Any review for NannySOS?

i am also looking for Nanny SOS review on CL. but cant find much. I going to give them a try for 14 days. Hope it turn out well. heard too many horror stories of CL. haha pray hard they are professional and get me a good CL for my Sep confinement.
I would like to recommend Auntie Susie for her confinement nanny service. She is experienced, responsible, hygienic, and caring nanny.
She cooks well and the food is really delicious. The vege that she cooks has nice green color and my confinement food has wide variety. She is responsible and will wake up to feed the baby. She works well with my family members too. My girl was having flu, she helped me to look after my girl and the baby. I was so fortunate to have her. She is highly recommended. You may contact me for more information or you can contact her at +6012 6489 568
My confinement nanny was Sew Lan from NannySOS. She not only takes good care of my baby like her own, but also take care of me very well. She is a very caring, neat and patience nanny. Strongly recommended for both NannySOS and Sew Lan for your confinement needs.
never use nannysos before... but my sister-in-law use PEM nanny.
you can basically tell they had proper training before they came and the auntie was cute n definitely like the baby so much, you really can tell! the auntie take care of the baby, cook confinement food, red date tea and also the herbal bath (i think they sell in the separate package). i think they even engage jamu massage from PEM. the overall experience is very nice :)