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Any reliable chinese temple to pray for baby boys?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by gypie, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. gypie

    gypie Member


    i am a mother of 2 gals, would like to try for a boy.

    any one knows any reliable chinese temple to ask or pray for a baby boy?

    or anyone can share their experiences, asking which temple or anyone about the number and sex of their children?

    i am also curious to know if i am fated to have any boys. If not, then i can stop at #2.

    thanks for sharing, anyone in my spot before.

  2. mtyh

    mtyh Member

    Hi Gypsy,

    It is superstition to be able to ask for baby boy, or other things, like striking 4D from any temple. Why do some people say that it works for them? Probably coincidental. If it works, it would work for all, not some.

    Having said that, it is not that you can't do anything about it.

    I recommend you read a real life story 了凡四训 (liao fan's four lessons in english) where the author asked to have children and succeeded, after a fortune teller predicted that he would have no kids.

    You can google them on the web, plenty of resources available.
  3. gypie

    gypie Member

    Hi micheal,

    thanks for your advice, just trying my luck i guess..hee...;)

  4. mtyh

    mtyh Member

    Gypsy - you are most welcome. =)

    Actually, no need to try your "luck", just read about 了凡四训 and u'll know how to achieve what you want.
  5. gypie

    gypie Member

  6. huihui92

    huihui92 New Member

    Good luck to you Gypsy. Hopefully the next one will be a boy ;)
  7. gypie

    gypie Member

    thank you huihui...;)
  8. elisechow

    elisechow Active Member

    my mother told me about a super old tradition dunno real or not. they say if you love to eat meat more, then u will most likely have a baby gal. if eat more veges, then will have a boy. i dun believe in all of this bullshit lor.
  9. littlebudot

    littlebudot New Member

    Haha that myth confirm not accurate. I am a total meat lover. Almost totally no vege in my diet..and I have a boy :p
  10. gypie

    gypie Member

    thanks for sharing, Elise and LittleBuDot....;)

    Me meat and seafood lover - got 2 girls. Heh!
  11. mtyh

    mtyh Member


    LittleBuDot: I think you got it mixed up, Elise spoke about an old tradition, nothing to do with the story I mentioned.

    The story is about cause and effect. If you want a certain effect, you have to have the cause. Very much like having a seed that eventually grows into a plant. Without the seed, you'll never have the plant.

    I read the story and liked it, so posted here to share. It's up to you whether to believe it or not. I didn't write the story.

    Here's an excerpt from what wikipedia says about the book:

    Liao-Fan Yuan was born during Ming Dynasty, in about 1550, in Jiangsu Province, Wujiang County. Liao-Fan wrote a book, Liao-Fan's Four Lessons (了凡四訓) , which were written originally to teach his son, Tian-Chi Yuan. The principal behind those lessons is that destiny can be changed through proper cultivation of kindness and humility. Thus one should not be bound by fate but by one's own action.

    Liao-Fan was predicted by a wise monk, Mr. Kong that he would only live to the age of fifty-three and had no son. In relating his own life experience in changing destiny, Liao-Fan, at the age of sixty-nine, wrote and taught these four lessons to his son.
  12. jantan15

    jantan15 Member

    Try Blk 215 Serangoon ave 4, #08-??? Avaiable on Friday night, take queue number from 7pm onwards. Don't say anything when it is your turn, see what response you get...
    I was told all my child be all boys.
    Was told my boy would wait want his father to see him to come to this world, what his character is like... etc. I only can say very Miracle!
    To me and those people who went there, it is really very miracle. Long story... Good luck!
  13. gypie

    gypie Member

    Hi Michael, thanks for sharing...;)
  14. gypie

    gypie Member

    Hi Jan Tan

    really? do you have to give ang bao? how much?

    so if i go #08, i can see people queuing that unit?

    so how many boys you have? can share?
  15. jantan15

    jantan15 Member

    Hi Gypsy,
    He knows everything about you, even how much you have. Keke... Ang bao up to you de, no one will check de la.
    When reach #08, you just have to walk and find got pray things along the corridor, of course main door is open, theirs is bright white lights... Some people might be sitting on the 'red' chairs along the corridor, some will be at the kitchen...etc
    Go to the corridor table and take queue number. Waiting time is usually an hour or more, unless you get the first few queue number. Some people fast fast, some people take very long.
    So far I have 1 boy turning 18months soon. Wanted to send him childcare, so that I can have a sane life, but after hearing what 'bai bai' say, no more childcare le, take care myself.
    My hubby and me wants princess lei, but if 2nd still boy, we won't have 3rd liao...
    Cos this 'bai bai' has been there many years, my in laws and relatives really find it very miracle the things he predicted all came true! Like my delivery, I was worried for labour day, cos usually family members come back after 7pm, while I reach home 5pm, always go home after work. Bai bai told me don't worry, 'he' wants his daddy to see him come to this world... True enough! In fact his head was already down since scan on the 7th month of pregnancy... EDD was suppose 24 July, I intend to work till 14 July. Lucky boss release me earlier cos able find temp staff, my tummy felt funny on 5 July when I was out with hubby and his few buddies, I refuse to go hospital, cos EDD was still far, 6 July Mon, I was alone at home, still felt funny, call my gynae for appointment after breakfast. I was 2cm dilated! Gynae ask me want to admit hospital now, I refuse... Say I have to go home and get my stuffs, will admit if need be. I went shopping, (gynae is at Paragon) go home change bedsheet, carry all my barring then go mum house, mum is at home waiting for me... I rest, go dinner with mum and wait hubby to finish work, go khatib bathe and have dinner before coming Ang mo kio, while waiting for hubby, I told mum I feel like I want to poo poo but nothing comes out, she said it could be baby wants to be delivered... So the moment hubby reach mum house, we took cab to Mt A. End up my baby arrive on 7 July! [​IMG]
  16. gypie

    gypie Member

    Wow, very interesting! Your boy must be very bonded with your hubby too.

    Thanks for sharing Jan!

    eh can ask if this 'bai bai' very fierce one?
    i know some talk very direct and almost like scolding you like their own child, i must be mentally prepared ....;p
  17. jantan15

    jantan15 Member

    Haha... Depends 'who is on duty'. Some very strict, some always joke... But so far I haven't come across that really scold harshly type. Only stern and strict. Which Friday are you going? Better call and confirm that it is available, I given away the last piece of name card, or will provide you the number... [​IMG]
  18. toblerone

    toblerone Well-Known Member


    However, I can accurately tell whether a pregnant lady is having a boy or a girl.

  19. gypie

    gypie Member

    Jan - how to call? can help me find out the number? thanks!

    Will have to discuss with hubby first, but think maybe after Chinese New Year.

    Hi Jolyon - I am already 8months pregnant, and have scanned that it is a girl.

    but i don't know the last line of chinese, only understand the last part that you won't accept money, right?
  20. jantan15

    jantan15 Member

    Expecting your 2nd baby! After CNY, think should be ok, I try to remember to take name card on my next visit. Not sure when then got go, go only when got something to ask... Keke If not, we always go 1st day morning of CNY to 'bai nian' for blessing. [​IMG]
    Smooth delivery...
  21. toblerone

    toblerone Well-Known Member

    @ Gypsy (gypie) , yup...没错,不收钱。帮有缘人罢了... :)

    You don't have to tell me whether are you expecting a girl or boy. I can find out.

    I can do auspicious date and time for caesarian. It is one of the most toughest and troublesome techniques. .
  22. gypie

    gypie Member

    Hi Jan - ok, pls help me find out the number the next time you visit them? Thanks a million!

    Hi Jolyon - thanks but i'm plannig natural, just like first one..;)

    will you able to find out the sex of my 3rd baby?
    kekekek...just curious...;0
  23. toblerone

    toblerone Well-Known Member

    @Gypsy (gypie) , it is for couple who eagerly wants to find out the gender of the baby during the initial stage of pregnancy.

    Also, 我祖传的排算法,only applicable to pregnant lady. :)

    I cannot give a definite answer when she is not pregnant
  24. mtyh

    mtyh Member

  25. toblerone

    toblerone Well-Known Member

    After reading <<求子之道>>, I nearly fainted!


    1. "求子前提是先断房事百日" - Totally cannot have sex for at least 100days?! WOW...can husand and wife comply with it?

    a) Now, if wife tells husband not to have sex for 100days, do you think husband will think that wife is "kee-sieow"?
    b) Next, if husband tells wife cannot have sex for 100days, what do you the wife will think? Husband kenna STD thus refraining from sex?

    2. "再选[天气清明、日期吉祥]" - After 100days, choose an auspicious date and time to have sex?

    3. "夜一行之,必得受孕" - Have sex one night, wife will sure get pregnant?

    4. A high monk never have sex, telling people how to have sex and have baby?

    Wah piang ooi...My goodness...!

    Lastly, I am not making a mokery to "求子之道".
  26. mtyh

    mtyh Member

    Posted the link for some food for thoughts. Its ok if you don't believe it.

    Interesting question on point number 4. If I recalled correctly, some faithful followers sought the monk for help, so the monk provided the advice.

    Having sex and knowing how to conceive can be two different matter. E.g. the latter could be a result of some research, the researcher need not do it to know.

    Hmm, this should be last of such external links from me, since it doesn't seem to be well received. =)
  27. toblerone

    toblerone Well-Known Member

    michael (mtyh), 谢谢您的分享!不要生气啦... :)
  28. mtyh

    mtyh Member

    Jolyon: 您客气了。 不止我没生气,您还让我上了一课。谢谢您。

    其实文章确实是难让一般人相信。 我的希望是大家能以开明的思想对待这些文章,不相信可以存疑。不过事与愿违,文章让读者起了烦恼。既然如此,不如不贴。 实不愿大家起烦恼。
  29. toblerone

    toblerone Well-Known Member

    michael (mtyh). 我明白。您是出自一番好意嘛... :)
  30. dorakid

    dorakid New Member

    Hi Jolyon Teo,
    Can share if I am not pregnant but would like to know if I concieve next month, will it be a boy or girl? (Trying to TTC here ). Cannot PM u so must ask u this question again openly [​IMG] Pm me your details??
  31. jantan15

    jantan15 Member

    Hi Gypsy, I've got the details... 五福宫 Blk215 Serangoon ave 4 #08-124 Every Friday. 初一,十五晚上七点半。 九0六八4三二三
  32. gypie

    gypie Member

    Hi Jolyon and michael, fwahahah...all in chinese but i half bucket of chinese water! Think half bucket also dun have, more like 1/4 bucket...kekeke

    Hi Jan - ok, let me translate your number right-it is 90684323?

    eh sorry ar, i failed my chinese in 'O' levels lah, think it was D7?....;p
  33. toblerone

    toblerone Well-Known Member

    @ Gypsy (gypie), 不要谦虚了。中文多写就会进步的。Last time, my Chinese “half-past six”, now brushing up.

    In my facebook and hp SMS, I used Chinese characters. 跟人沟通的话,就用英文。朋友就觉得我奇怪。呵呵... :)
  34. toblerone

    toblerone Well-Known Member

    @ doraKid (dorakid), 帮孕妇预测怀男或女胎,这个不是问题。我还可以“择日剖腹生产”that is picking an auspicious date and time for caesarian operation, This only applicable to couples who do not mind which day giving birth. :)

    Anyway, replying to your question. 要帮未怀孕的妇女预测怀孕男胎或者女胎,不是不可以,只不过,是我自己有所顾虑...

    I have thought of this issue before, 这个似乎有一点点逆天意。Also, If mum and dad were to change their mind, don't like the baby and opt for abortion, Then, I will be sad and guilty.

    Meanwhile, you may PM me,

    1) wife's birthdate (&amp; birth-time).
    2) Couple finally wish to have boy or girl.

    Open to all races! 绝对分文不取!
  35. jantan15

    jantan15 Member

    Gypsy.... Yap, you got it.
    My Chinese also kanan sai... Always manage to just pass my Chinese during school days. Trying to buck up now for son's sake lor. Progressing slowly nia...
  36. gypie

    gypie Member

    Hi Jolyon, do you mean you can calculate when i conceive will be boy or girl, just by giving you my birthdate and time?
    I only know my english birthdate and not lunar birthdate, is it ok?
  37. gypie

    gypie Member

    Hi Jan

    Thanks eh! least you managed to pass, and progress....hahahah think i gone case liao...ekkeke
  38. toblerone

    toblerone Well-Known Member

    @Gypsy (gypie) ,

    1) 不需要提供Chinese Lunar. 母亲的English ("ang-moh") birthdate and time will do.

    2) Also, 夫妇要怀男胎还是女胎,必须说清楚。

    3) Want to have a dragon baby (2012) or rabbit baby (year 2011) to "enhance" parents, 麻烦了一点,不过没有问题。需要both husband's and wife's birthdate and time. This one, I don't encourage. 兔宝宝或者龙宝宝,这个交由上天安排。
  39. gypie

    gypie Member

    hhmmm...i am delivering my #2 ger next month, so i think 2011 is out for me.
    As i probably will also breast feed her for a year, after that then try again #3.

    Eh, what's after Dragon ar?
  40. jok

    jok New Member

    hi Jolyon,

    Jus send u a PM, hope you can reply.

  41. toblerone

    toblerone Well-Known Member

    @ Gypsy (gypie)- Year of Water Snake.

    @ Jok (jok) - Strange! No PM came into my email inbox.
  42. pann

    pann Active Member

    Jolyon: Can calculate for me? I wan girl for #2. My lunar birthday is 九月初八, Yr is 1980, time is morning 7am. I got feeling #2 is boy again.

    Gypsy: Go try the fortune telling liao then tell me true or not. Maybe I go ask and see when I can get #2 and a girl. Hehe!!
  43. toblerone

    toblerone Well-Known Member

    @ Ann (pann), I will do it for you. :) Please don't post your birtdate in any forum page.

    PM will do. 我的私人邮箱是有开放的。若以后,有不方便讲的事,可以PM给我。

    I just returned home. Give me one or two days.
  44. toblerone

    toblerone Well-Known Member

    REMARKS: The dates below are ONLY suitable for "Ann (pann)"!

    @ Ann (pann),



    For year 2011

    06 March ~ 21 March (90%)
    22 March ~ 02 April (10%)
    21 April ~ 02 May (15%)
    06 May ~ 04 October (95%)
    08 October ~ 22 December (99%)
    24 December ~ 05 January (10%)

    If you were to successfully conceived (on the below dates (period) given), you will have wonderful chance of having a GIRL!
    06 March ~ 21 March (90%)
    06 May ~ 04 October (95%)
    08 October ~ 22 December (99%)

    你今年(兔年),戌宫立命,你够幸运的话,或许会有双胞胎!Only you are extremely lucky!

  45. pann

    pann Active Member

    Hi Jolyon,

    Thanks for helping me calculate. Will work harder on those mths you had given &amp; hopefully hit target for a girl. Hehe!

    Of cos. If I hit, I will come in &amp; announce. Hehe! I just hope to be lucky only. No need extremely lucky. One bb is enough. Haha!
  46. pann

    pann Active Member

    Sorry ah.. what does 戌宫立命 means ah?
  47. suzieduck

    suzieduck Member

    Hi Jolyon, if you give you my hb and my birthdate and time you can predict the gender of our bb? we still have not scan for bb sex yet. this is an interesting way to find out.
  48. toblerone

    toblerone Well-Known Member

    @ Ann (pann) , 不必担心...

    Every year, and each person is different. This coming Chinese Lunar Year (Rabbit) and the Year after next (Dragon), will be different.

    It will tell lots of things about a person in summary (specific "prediction" for the entire year). Things like, will there be marriage?, baby? illness, jobless, backstabber, lawsuit and etc.

    The good part is, each individual has his/her reporting god in different year. (就是有神明作你的"代言人")。 Let me write in simple English. For example, Tua-Pek-Gkorng (大伯公) is your mercy messenger for you this year. If you are praying for baby in a Guan-Gong ("关公") temple,关公 will report your matter to 大伯公 about your problem and then, 大伯公 will do something for you. If you were to wish a baby infront of a 大伯公, he will take charge, everything will run smoothly, fast and efficient. It sounds funny, but it true.

    An anology will be, just like seeing an MP who does not belong to your neighbourhood constituency and seeking him for help. For example, A man who is seeking help from Mr. LKY who is in Tanjong Pagar GRC while he is actually living in Marine Parade. Mr. LKY will direct him to see Mr. GCT since Mr. GCT is in Marine Parade GRC. From there, Mr. GCT will take charge and do something.

    我这样写, 你看明白了没? 每一个人都有自己的神明, 只要拜对神, 功效就"double". 除此之外,不要以为只是拜观音,通通就一定100%跟你包到完。

    Let me quote you one last example. A nerdy "A" level student did badly for his A level prelimary examination. At that specific year, he prayed to 文昌公. Coincidentally, his mercy messenger is 文昌君! 你看, direct reporting to 文昌君! 也不需要其他神明跟他"daau-karr-cheew", 文昌君直接跟他处理了. Of course, he studied... 自己不帮自己, 神明都懒得理.

    Also, those book-shelf magazines published are general prediction (缺点就是,不一定准的), not tailored for each and individual. It categorised according to the animal zodiac.
  49. toblerone

    toblerone Well-Known Member

    @ suzie (suzieduck) , 好的. 我试一试...

    I need info from you.

    1. Wife's birthdate (including year and time). (You may PM me).

    2. According to your last check-up (provide date; no need time), how many weeks already?

    3. When is your last period. (provide date; no need time)
  50. toblerone

    toblerone Well-Known Member

    REMARKS: The dates below are ONLY suitable for "Sweetkiss"!

    @ Sweetkiss,


    For Year 2011 ~ 2012

    08 August 2011 ~ 23 November 2011 (99%)
    25 December 2011 ~ 05 January 2012 (10%)
    06 January 2012 ~ 20 January 2012 (95%)

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