cries ... so i got no choice but to express my milk. Currently, he is on 95%BM n 5% FM. But most of the time, baby on 100%BM. I heard that some babies can latch on easily but others take quite a while. So, have your mind set on breastfeeding i am sure u will succeed. But must relax to have enough milk!
    BTW, how did u manage to find your confinement lady? Is it from this forum or recommended?
    Being a Christian, you should know tat God will never give u more than u can handle - continue to seek his guidance n he will show u the way. I converted my husband before we got married - so as to avoid any future conflicts. Thro' god grace, i too hope tat your husband will accept Christ!
    Take care n keep in touch
  15. poo_power

    poo_power New Member

    Hi newborn mmy
    U r most welcome to this thread n hopefully u will join our "ranks" ... i am a firm believer n supporter of SAHM.
    Of course there are constraints esp financially but i guess, it depends on the lifestyle - have to cut down on holiday trips, eating at hotels, buying luxury items etc etc but all in all, it is worth it. With me not working, i can channel all my energy n time to baby. However, if i have to work, then i will need to split my time n sometimes it can be real frustrating!!! What is material wealth as compared to God giving us a miracle (ie: our baby)?
    Hey, what did dco say about your baby? I have friends whose baby are similar weight to your baby. Most impt, baby is healthy!
    BTW , where are you staying n which church r u attending? Continue to pray to the Lord to guide your decision to be a SAHM. But at the moment, its good that you still can decide whether to be a SAHM ... 3 months maternity is a good way to gauge whether u would like to continue to stay at home to look after baby. Take care
  16. tennisbaby

    tennisbaby New Member

    hi gals,

    hope u dun mind me joining in your discussion as well ... i'm coming to the end of my maternity leave and thinking whether to become a SAHM. On one hand, I really wanna stay at home and spend time with my baby ger, on the other hand, there is the financial aspect to think about ... sigh ...
  17. kileina

    kileina Member

    hey pure tulips, i'm back to join u ladies! i stay in bt merah/tiong bahru area, pretty far from where u stay. read that u are also getting a CL. i just confirmed mine with an agency. took a long time to decide on it bec of the high cost. for a while i was contemplating to go through the confinement myself but many pp advised me against it since neither my mom or mil is able to help out.

    poo power (hehe... cute name!), my bb only weighed 900g in week 27 while yours was 900g in week 22 already. now that got me worried. my own weight gain seem to be a little high though, gained 9kg in total up to 27th wk. doesn't seem proportionate to the bb's growth. i've been taking lotsa hi-fibre food and water ever since i developed constipation fr the iron pills i need to take. but my appetite seems erratic, at times i can skip lunch totally which i know is not gd for the bb. and my piles is taking a long time to subside. argh!

    so did anyone go to the isetan bb fair eventually? how abt the metro expo sale? hope i didn't miss out anything.
  18. newborn_mmy

    newborn_mmy Member

    Hi puretulips
    yes, God's grace was wat pulled me thru those 'dark' days of ms [​IMG]. i still tear when i think of those days.i am expctg a girl (u as well rite?) [​IMG]. my gynae is in glenE- dr chanKH. gynae said bb is doing fine-tho on the small side. i also pray tt one day soon, yr DH will accept Christ as his Saviour!

    hi poo power
    thks for the welcome! i am stayg in river valley. parish is st iggy. i guess uppermost on my fears of being a SAHM are expenses and whethr we can cope.

    i worse than u, gained almost 10 kg by 20 wk - was paranoid tt bb was on the 'small side' [​IMG]

    i also share ur concerns regarding being a SAHM. [​IMG]
  19. puretulips

    puretulips Member

    Hi Poo Power,
    Thanks. Definitely feeling much better now [​IMG]. I'm all out for breastfeeding and currently researching on the diff brands of breastpump. Rather confused now as I do not know if I should choose a manual / electric one. [​IMG]Tried asking friends but diff ppl has diff preference. Which pump are you using? My confinement lady is recommended thru hubby's friend. I've seen her and feels comfortable with her. Thks, I will cont'd to pray for my hubby.

    Hi Jamie, welcome to this thread. It'll be gd if you can be a SAHM as you'll be able to spend quality time with your bb and helps build up the bonding which is crucial during the 1st few years. Why don't you discuss and work it out with your hubby?

    Hi Tinklebell,
    Glad that you have engaged a CL. You'll need plenty of help during confinement so that you'll have time to rest and take care of bb. I'm also in the same situation as you and am considering if I shld extend the stay of my CL if I still dn't feel confident taking care of bb when she leaves. Hey, it's ok to put on 9kg when you're already in wk 27 cos I've also piled on 9kg but I'm only in my wk 26.

    Hi Newborn_mmy, yes I'm also expecting a girl girl. We'll cont'd to pray for our bb as well as a smooth sailing journey towards labour. God Bless!

    BTW ladies, I went to Isetan little tot's fair but was quite disappointed. Didn't buy anything eventually. Went to Taka bb's fair and found more things compared to Isetan. Bgt 6 sets of bb clothings and other stuff. [​IMG]
  20. poo_power

    poo_power New Member

    Hi Puretulips
    i feel so proud that there are more n more people joining in this discussion... finally we do not feel so lonely ... hahaha! cheers to you for starting this thread!
    Currently, i am using Medela pump electric - so far so good!

    Hi Jamie
    Welcome to the group. If financially, you can afford (then again, it depends on how you define this term), it would be great to stay at home but of course the downside is financially n whether can we fit into society should we decide to rejoin the workforce.
    But to me, baby is priority n i will never regret the decision i make. You must really consider carefully because should u feel stress when looking after baby, you might regret quitting your job. Should you decide to be a SAHM, think carefully n jus accept whatever circumstances that comes your way. Your husband too need to support your decision because it is never advisable to quarrel over $$$$$

    Hi tinklebell
    Sorry that i got you worried! my baby weight cannot be compared because he is generally BIG. Most important baby n mummy healthy!
    Based on experience, it is definitely more advisable to seek as much help as possible during confinement. Trust me, the money will be well spent ... as it is , our bodies are going thro changes (esp mood swings n emotions) after giving birth, it will not be easy trying to look after yourself n baby. Dont forget, this is a "marathon" race ... When your well being is taken care of, you will be happier n thus, your baby will also be happy - it is a cycle [​IMG]
    If possible, do not skip any meal ... if not hungry, still must eat a little - e.g. bread with milo ... do not forget, baby is taking nutrients from you
  21. kileina

    kileina Member

    Hee, thanks poopower for your encouragement. I have been trying to take smaller meals like yogurt even though i have no appetite. I hope that helps. Where was your delivery at and how was it? Are u taking care of Alexander on your own now? I'm beginning to feel nervous now as i see my tummy growing in size day by day. Now my body is also retaining water, with symptoms like "elephant feet". Already all my slip-ons feeling tighter.

    Puretulips, how's your prep for the arrival of your bb coming along? I think i shd be almost done with the bigger tic items and some necessities. But i'm not sure if i shd buy milk powder (infant formula) as well since i wanna bf. Also trying to research on which diaper is better for the 1st few mths and also nursing tools like breast pad and pumps and nursing bra, etc., and even which sanitary pad is better for post-natal. There are so much things to think abt! Maybe poopower can give us some advice?

    Newborn, not sure if the weight is any indicator of under-development for the foetus but is there a diff in the weight between boy and gal cos i am expecting a boy? I really hope my bb's weight is not due to me eating small meals. Actually i wld really hope to have a gal as well, it seems like bb girl is rare in this golden pig year. Most of the friends around me are expecting a boy with maybe 1 outta 5 having a gal. Anyway, it is gd that u cld stick thru your job if u can cope. Ccan u imagine how much from the ML you'll lose out, unlike me? To Jamie as well - I wish i am still working now actually, although part of me also feel blessed that i cld take a break during my preg. But once i thought of the hefty investment for starting a family, i inevitably feel down. So i do hope to return to the workforce after i give birth, but also subject to the development of my bb and whether i cld find a reliable care-taker. However, if i can pull thru financially, i'll definitely love to become a tai-tai and nurture my bb on my own! Haha...
  22. puretulips

    puretulips Member

    Hi Poo Power, ya, it's great to have more people sharing their views / experiences. At least now I dn't feel lost and lonely anymore. [​IMG]

    Hi Tinklebell, I've yet to get most of the stuff. Only started buying some bb clothings on Monday at Taka Fair. Will start to buy the bulky items like bb cot, etc soon. Oh boy, now that you mentioned, there seems to be alot of stuff to buy!! I think we should buy a tin of milk powder just in case if we do not hv sufficient breastmilk. (Cross my fingers) Ya, maybe Poo Power can share her experiences with us. BTW, my friend just forward me a checklist of items to prepare for the arrival of our bb. If you want, I can post it up for u. Hmm... think we should try to get all our stuff ready before our tummy gets too big for us to move around.
  23. kileina

    kileina Member

    Hey tulips, as i'm very kiasu and budget-conscious, i actually started hunting for the items a couple of mths back (since i've loads of time anyway). You're right, we shd exchange as much info among ourselves as possible. I have a few websites that i chanced upon with a checklist of items for bb and mummy. Here they are:

    There's also a list i downloaded from somewhere (i can't remember) attached here.
    <center><table border=1><tr><td>[​IMG]Bb and Mummy Shopping List
    shopping list.xls (21.5 k)</td></tr></table></center>

    Hope it helps!
  24. kileina

    kileina Member

    Tulips dear, may i have your email pls? There is one more website which is not allowed to be posted in this forum which i'd like to email to u. You can find a lot of tips from 1st-time parents in there.
  25. tennisbaby

    tennisbaby New Member

    tks everyone for warmly accepting us into this thread.

    I've observed frens who leave their babies to their maids and mums who stay home to look after their babies. To me, there is a distinct difference in the srowth and development of these babies. My hubby is supportive of me being a SAHM but he was suggesting maybe if I want, should try to continue working until our second kid, which we are planning for in another 1.5-2 years time. still thinking very hard ... told myself maybe go back to work first and see how i feel before making a decision.
  26. poo_power

    poo_power New Member

    Hi tinklebell
    i delivered @ KKH. On doc advise, i delivered via C-Section (C/S). I read in the books tat because i am not tall (which indicates the pelvic size) n baby big, i will need to go thro C/S. Initially, i had reservations but come to think of it, it aint tat bad after all!
    Went into delivery suite about 8 plus n was out by 12 plus. I took epidural during the process, so i was half awake. The best is when the nurse told me tat doc is taking the baby out n the next thing i heard was "Wahhhhh" n it was very loud. This is the most relieve moment ... yeaaah, baby is finally out. Then after cleaning baby, they brought him to me n i say "hello baby, welcome to the world". Thereafter, they push me to post delivery suite for observation. When everything ok, they transfer me to the ward. On the 2nd day, i managed to get up n walk round the ward ...

    My MIL is currently helping out. How about you? Tummy growing means baby growing well. Aren't u excited? You can try buying Scholl Massage shoes. Have been wearing since pregnant till now n the sole is still in good condition.

    By all means, do bf but Have to buy formula for standby. Initially, baby drank Friso but he does not seem to like it. Then we change to Enfalac but my husband find the milk tasted like metal. And now, he is feeding on NAN. But he is on 95%BM n 5%FM

    As for diaper, been using a variety too. Trying to see which type baby is most comfty with. Pet Pet S size is too small for baby but S size Pigeon is ok. So, really depends on baby preference n size/weight.
    I am using Pigeon breast pads (tried others but not so good ..) Now, Taka having sale.
    Nursing bra - bought the ones at Mothercare (wireless) but i find tat it is not as good as Max-Kool - from Kiddy Palace

    When i gave birth, there were actually 12 boys n only 3 girls in the nursery .... somehow, this generation seems to have more boys. My generation, i understand tat it is 2 girls to 1 boy ...

    If financially, i too can afford, i hope to be able to look after bb till he is about 18 months old - then will place him in child care ....
  27. puretulips

    puretulips Member

    Hi Tinklebell,
    Wow, thanks for all the info. [​IMG] The list looks similar to mine. Seems like there's so much things to buy.......BTW, have you decided on which brand of breastpump? I'm thinking of either medela electric / Avent ISIS. My email add is puretulips@yahoo.com.sg.

    Hi Jamie, yes there's definitely a great diff when you take care of your bb yourself and leaving it to the hands of maid / grandparents. Personally I think it's quite important to inculcate the right values to the 1st child so that you'll face less problems when you have your 2nd one. As you know, kids like to emulate others especially their elder siblings so how the 1st child behaves, your 2nd and the 3rd one will likely to follow. Like my 2 nieces and nephew, they are taken care of by my parents hence they have picked up some bad habits from them which is inevitable. Moreoever, grandparents tend to over pamper and always let them get what they want. So it's good that you can consider to become a SAHM but since this is a major decision it's good to think through to avoid any regrets. [​IMG]
  28. poo_power

    poo_power New Member

    Hi Puretulips

    So, how have you been? Have you been to Baby Hyperstore & Baby Kingdom @ Eunos? Bought my baby cot from there !

    If you intending to get the single medela electric,KKH having offer @ $135. I find it rather good but a little noisy - like lawn mowing. The bottle size is same as pigeon bottle. I actually bought the Newborn Avent bottle set but each time baby drink, it leaked. So i change to Pigeon bottle - so far so good. Do take care
  29. puretulips

    puretulips Member

    Hi Poo Power,
    This week passed like a breeze. Thank God! I just went to Baby Hyperstore last nite and bgt the pram and cot. Didn't know that pram can be so expensive! I've yet to get the carseat though thought can buy at later stage. Didn't know there's another shop beside Hyperstore, so didn't checkout Baby Kingdom. I believe the price should be similar? As for the breastpump, I think I'll check with Mrs Wong Boh Boi since now I'm attending her antenatal class. Anyone attending her class too? I thought Avent bottle should be quite gd? Anyway I'll try out this new brand, Dr. Brown which is a free gift from Baby Hyperstore. According to the sales staff, she said this is better than Avent.
  30. kileina

    kileina Member

    Hey tulips, so u are attending the TMC antenatal course too! I'm also attending it every Thu, 7pm. When is your class? I am also getting Dr Brown's bottle that is claimed to reduce colic. However i read from this forum and also heard from friends who use it complained abt the hassle of cleaning the bottle as every ring and every part has to be dissembled and cleansed. Hence if u're pressed for time, it can become rather frustrating. Nevertheless i'll try out both Dr Brown's and Avent (since we got it complimentary from the antenatal class). Do u know whether this bottle is suitable for infants as there are a variety of milk bottles, from narrow to wide-necked?

    How much did u buy your pram for? I intend to get this later as i don't think we need until we need to bring the bb out. Even so, i bought a MIM sarong sling carrier with the intention to cradle carry him during the 1st stage. Do u mind a pre-loved car seat as a friend of mine is selling hers? It is suitable for 0-18kg. She's selling it at $80 which is very affordable for car seats that can last until toddler age and the cover is removable for washing. The condition is good too. I will be using an infant car seat/rocker first before upgrading as it is after all a regulation in S'pore for cars to have a car seat if they are carrying children.

    How do u get to BB Hyperstore or Kingdom? So they give Dr Brown's bottle as a free gift? I may wanna go down one of these weekends. Is it worth the trip? U can also try Mothercare at Suntec that is having a relocation sale until 15 Apr.

    Enjoy the weekend all the princesses!
  31. poo_power

    poo_power New Member

    Hi Puretulips
    Glad to hear tat you had a good week ... guess our baby cot should be the same - so, which colour did you choose? Come to think of it, the free bottle that they gave is still in baby's drawer - maybe i should try using it ...
    So, which stroller did you purchase?

    I went to both BH & BK - in the end, purchase from BH because of their service. Pricing wise, BK seems to be competitive but their service cannot make it!

    I too yet to get a car seat. Any brand you looking at? I saw Britax @ BK/Mothercare but price is very steep - so, still considering! Currently, i am using an infant car seat (passed to me by my cousin) and I bought additional 'total head&neck support' for baby to make his ride more comfty.

    So any plans for next week? I was thinking of going to Giant @ Tampines ... and might pop by my mother's place too

    Do enjoy your antenatal course n take care [​IMG]
  32. puretulips

    puretulips Member

    Hi Hi Tinklebell, glad to know you're also attending the antenatal class. I'm attending the Sat's class and it's really very crowded! I think there are around 25-30 couples in my class. I believe the wkday classes are less crowded and much more conducive. BTW, I've asked Mrs Wong about breastpumps and she advised me not to buy till my baby is born. It's better to try out before we purchase one. As for the nursing bra, she said that it's better to get it after delivery as our breasts may become a few cups bigger. According to her, she said that we can ask the nurse to take our measurement after delivery and purchase the bras from parentcraft. Not sure how effective is Dr. Brown's feeding bottles but will give it a try anyway. I may also get avent bottles as I intend to get the steriliser. Don't think Dr. Brown has steriliser so may need to sterilise the bottles using hot boiling water. I think it'll be better to get the wide neck bottles so that you don't create a mess when preparing formula milk for baby. I got the complimentary Dr. Brown bottle when buying the cot. As for the pram, I bgt the Maclaren quest sport which cost $390 after 15% disc. It's not very heavy and very easy to maneuver. My friend has recommended maxi cosi car seats so I'll most likely go back to baby hyperstore to check it out. The shop is located at Kaki Bukit Ave 1, Shun Li Industrial park. My hubby drove there and I'm not familiar with the route so can't advise you. [​IMG] The shop have a wide range of baby strollers and car seats so no harm gg down to take alook. Their sales staff can also provide advise and recommend the model according to yr needs. [​IMG]
  33. puretulips

    puretulips Member

    Hi Poo Power, I wanted to get the white col. cot but the sales staff advise that it may turn yellowish in our weather so eventually chose the lightest wood col. Ya, u should try out the Dr. Brown's bottle and see if it's really gd as compared to the current one that you're using. My friend recommended Maxi cosi for car seat but I've yet to check it out. I think safety will be the most important factor to consider when choosing a car seat but I do hope to get one that is not so costly.[​IMG] Huh...u planning to go Giant at Tampines? That's very far! So u bringing yr bb along? I've yet to make plans for next week but hope it'll pass as fast as this week. Actually I signed up for bakery class at the cc near my plc but it was cancelled cos I'm the only one who signed up. So sad! Will probably go down to Beautybox to check out the makeover shoots for mummy-to-be. Hope to capture some gd memories for my pregnancy! [​IMG]
  34. puretulips

    puretulips Member

    Hey Tinklebell,
    Managed to get a map from hubby's friend however the address stated on the map is for Baby's Kingdom but Baby Hyperstore is just round the corner. As the image is too big, I will forward to you via your earthling email.
  35. kileina

    kileina Member

    thanks tulips for the map! i think i shd make a trip down one of these days before my tummy gets in the way. i would love to have a maclaren stroller too but the price tag is just to hefty for me so i'm hoping to get a better deal from the mummies selling their pre-loved car seat in this forum. similarly for the maxi cosi car seat. it is also a highly recommended brand but don't think i can afford it either. i'm glad at least i have an infant car seat from my relative that my bb will be able to use for the moment. i'm hoping to save fr these big ticket items in order to get better diapers, milk powder and daily necessities that my bb needs in the long run and also partly bec of my financial situation now.

    the antenatal class i attend is also very packed with prob close to 20 couples. i must say the class has been useful so far although i feel Mrs Wong is a lil "cheong hei" sometimes.

    with regards to the wide neck bottle, i read that it is more suitable for older bb. the milk flow fr a wide neck bottle may be too fast for an infant as it may choke the bb and even cause colic. the principle is the bottle neck increases with bb's age. poo power, any advice for us?

    haha, so u're going for the makeover shoot for MTBs? maybe u cld post your pictures up for us to see after that! i may be having it DIY by doing the makeover myself since i'm trained in that and perhaps get one of my friends to take a few snapshots for me. i'm thinking of creating a scrapbook for my bb as well! i think that will be fun and fulfilling.

    y don't u take up prenatal exercise classes instead? i'm attending aquafitness exercise course every sat at KKH right now and it is very useful. can feel my pelvic muscle strengthened after every class. will be signing up for the fitball exercise classes after this course as well. hopefully all these exercises plus swimming will help prep my body for a smooth labor.
  36. poo_power

    poo_power New Member

    hi puretulips
    personally, i feel tat we should prepare breast pump n nursing bra before birth - where to find time n energy after birth? But jus my two cents worth thoughts.

    i bought my nursing bra during the last few weeks before i gave birth. Staff at Mothercare was friendly n she advise me to take one size bigger for breast engorgement. But i told her it is not necesary becas i bought bra extension. You can either buy them from Moms in Mind or OG Warehouse (the former OG next to Centrepoint)

    You can actually rent pumps but i will not advise. I feel tat this kind of personal hygiene is very impt - therefore , a new one is more advisable. BTW, remember to buy nipple cream, just in case because baby suckle in the first weeks or so are very strong n wat happened was my nipple was very sore (n times, there were blood) but after applying the cream, it is much better. I bgt Medela Purelan 100.

    i bought Maclaren Techno Classic - price is steep but never regret the decision. I liked the flexibility n most impt, i feel safe n secure that baby will not "fall out" of the stroller. The parts are pretty sturdy ... Remember to train baby to sit in car seat n stroller. Initially, they will fuss a little but explain to them n they will understand. So, now i am happy that i did not waste my $$$$ on such an expensive stroller

    Seems like Maxi Cosi (MC) is a good recommendation.I understand that MC is good for infant n MC Prior is better for toddlers. So, i am still deciding ..

    I tried using Avent bttles for my boy but there were always milk flowing out from his mouth ... so in the end, i bgt Pigeon bttles n teats n he is happy drinking from there ... So, my boy prefers small neck bottle.

    Hey, remember to post your beautiful pics ...

    The choice to be a SAHM is for baby, so all outings, i will bring baby - if not, i will miss him ...
  37. wawapiggyling

    wawapiggyling Member

    Hi all mummies
    HOpe you don't mind me joining this thread. tinklebell introduced me here. I shared my long-winded story in this thread http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/messages/578191/717832.html?

    Seems like most of you are already experienced mums having your 2nd kid or even more? I can tell that you are all very proud to be SAHMs despite the society pressure..

    Just to share a bit more of myself. My first baby boy is due these few weeks! i'm at my 37th week now and gynae says I may be due these 2 weeks. Have been waiting and baby seems to want to play with me by keeping me anxious and counting the days go by... I'm seeing my gynae again this thursday and see what she says. By the way, I'll be delivering at TMC and seeing Dr Jocelyn Wong.
  38. puretulips

    puretulips Member

    Hi Tinklebell, you're most welcome! Wow, seems like Mrs Wong's class is mostly full regardless it's wkdays or wkends. Ya, I muz agreed that sometimes she's abit "Cheong Hei". [​IMG] BTW, last sat's class she showed us a video of 6 diff types of birth! After watching it, I'm getting abit of cold feet!!! Hv you seen the video? Regarding the speed of milkflow, I thought it depends on the kind of teats that we use. Not sure if the size of the bottle neck will affect the flow?? Maybe I'll check around with my friends and let you know. Hey, so you're a certified make-up artiste? where did you attend the lessons? I was actually thinking of taking up a personal make-up course but I think that'll have to wait. Will need to priortise my spendings nowadays...sigh!!! Now baby comes first! I'll prob go for the makeover shoot in April. If it turns out gd, will share wt you gals. Remember to share yours with us too![​IMG]I was thinking of gg swimming but my hubby refused to let me go. So the only time I do exercise is when I go shopping. [​IMG] Hey, I'm also thinking of creating a scrapbook for bb! Where can we get the materials? The only shop I know is at Wheelock Place but think it's quite expensive.
  39. puretulips

    puretulips Member

    Hi Poo Power, hmmm...what you say is quite true too! Maybe I'll wait till few wks prior to my due date to get the nursing bra. I recall you commenting that the maxi cool bra at kiddy palace is more comfy, right? I've seen the nursing bras at mothercare and feels abit costly! How much did you pay for your Maclaren stroller? Did u buy it from Baby Hyperstore too? As we foresee that we'll be using the stroller & car seat quite often, my hubby is the one who wanted to get a better & more durable one even though we feel the PINCH (ouch!). Furthermore, we can still keep it for our 2nd baby in future. [​IMG] Hmm...relieved to hear that you did not regret buying the stroller so at least I did not make the wrong choice. Hey, have you tried bringing your baby out by yourself? What's the experience like? Maybe we should arrange an outing with the rest before we are due. [​IMG]
  40. puretulips

    puretulips Member

    Hey wawapiggyling, welcome to this thread! Wow, are you excited now that its only 2 wks before your baby is due!! Are u gg thru normal delivery? Hey, I've seen Dr. Joycelyn Wong twice during my 1st trim but was unable to attend to subsequent visits as I was experiencing severe morning sickness during the first 4mths. Eventually chose a male gynae as the clinic is 5mins from where I stay. I must say that Dr. Joycelyn Wong is a gd and detail gynae and I had actually recommended her to my SIL. I'm also delivering at TMC and due in June 27. I've read your story from the other thread and I can empathise what you went thru. But personally I feel that nothing not even $$$$ can replace the time and love we can provide for our baby as a SAHM. I believe that once we see our baby, we know that everything is worth it! Seems like you and tinklebell just got married last year. Both of you must be still young then! I'm actually married for 4 years but wanted to have long "honeymood" period before I plan for a baby. Only started planning for a baby last year after my hubby and I feels that we're ready for parenthood. [​IMG]
  41. poo_power

    poo_power New Member

    Hi Wawapiggyling
    U r most welcome to join us in this thread. I feel so excited n happy for you - this is one of the best moments when u r trying to figure out how will bb look like n now tat u have carried him for about 9 mths, he is going to be finally OUT ... took any pictures of your big tummy? I made the mistake of not taking my naked big belly every month but somehow, before i was due to give birth, i took some pictures ... i wanted to capture bb movement shot on my video cam but bb kick is gentle, so, did not manage to capture any moments!

    i read your previous thread - guess, all is pre-destined! I am a firm believer of SAHM - so, give yourself a good pat on yr shoulder for making such a wise decision - nothing can replace the well-being of a child

    Like you, I am a first time mummy .. n i am enjoying every moment with bb. The best part is i can monitor his growth n changes! Its really fun being a mummy (but at times very challenging as well)

    My parents are also advising me to go out n work since i am a graduate! They somehow feel tat its a waste that i should be staying at home. They did try n r still trying to persuade me to work but i am n will continue to resist the 'material temptation ...' If financially, we can afford, i will stay home but if not, guess i will need to work! Worse come to worse, give tuition - since i have been certified by MOE to teach certain subjects! But at the moment, baby is my world. (Of course not forgetting my husband)

    Do rest well n will pray for you. Take care
  42. poo_power

    poo_power New Member

    Hi Puretulips
    Jus curious: is Tulip yr fav flower? Been to Melbourne to see the Tulip flower show?

    For me, i feel tat max kool is more comfty n i do not need bra extension. Unlike motherhood bra whereby i need the bra extension. Guess i finally realise expensive items are not necessarily sutiable for you! I also read in previous threads that Wacoal nursing bra is comfty or tat OG nursing bra is cheap n good. But i could not find them, so, in the end, bought from Motherhood

    Yeah, i bgt stroller n cot from BH too! The service was good n tat influenced my decision. My stroller cost $380 n cot cost $299. What colour is yr stroller? Mine is lilac (purple) colour. The best part is i bgt my stroller quite early - even before i know the sex of my bb - so my husband n i choose a neutral colour!

    Like u, my husband n i were married for about 3 yrs before we decided to have a baby. We tried for about 6 mths but to no avail n we attributed to our hectic work schedule. In the end, i made the decision to quit so that i will feel more relax n find the time to conceive! Aint i glad that our plan worked! But also due to God blessing that he has given me a child.

    Till today, i am still wondering: Its really a miracle that a child was in me n now that i have seen him, its jus so amazing that bb was all along in me n growing. Its really a gift from God!

    Bringing baby out by myself - so far, have not tried - also a bit scared - not sure how to handle. Normally, its either together wif my MIL or/n husband. Wow, glad to hear that u r planning for No 2! I too am thinking about it but still deciding.

    Yeah, i do agree that we should have a meet up before u gals are due. Jus let me know when n where.

    My Giant trip cancelled - jus had fever so now, need to rest ... take care
  43. newborn_mmy

    newborn_mmy Member

    hihi ladies.. couldn't chat for most of last wk cos of super heavy work load [​IMG]

    i also hope bb's small size is not cos i nvr eat nutritious food.. but stimes hor, dont even hv apetite much less think of wat kind of food i eat. haizzz... hopefully as long as bb healthy most impt..[​IMG]
    Are u a trained makeup artiste? *envy u lei* i also thot of taking a course lastyr..went to check out this makeup sch at delphi orchard.but didnt sign up in the end cos the hrs dont suit my office hrs and the fees not cheap seah. which pl did u learn frm? were they gd? hw much were the fees ? *paisei* ask so many Q-but it did cross my mind incase i be SAHM to learn some 'skills' [​IMG]

    our EDD quite close - now i am 34wks [​IMG]

    Re: stroller
    i bot a aprica stroller 2wks back during sale- supp to be ultra lite wt, durable, blahblah. more of my hb's decision. he took 3wks to testdrive all the diff strollers in mkt, and concluded tt aprica was his choice [​IMG] ..i saw the px and alm fainted-but he like v m lor, so no choice..didnt want to disasppoint/ disagree with him. stroller was $900 aft d/t [​IMG]
  44. puretulips

    puretulips Member

    Hi Poopower, yes, tulips used to be my favourite flower but now I also develop a liking for daisies. Yet to hv the opp to go Melborne but I hope I can travel at least to Bintan for spa or to go cruise after my baby is born. Now with baby coming, not likely to travel too far. Hmm...if that's the case I'll prob go check out kiddy palace for their nursing bras. Don't intend to get too expensive bras since I don't think I will breastfeed for long. I guess it's more convenient to get most of the things from the same shop especially since BH provides good service. Can save on delivery cost too. Lilac is a nice colour, very sweet. I bgt my stroller in pink...crazy about pink since I'm having a bb girl. I bgt most of the stuff in pink from mittens, booties, clothes, etc....[​IMG] Hey, we seems to be in the same situation. I left my job in the previous company after having worked there for 5 years + and took up a sponsorship course in early childhood studies. Thought I could start planning for a baby in 2005 when I was taking the course but didn't know that it was gg to be so hectic. Hence, I shelved the plan till I complete my course in early 2006. After rested for 3mths, decided to work again as I find it too bored to stay at home but resign after only worked in the new company for barely 3mths due to my gastric. After rested for a mth, discovered I was pregnant but I was indeed blessed that I wasn't working at that time cos my pregnancy was kinda unstable during the 1st trim as I exp bleeding. So I was quite fortunate that I can have ample bedrest. I also can't imagine hving to cope with my bad MS and work at the same time. YES! I find it amazing too...from smthing that look like a samll pea to fetus growing inside us! Everytime when I look through the scan photos of my baby,I just feel so blissful. Can't wait for the day to see her! My hubby says our little girl will be very lonely if she has no playmates so he's ideal no. of children is 2. But not likely to be in my agenda till my little girl turns 2 or 3 years old. Don't think I can cope with a young toddler and a baby. Oh dear, I think you better have a good rest and take care. I'll check with tinklebell and the rest if they are keen to meet up. GOD BLESS!
  45. poo_power

    poo_power New Member

    Hi Puretulips
    Since i am waiting for bb to wake up n drink milk, will do some posting on the Net.
    My fav flower is also tulip, due to its vibrant colours - looks like we have a few things in common [​IMG]
    Talking about travelling - my hb n i make it a point to travel yearly but now tat baby born, travelling seems secondary. Most prob will not travel out of SIN until baby about a year old - my concern is that his immune system may not be fully developed. Moreover, there are so many "funny" diseases out there - you never know which or who is contagious!
    Jus curious - why will u not bf for long? But u will still express BM, right? Guess i will give baby BM for about a year.
    Wow, you actually did childhood studies! I was planning to do so when i quit my job. About to apply for the course when i realised i was pregnant. Had very bad MS in the first 6 weeks - so, in the end, did not enrol for the course. Which school did u attend? HOw long is your course? How much did it cost? I was thinking of taking the course when baby bigger cause i feel that there will be job opportunties in this area.
    Ok, bb moving n seems to know tat it is makan time.
    Take care n rest well
  46. wawapiggyling

    wawapiggyling Member

    Hi puretulips

    thanks for the warm welcome! =p

    Yes i agree that Dr joycelyn Wong is indeed a very patient and detailed gynae but the travelling is always so far. I guess you are starting your 3rd trimester.. Enjoy your pregnancy as the 2nd trimester is really the best of the 3..Last leg of the race bef4 you get to see your baby! Boy or Girl?

    So you stopped working due to health reasons after you found out you were pregnant? It's not easy carrying a baby in the womb, esp if you suffer severe morning sickness. I have a friend who lost abt 10kgs from MS and had to be hospitalised a few times.

    Re: TMC antenatal class
    Looks like I can share quite a lot with you ladies since I'm further into my pregnancy. I also attended Mrs Wong class but i think that was her previous batch. I find her very funny but what she taught is indeed very informative and after watching the video on giving birth, i had nightmares of the process for a few nights after that. haha, so puretulips, you are not alone.

    Re: Scrapbooking
    There's a shop at Plaza Singapura that specialises in selling the scrapbooking stuff. But it is very costly. I was contemplating to do one too but put off by the high costs. Puretulips, if you are really interested, can go down and take a look.
  47. wawapiggyling

    wawapiggyling Member

    Hi poo power!

    Thanks for the encouragement too. So this is your first baby too? I also didn't take any mthly photos during pregnancy and now it seems like I can only take a pic of the last mth. I can feel the contentment and happiness in you when you talk abt being a SAHM.. I do agree that
    sometimes, it gets really boring, esp now that my baby has not arrived and depression gets in when I don't know if I will be able to handle once baby is out. But looking at how well you have been coping, I guess every new mum has to go through that and learn along the way.

    Re: nursing bra
    Yes OG's nursing bra is good and cheap! I have bought a few from there and i can attest to that.. If any of you want to buy and doesnt mind that the design is simple and not so modern, it is really a good buy. I got mine from OG at Chinatown. It's at the maternity clothes section.
  48. wawapiggyling

    wawapiggyling Member

    Hi newborn_mmy
    I think its not easy having to cope with work and preganncy at the same time.. so you are in your last trimester now too... read that your baby is on the small side.. don't worry too much.. you can feed baby till she grows bai bai pang pang when she comes out. By the way, how heavy is she now?

    Poo power and puretulips,
    Me also had the intention to take up the childcare course!!!! so coincidental. Actually, i missed out telling this little story of mine in the other thread.. when i changed my job and realised that I don't like it, i was already planning to take up some childcare courses. So i asked ard and send in rsumes, hoping that some companies will sponsor me..and indeed, ntuc childcare contacted me and interviewed me. Subsequently, I even went for a one-day attachment to have hands on experience of child care (mine's a special case as I was very interested yet I have 0 knowledge/experience in this field). I was offered the sponserhip to take up the diploma. H/e that was the period i suspected i was pregnant. Once i cfm my pregnancy, i was torn between the decision of taking up the sponsorship (with a 3 yr bond) or to reject.. it was really a hard decision as childcare was what I wante dto do all along. In the end, I decided not to take up as the course will clash with my pregnancy period and after that, I will have to serve my bond and have lesser time for baby..
  49. newborn_mmy

    newborn_mmy Member

    my bb at last scan was only 1.55 at 31wks [​IMG] hopefully she can grow big+strong when she pops

    puretulips/ poo power/ wawa
    wah, seem like all of u, hv very gd noble aspiratns lor.. all hv interest in childcare course. for me, i am one of those super clueless arnd bbs/ kids lor. even for my coming bb, i alr told hb to be prepare to bathe her cos i not sure i 'steady' enuf to handle lor [​IMG]
  50. kileina

    kileina Member

    Wow, looks like our thread is getting more and more active! Welcome on board wawa, u must be feeling anxious as your EDD draws near. Seems like most of u aspire to further in childcare. Will NTUC accept u back after u deliver then? It is too good an opportunity to miss out. I wld love to further in childcare as well after i get the hands-on training with my bb cos i don't think i am cut out to take care of young kids yet.

    Ooh... i'm a tulip lover too, but i don't mind those lovely bright and cheery gerberas as well. The sight of flowers just cheers me up instantaneously! Hey tulips, why don't we meet up somewhere where we cld shop for bb stuff and scrapbooking materials at the same time? I think UE Square is a good and central place. If not we cld also try Tanglin SC/Mall. The scrapbooking materials can be mostly found at Art Friend (Ngee Ann City and Bras Basah), Papiercraft (Esplanade), Spotlight (Plaza Singapura) and a store in Wheelock Place. For more economical alternatives, we cld get fancy paper at Paper House at Bugis or Bras Basah and get stickers/scrapbooking materials from Concourse. Poo power, wld u like to join us with your lil one? Wawa, i don't think it's advisable for u to step out of the house now that u can be due anytime soon. How about next Mon-Wed? We cld meet up for lunch first then shop till we drop (choy!) the rest of the day. That will be a gd exercise for us!

    Yup, i graduated from The School of Makeup located at Delfi Orchard and pursued a career in the beauty industry thereafter. It was a stressful and bitchy environment. Had to leave bec of some restructuring coupled with my pregnancy. Can't imagine going through my preggie mths there when i look back. I have been doing a bit of freelance work also since i graduated actually. Now i'm taking up a hair-styling course at the school to complement with my makeup skill and also to upgrade myself since i'm not working now. I agree the course is pretty costly but u can even go back for re-training within a yr after u graduated. Moreover the certificates from there is widely recognized.

    Poo power, what diaper and milk powder did u get for your bb? I am now trying to settle the last bit of bb purchase but there are just too many brands out there that are confusing us consumers. Do u use cloth nappies? I heard some pp use the velcro waterproof type but i have no idea how to use that. I bought a few bumwears but i'm not sure if i'll use them as well. Will the newborn diapers fr the hospital suffice in the 1st mth? Some pp upgrade to S size right after they finish the pack.

    Besides bb stuff, how abt maternity pads? Which one did u get? I actually got a few cos i'm not sure which one will be more effective - Madame (20pc), Pureen O'Night Maxi Wings (16pc), Kotex (adhesive) (2 x 10pc), Laurier Ultra Safeguard Wings (34cm!) (2 x 8pc) and Kotex O'Night Maxi Wings (16pc). Seems very kiasu hor? I may be getting Tena brand too as i heard it is very effective for adult incontinence which may be effective for us as well. Don't think i'll use the loop ones given by the hospital since it is inconvenient and uncomfortable. A shop assistant also told me that the maxi thick types can provide better cushion and absorbency than the slim ones since we will have stitches at u-know-where and the flow would be heavier than normal. How many pads did u use for the MOTHER of PERIODS poo power? Did u use disposable panties or sanitary panties (normal panties with waterproof protective layer)? Are front-buttoned pj absolutely necessary? Is it better for the pj to be 1 or 2-pc? Is it necessary to get nursing tops as well? Can spaghetti or tank tops suffice with nursing bra? How many tins of infant formula shd we prepare?

    Hehe, wawa i'm so excited for u even though i am not the one giving birth soon. You must post your newborn pics here ok?

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