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Any recommendations for maid agencies??!!!!!

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by tiny_feet, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. tiny_feet

    tiny_feet New Member

    pls advise me on the maid agencies you have used - whether its good or not good, pls list down i can short list. tks! [​IMG]

  2. marmin_marmin

    marmin_marmin New Member

    Hi have PM you
  3. kashapiks

    kashapiks New Member

    any recommendation for transfer maids... My friend needs for her home and children now that she has two kids
  4. quekie

    quekie New Member

    Hi tiny_feet,

    I've PM you.
  5. jsd

    jsd New Member


    Any recommendation for maid, need urgently.
  6. ryanmum

    ryanmum New Member


    I got 1 friend who is working as maid in Singapore for 11 years. She is Cita.

    She request:-

    $400 at start
    Every Sunday Off.

    Her Handphone No. : 94573049

    Cita look for employer urgently because her employer will living Singapore soon.

    Anyone interested can call her for interview.
  7. foxy

    foxy Member

    can check wif them:


    545 Orchard Road #02-32, Far East Shopping Centre,
    Singapore 238882
    Tel : (65) 6733 3208 Fax : (65) 6733 5660

    170 Upper Bukit Timah #03-01 Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
    Singapore 588179
    Tel : (65) 6875 0718 Fax : (65) 6875 0719

    E-mail : sales@networkconnections.com.sg
  8. twins

    twins New Member

  9. bubbles2006

    bubbles2006 Member

    wanna check, if i have a maid for 2 wks, then cos we caught her stealing.. we returned her to the agency, can the agency charge us 1 mth's salary?
  10. adepoh

    adepoh Member

    hi bubbles,
    sometime it depends on what is stated in your contract with the agency.
  11. ardnanlezed

    ardnanlezed New Member

    try 64632237 look for eileen. She found me a quite a good maid.
  12. cherly

    cherly Active Member


    I have just PM you.
  13. jsd

    jsd New Member


    Any maid agency to recommend? pls pm me thanks
  14. bubbles2006

    bubbles2006 Member

    kinda disappointed w the agency.. when we returned the maid, though the contact stated min 1 mth.. they allowed to deduct only 2 wks salary.. and let us have a replacement (package comes w a free replacement). However, we did not like any, so decided to cancel and get a refund of the $$ (8 mths downpayment minus 2 wks).. however, when we received the cheque, it was only for 7 mths. When we called the staff to clarify, she said her boss said cant refund the 2 wks, cos contract was for min 1 mth (we have not gotten a copy of the contract, so cant refer) and told us that unless we were taking another maid from them, they would oni charge us for that 2 wks.. but we were not informed when we decided to cancel the package.. she then told us she'd try to talk to her boss to help us get the 2 wks back.. but after 2 wks, she didnt call us back.. when we called her, realised tt she was no longer w the agency!
    sigh.... anyway, lesson learnt.. wouldnt wanna go back to this agency again.
  15. catlau

    catlau New Member

    hi bubbles,

    which agency did u engage?
  16. twinsangel

    twinsangel Member

    yaya Whch agency is tat, so we can take note of it...

    Btw, m looking for a transfer maid too... preferable Indo...
  17. jo80

    jo80 New Member

    took me some time to source for a good transfer too.. think this new agency is not bad, home maid with chen liping as the model at hougang green, try to look for ai choo. my former agency was lousy too, give us false information and had some grey area in the contract so tried to cheat us too by not giving us our replacement if we take the refund. in the end, they cannot win us and pay us the remaining but withhold the good transfer maids from us.. former one is call asset employment agency..
  18. jenifur

    jenifur Active Member

    <font face="calisto mt">Twinangel,

    Nt sure if you want to consider her http://sinarmas.netmaid.com.sg/?f=maid.display&amp;page=detail&amp;maid=443924

    I was @ e agency on Sat when her employer brought her back, overheard e whole converstaion &amp; found her pitiful. Would hv taken her if not for e fact tt my maid is oredi in Manila.

    She was returned for e following reasons:-

    1) Both their kiddo fell sick on e 1st day she arrive so e pantang employer feels tt she "clash" w e kids.

    2) She was told to catch the elder running boy who was making a scene @ e clinic. But she failed to. Her explanation was she didn't want to hurt e boy so tried to b gentle, male employer think otherwise

    3) e lady employer was unhappy that she had asked to iron clothes 3 times on Sat. Employer wants her to take the initiative to play with the boyz. Maid explaination was she got nothing to do, felt bad to sit down &amp; play w e kids when mdm is w them. Plus tere's a pile of clothes not iron yet.

    I gather tt she's quite a ok maid cuz e elder son cried &amp; refuse to let her go when he realised she's not going home w them.</font>
  19. bubbles2006

    bubbles2006 Member

    My agency is Status Maids. Was introduced to them by a relative. She helped me "interview" the maid thru video conference at the agency. But it can be deceiving.
    Anyway, not getting a maid now, maybe when i have no. 2.. might consider again.
  20. cindyler

    cindyler New Member


    I have change 6 maid since pass three year until the gov want me to take test or not i cannot take any maid at all. So i decide to the test and change the agency which my sister in law recommend me one agency call united home at woodland tel 63630606. All the maid there are good and obident. If the maid do something wrong or did not obident you can send back the maid for counseling. They also help you to cut the maid hair if the maid hair is long. (is free) The previous maid agency i have is bad. All the maid have hp and alway side the maid. I have the maid with me now since past one year. Everything is fine and take care of my two son 1yrs and 5 yrs. Nobody at home to see her work but when i came home i dun have to worry about dinner and my two son.
  21. marmin_marmin

    marmin_marmin New Member

    Hi, just don't engage NORA Employment Agency (at bukit timah and katong). They are highly unprofessional and hold back all the S$ after I returned the maid who stole. Tried to get S$ back from Case but agency ignored Case despite CASE issued many reminder letters and calls. At the end I got my S$ back after filing the complaint to AEAS.
  22. genki01

    genki01 New Member

    Anyone tried Nation? Any good agencies to recommend me?
  23. juz_me77

    juz_me77 New Member

    Hi genki,

    You can try City Harvest Employment Agency. Look for Angeline 6468 2449. She's at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre though there's another branch at Katong Shopping Centre.

    My sis-in-law employed her current maid through her and her service is quite good. In the midst of getting my maid through her as well. Keeping fingers crossed the maid will turn out ok cos there's no telling the maid's character and personality until she works for you.
  24. mad

    mad Member

    hey you can try dolphinmaid. Their website is www.dolphinmaid.com. Can contact michael chen 6532 4057. He got me a good maid and most importantly, he follow up with me after i got my maid.

    So far i have call afew agencies and this is the best i got.
  25. sea

    sea Member

    any christian maid with experience in taking care baby to transfer?
    pls pm me. thks
  26. stresshead

    stresshead New Member

    Avoid this agency too - Newway Holdings.

    They are unprofessional and unscrupulous.
  27. happygirlie

    happygirlie Member

    Pls avoid Jack Focus too.
    Very bad experience, I even gave up a free replacement maid!
    Bad attitude & so many lies!
    Finally found a gd maid fr elsewhere.
  28. jong2201

    jong2201 New Member

    Avoid Status Maids.

    Rude and unprofessional. Bad experience with them.

    Always siding their maids, thinking that the employer is in the wrong. Eg. do not even reprimand the maid when she steals food from her employer, instead blame employer for being petty. So fuming mad with them.
  29. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for the advice on which agencies to avoid.

    I have been getting my maids from Express (Bukit Timah Plaza). Not pushy and maids arrive in S'pore as promised. Service is professional too. Look for Joyce.
  30. pong_chi

    pong_chi New Member


    I agree marmin comment on this NORA EMPLOYMENT agency too...me also hv very bad exprience on this agency and I will never go back again or either introdue friends or who ever want to hv maid frm this agency.... coz they r not responsible if things go wrong they will us u to run 1man show and run yourself like me i really hv bad days previous but lucky god bless me I do hv helping hands to help me and direct me how to deal with them. Thxs god
  31. gooskie

    gooskie Member

    I have very bad experience with JACK FOCUS (both Bt Timah and Katong branch). I sign up package where i get 3 free replacement... very bad attitude and service. Am trying to get a replacement, although i had 3 FOC, they make things very difficult for you to replace, cos at their cost mah... Everytime i go down to agency to select a replacement maid, after few days or a week, they will call to tell me that the maid i selected cannot come. This dragged on for 3 mths!! So what if they give FOC replacement, they put on contract 10 FOC also no use, you cant even change one. The fact i dislike abt them is they treat your matter lightly... and dun care even if you tell them you urgently need one...
  32. jobina

    jobina New Member

    Hi Janet,

    Can send me the tel of Express (Bukit Timah Plaza). thanks
  33. ann

    ann Active Member

    Another vote for Jack Focus, lousy service, full of lies...
  34. blurqueen30

    blurqueen30 Active Member

    Hi all,
    Anyone has any gd transfer maid to let go? My maid who has been with me for 3yrs plus will be leaving after CNY. So need a new helper to help out with my 2 gals ages 5 &amp; 8yrs. [​IMG]
  35. bottle

    bottle Member

    Anyone can share how much is your maid agent fees? I am on tight budget, and willing to pay minimal fees... hope to hear from you soon. Thank you in advance.
  36. dpand

    dpand Member

    Hi, I am looking for an Indo maid, who is honest, clean, good attitude, can cook, and loves kids/babies.(I have a 13 mths old daughter).

    Anyone planning to transfer her maid, pls sms me at 81224095 or pm me. Thanks
  37. happy74

    happy74 New Member


    Beware of Lee Garden Employment Agency at Bukit timah shopping centre, their staff are inexperience and their management are unreasonable. once you make any payment, there is no way to take back a single cents even though the maid did not even accepted the job in the first place and they just make you wait for weeks before informing you that the maid did not accept the job. BEWARE, funny agency
  38. thomas_train

    thomas_train New Member

    Anyone tried Contact-Links employment agency? When I check the mom website, found that the company has a 6 demerit point. Appreciate if anyone has engaged them before to give me some feedback.
  39. superlemon

    superlemon Member

    Pls avoid JPB (Katong). They're conmen!! I could not get back the loan I paid upfront when I returned my 3-day maid to them!! If u want the full story, u can pm me.
  40. superlemon

    superlemon Member

    I hired a transfer maid from JPB Management Services (Katong), who requested to go back to the agency only after working 3 days for me. I could not successfully get a replacement maid from JPB since then because the available maids that I selected do not want to look after my newborn baby. As I needed a maid urgently, I turned to another agency to employ a maid. Now JPB is refusing to process the refund of the placement fee of $2K+, the insurance fee and waiver that I have paid upfront.

    I've written to the JPB management, but have no reply from them. They are shunning me and when I finally got hold of the branch manager after persistent calling, she advised me to top up another $99 on top of the agency fee that I've paid to 'upgrade' my package to a refundable package. I felt this was very unfair. Where can I go to get help?
  41. bbsmile

    bbsmile New Member

    Avoid SLF green maid agency.The staff are Full of lies.
  42. happy74

    happy74 New Member

    Avoid MDS@ katong, highly recommended in motherhood, therefore tried out but find that all untrue, so disappointed.
  43. jazzrain

    jazzrain New Member

    If you are looking for Indonesian maid.You can check with the maid working around your neighborhood are who you think she is the type u looking for. Then ask her if she has sisters or relative who likes cooking. (my interpretation those who like cooking like to do housework and likes baby too). Interview through phone call. If ok, tell her to apply passport herself over there then you apply IPA letter from MOM, fax to her (they can get fax from faxing shops by paying it, the shop is everywhere in Indonesian.)

    I got my maid this way. No more agent involved.
  44. esthergal

    esthergal Member


    I'm looking for a transfer maid (Indonesian, likes baby, can cook, and with good behavior).

    Pls pm me. Thank you.
  45. blurqueen30

    blurqueen30 Active Member

    My fren is an agent. So far i find that the maids we got frm her agency quite gd. At least been with us for a few yrs one loh. If u all are keen, can pm me for contact. [​IMG]
  46. ytanhn

    ytanhn Member

    Please PM me if you have any good maid agency.
  47. babyhope

    babyhope New Member

    Avoid Award Maid Agency. Always siding with maid. Prompt in collecting money but when u ask for refund, it takes donkey months.
  48. coffeebean88

    coffeebean88 New Member

    Aiyo, I also have a maid with me for 6 mths and have been stealing my children,baby food and steal the food and eat during when we going to sleeping time. At past 12am, she will wake up and steal my food and eat. Dont know why? Given her enough food and cannot cover her stomach. 1 of the day when we were sleeping, she take her clothes and run away. Everytime when she do wrong things i will call agency and this agency will help me to consult her and even scolded her. But after she run away for 1 week, she return to agency and i don't know where she stay before that. I suspect she went bk to the agency and stay. Every time i called agency the executive will said "Oh may be she go to her boyfriend hse" who knows. Some more even side the maid so much after she at agency there. This is the stupid reasons she giving me. I'm very angry with their bad services. Now i need a maid urgently they tell me now no maid how to give u a new maid. Don't u thk so they r very rude to customer. I still have loan with them, and they said if i want to take back the loan must deduct the lodging which the maid stay there till they find a new employer for her. But the prob is she dont want to cm bk to my plc still want to charge me the lodging. So where can i make a complain abt them, can pm me.
    Anyone want to know the maid agency name,can pm me too.
  49. preciousjunbaby

    preciousjunbaby New Member

    Pls avoid Jolly Maid Agency Toa Payoh too!!! Had bad experience with them...
  50. chrysanne12

    chrysanne12 New Member

    HI CT,

    would you pl tell us what is your bad experience pl as I took a maid from them too and now thinking of transfering her

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