Any recommendation for childcare (18 months) in the Simei area?


My girl is with Moriah Childcare & Development Centre. It is at the Moriah Church at Simei Road. PM me if you need more details.
Hi Momomum
U dun accept PM.
My gal is turning 18mth old soon, interested to know more abt Childcare service in Moriah Church.. Can share wif me?
Hi mummies,

Sorry for this late reply. My girl has been in Moriah's infantcare since she was 4 mths. She then transitioned to the childcare recently. The teachers are rather responsible. My daughter is rather independent now and can self feed and change on her own. The principal and teachers are v nice.
Just delivered my 3rd child n b4 going bk to work, decide to place all my 3 children in moriah childcare; previously, my 2 older kids are in kindergarten. I was rather uncertain of my decision to put my children in ccc initially but decide to try it out during the June holiday... My observation for the past 3 weeks in moriah cc is ;
1) the place is kept v. Clean, this ccc engage 2 cleaners from iss who station there just to keep the place Spick n span
2) well- ventilated/ non air-con environment , high ceiling
3) responsible teacher- the teacher spotted that the spray I bring to school is expired, I never even notice the fine prints when I pack into my child's bag! Another example is They inform me immediately when my child did not eat the buns for tea
4) the teacher-student ratio seems to be high but the teachers can handle the children well
5) principal was very much involve in the day-to-day operation of the ccc
6) the fees is rather affordable, seems to me they r a non- profitable organization
7) food is prepared by in- house cook, food look well- balance

My main concern is still the teacher- student ratio, especially for nursery level. My no.2 still protest going to ccc every morning, but my elder one looks like he have a good time in school. I'm still observing for this trial period, but overall I would say I feel quite satisfy with the ccc.
hei meira,
your 3 kids are now in moriah cc? oh, which class are they at?
my boy has been with them for a yr plus liao
my boy is in N1 too
your #2 is the newly joined one in the class register #21?

my gal is under the care of my mum now. Will join PG when she is 18mths next yr. Prob will be classmate with your #3 too

my boy name is in middle of the list, with hand written words.

Find the children in the N1 class -Grace... very friendly n sharing
however, till now my no.2 still crys when we drop him off at school though he settle down very quickly once i leave (outta his sight). Does ur boy enjoy school for the past 1 yr? how u find moriah cc fare in terms of academic?

In contrast my older child who is in K1 enjoys his time in moriah cc very muchn look forward to going to school.

How old is ur no.2? mine is 2.5months...
Oh yah stacy,
which one is ur boy? I can recognise most of the students in N1 while im quietly observing how my boy is doing in class... is ur boy carrying the chuggington bag? there is 3 chugginton bags in N1

oh..i dun know grace (as in not fm the PG gp to N1 gp). I only know a few of his friends
My boy is Samuel (carrying barney bag). He is the naughty one in class (according to Teacher angeline, he is more 'active' compared to other N1 kids, sigh!). He still 'mummy mummy' everyday, esp if the teachers are not the door to bring him in during breakfast time. So far, quite happy with the sch. Will learn more from the teacher during this sat PTC.

my #2 just turned 8mths old last week. wouldnt be classmate with your #3 liao.
Hi Stacy,

I mean N1 class is call Grace... ya? All the classmates r very sociable n friendly except 1 lil girl who is rather shy n always keep to herself... Teacher angeline is v.good n she told me her home is just behind the moriah !

I reach the sch ard 10am everyday for the past 1 month... Teacher angeline complain it is too late ... =P by next week will need to reach by 830am... will get to c u then !

yes, teacher angeline is senior staff there..staying next to the sch n goes to the church there.

ok..u gotta come fwd n say hi to me..cos i dunno ur boy ma. Unless my boy tell me la (sometimes he sees his classmate coming, he will tell me).
my boy name is Dylan... ru SAHM?
I like the spaciousness of Moriah cc, n it is kept so well ventilated by so many ceiling fans, in fact my boy who have sensitive nose... is keeping a drier nose at moriah ... compared to his previous school. ... non of my 3 kids have fall sick during their 1 month stay in moriah !! (touch wood!)

However I still feel that the teacher student ratio can be improved...a couple of times i find the N1 class is only manned by either chen lao shi or Teacher Angeline... usually there will be more teachers at PG grp.

Come next yr sept my no.3 will be in PG group, i believe ur girl will still be in PG grp then... so ur no.2 n my no.3 can still be classmates... who knows mayb in class Samuel n Dylan is good friend now?! I ask my no.2 about Samuel n he seems to know...
nope, FTWM. I choose moriah cc cos its next to my hme n its my boy dun fall sick easily. So far, he hardly miss sch

Yes, the N1 class is expanding..there are now 21 students in the class. Form teacher is Teacher Angeline n chinese teacher is chen lao shi. But other teachers will come over n help if needed..esp the PG teachers cos they r next door only
Mrs Lim is always on the ground too.

Haha...hope ur boy don't get bullied by Samuel. Yesterday one boy went to complain to the BBsitter that Samuel hit him when she went to fetch him in the evenings :p *so embarassing*
Hi there,

I saw ur boy in class just now... quite meaty.. heehee. if i don't remember wrongly ur boy is seated just next to my boy in the class... when my boy just joined, it is ur boy who automatically come up n make friend with him, find that ur boy is one of the more sociable boy in class. that's y i remember him well. the 1st week my boy join the class, it is ur boy who will come up to my boy n give him a pat on the back when he cries to console him...n ur boy look on with concern eyes when my boy was crying to go home
i appreciate that.

U sure the boy u saw was samuel? Hahaa..I'm surprised :p. But I know he is quite sociable cos he will wave to his friends n tell me who is coming (during the morning when Tr Violet is checking on them).

He is the bah bah type with the 'china boy' hairdo, hahaa

Hope your boy will gel in the class soon.
i asked my boy just now. U got new classmate named Dylan is it? He said yes n told me your boy got Thomas train n chungginton?
oh yah... he likes to bring his toy either chugginton or thomas to class... so yup , ur boy is referring to the right classmate... haha

we can confirm my boy knows ur boy well, I ask him : "is Samuel a naugthy boy or good boy" n my boy answered" Samuel is a good boy" Samuel is one of the few classmate he knows... there is another one whom my boy said is naugthy, but he insist samuel is a good boy.. think my boy likes Samuel, haha...
today during the story telling, ur boy n mine is seated together n they r chatting seriously about something ...
So our sons have forge a friendship in class... so sweet, n here we r the mummies chatting on forum...
Hi Stacy n Meira,

Care to share more about Moriah Childcare n Developement?

1)Does your child enjoy the school?
2)Is the Teacher commited n passionate?
3)How about the Academic aspect? Does your children learn much in school, any enrichment session?
4)How about chinese? is it a effectively bilingual school?

Im thinking about enroling my child there but it is about 15 min drive from my place, but if it is good then will be worth it.

meria - glad our boys r gd friends in sch..
It so sweet to hear what you are sharing with me about Sam
Tks, Tks! This Sat is the PTC, I hope to find out fm Tr Angeline more about his progress in sch. I suppose you wouldnt be going rite as your kids just joined a mth ago.

Rosbelle - my son joined MCCDC since last yr Mar when he was 18mths old. He enjoyed going to sch n liked the teachers n friends there. I like the teachers there cos there is always communication between the teachers and parents. So far, no enrichment session for his N1, but I'll ask the teacher about it during the PTC this Sat. We usually converse with him in Mandrain at home. In sch, they speak to the kids in both English and Mandrain.
Yes I will be attending the ptc on sat... Hope to cu then ... Happy to know the mummy of my boy's classmate
Rosa el!
My K1 boy enjoy school but my N 1 boy is still adapting to the full day routine in ccc. Find the teachers rather responsible.
My k1 boys is learning phonics n word sound n I'm happy he can remember wat he learnt in school n can share all the stuff with me, for Chinese they r using the wisdom system, sort of like flash card, heard this is the same system used in primary school. For maths my k1 boy is r doing addition n counting now. No enrichment program in this school except dancing ..
to add on, i think there is abacus class in K1 or N2. Our N1 boys are learning phonics in class too

meira - we'll be gg for The Concert on 9 july. But wouldnt be staying long if my lit one starts to eh eh eh..i will gotta go
hmm...I suppose so, else Mrs Lim wouldnt be sending us the invite letter

anyway, we are usually free on Sats evening. So just bring my boy go see see look look.
Hi Stacy,

I haven't have the invitation from Mrs Lim leh... anyway, i may still be going =)

Will u be signing up for the art enrichment class?
u can get the tickets from Tr angeline or Tr violet.
yes, I've signed Sam for the art enrichment class, cos he too energetic in class liao, need something to calm him down :p. Anyway, we've not sent him for any enrichment class on wkends, so just go for this art class first lo (at least i can still sleep in on wkends, bleh)..hahha
Hi Stacy,
I've also sign up... The enrichment program like this is good, wish that there will be more coming up soon.
I spoke to teacher Angeline , she say that if the class approach 30 students , the class will split to 2... I think they can start splitting now...
oh..means their target is 30 students?? that's a lot right! I think last year there were 2 N1 classes last year too.