Any reviews on Exquisite Playskool and KiddyABC playgroup in PUNGGOL?


Hi I am thinking of either choosing Exquisite Playskool or KiddyABC for their playgroup now. I have spoken to both principal once each. But both seemed very impatient, impolite and very unwilling to discuss further with my first time enquiry pertaining school curriculums etc. I tried to contact them via phone for the 2nd time as I need to find out more and both said they were busy & will return my call back. Sadly to say, only KiddyABC replied me back via message.

Have any mummy ever heard of these schools or send your LO to either one of them before? Which school is better? Are their learning or lessons beneficial for small young toddlers to learn something? Any reviews to advise me?

All I ever know was KiddyABC doesn’t teach Mandarin, otherwise everything (English, Science and Maths) will be taught based on what were mentioned on their website. As for Exquisite Playskool, they teach everything. And I saw for both schools they have more or a lot of indian nationals (foreign kids), wonder if there are Chinese or Malay students so it’s more of a balanced blend for my kid to learn between mixed-racial students and cultural environment.

Hope to hear some immediate replies ASAP as I need to make & give my decision by next week because their slots are running very low, especially for Exquisite Playskool, only left 1 vacancy now.

Thank you all in advance!!!

Vanessa D

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Hi Everyone!

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