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Any reviews on Professor John Tee from KKH?

Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by Cactus5, May 17, 2018.

  1. Cactus5

    Cactus5 New Member


    Any reviews on Prof John tee from KKH??

  2. yingzi32

    yingzi32 New Member

    Yeah I also want to know about him too!
  3. MelodyLove

    MelodyLove Member

    John Tee delivered my boy in 2016. Very experienced doctor who made my delivery swift like a breeze. Apparently when the nurses thought that i'm all ready for delivery and even tried asking me to push while they call for John Tee to come to the delivery suite. When John Tee arrived, he checked on me and told the nurses to reduce my epidural in order for me to feel slight pain so that pushing might be easier for me. When he learnt that the nurses actually asked me to push before he arrived, he reprimanded them saying why waste my energy. He then left the room saying wait for 1 more hour. True enough, 1 hour later he came back and told me 'when I said push, you breathe in and give one long push'. I followed his instruction and just one long push, my boy swims out by himself. I'm impressed! :)
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  4. Cindy C

    Cindy C New Member

    He is my gynae for my second pregnancy. Heard he is very “zai” from my friend who engaged him for first delivery and second. So I made a switch from HHC to him.
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