Any private investigator to recommended?


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I think my husband is cheating on me.... Mummies please PM me a good PI contact and any tips that you may have. Thank you!


hi all, anyone can intro me a good PI for my friend?
she's currently with a PI but this PI not giving her any much info at all.
please pm me.


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Can someone recommend me a good PI? I suspect my husband is cheating on me.

But I don't have much money. Can at most afford 3K - 4K. Is it still possible to hire a good PI with this amount of money?


hi mummies, if u needs help to get a reliable and affordable Private Investigator,pm.

Don't worry, i have used his service before and he is trustworthy


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Hi sadliving

Got your PM. Thanks a lot.
Can I ask you what you have asked the PI to do before? Is it to follow the person and take pictures? How long can he follow the person around?
I checked out 5-7 private investigation agencies before. I needed them for both marital as well as corporate work. My friends use the same agencies, for simplicity's sake, and also as they are not many good PI firms in Singapore, unfortunately. First one that we tried was terrible.

Bulk of our work currently goes to Dennis of Covert. Excellent footage.
I used to think Covert was very expensive too. But after the previous kept claiming additional this and that, and then in the end gave shoddy work, might as well have used a good one from the start....


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Hi all

I just spoke to a PI on the phone - I got him from classifeds. Not one of the big guys.
Guess what he said to me? I asked about surveillance methods and he said : you housewives think you are so smart. What do you all know? Want surveillance? Go sim lim square lah! You engage us to do proper work for u...dont ask me about surveillance..."

Seems like he is only keen on me signing a package rather than advising me on what to do. He was also rude and high-handed and chauvinistic. What an A**H***!!!

Be careful of such people. He insults housewives, without even knowing if I am one. He didnt even listen to my situation before he started criticising..can't believe it!!!

He sounds like an old his 50s..Chinese...beware..dont bother calling him..
One of my friend's spouses hired Xxxxxxxx firm to catch.

No one got caught, except the the PI.

We saw the footage of the PI being led away by the men in blue.

Ah... This is skill.....
I am referring to skills of my friend's legal and investigation counsels. Not the firm whom the silly spouse hired.

My friend calmly consulted her counsels over tele as she was followed as she drove.

Cool chick...
My friend was not having an affair actually. More like her husband got caught for his and tried to see if he could catch her back out of spite. Probably instigated by his mistress to sour things between the couple.

The husband's PI was licensed. Just not very smart.


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The old man I was referring to? His surname is Leong. At least thats what he told me. He sounded like an old man. So be careful, gals.

Last thing I want is a chavinistic and know-it-all and rude PI. Already we are in such least give us some suggestions. Not put us down!


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yes, when u getting a PI, make sure u get someone who u feel comfortable with. If u get those 'who think they know it all', he will likely to mess it up then get the evidence.
sorry nelle, i believed you mentioned is COVERT right? I have engage their service, they charge me 3k for 30hours, but their services was very bad. They went to the wrong block to observe, he told me no sign and whole day can't find the unit. They didn't call me and only i call then they tell me, no such unit. He then admit they see the block wrong but, as he say, his man needs to be pay hence still counted.

The next day, they did it again. They follow him, but once he took the taxi, he lost him.

on another day they follow him and saw my husband came out from the office with another lady and went separate way. there was no intimacy, and straight away they folowed her. Half way they lost her.

And that goes my 3k, for a unprofessional and lousy job.

I went back to them, they told me the one who took my case no more around and when i ask to speak to the boss. The boss refused to see me and told the staff, he don't know anything as he is not the one who talk to me. I really have very bad experience with them.

Maybe u are his friend, that's why he have to do it for u


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Dear Mikki,

I am the owner of Covert Investigation. Let me know if there are any misunderstandings, and if there is anything I can clarify with.

Firstly, I do not charge by the hours and I also do not do jobs at that rate you mentioned. If there is anyone passing off as Covert PIs let me know and I will refer the matter to the appropriate authorities.

My team of operatives are all full timers and have vast and extensive experiences. My objective is to deliver results. If during the interview, I do not profile your spouse as "high risk", I would normally advise you accordingly.

If I lose a target, I compensate. This has been my practice for years.

I have avoided the forums, and minimally advertise because I can't cope with "window shoppers", as I put in my best effort to consult. I am the main contractor for the major law firms and that has kept me busy.

I look forward to you contacting me so that I can clarify the grievances you have. Please feel free to call me at 67444447 or email me at [email protected]

Thank you.

WHAT IS OVER IS OVER, I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT ANYMORE. I have settled my problem but just want to highlight to others before they make any choice.

Anyway u don't have to worry since u avoid the forum, but it's strange how know this and posted so fast.
First things first, online forums are open platforms which a lot of us have benefited from, through ways of encouraging one another, new friendship, exchange of ideas and of course, information. I think the website founders and members would like to see the integrity of that good spirit of open-ness maintained.

No one is trying to diss or belittle anyone here. But if anyone had a bad experience, and it comes to be shared and the party who suffered loss gets a chance to get compensated, why not?

Point blank, for anyone with young children, 3K can be used to buy a lot of things for the little ones and pay some school fees.

I used Covert and a couple of others on a professional relationship basis, and they have been spot on on the mark many times, missed the target a few times, due to varying reasons. Haven't come across a perfect PI so far, despite many of my friends have engaged them for work and matri.

What is important should be that the company engaged is honest, have integrity and be upfront. The last thing anyone in the midst of betrayal and pain need is to have anyone else
lying to us and fleecing us. Thus, it is good if we have "what you see is what you get" kind of engagement. No fluff.
You know, Mikki, no one is trying to re-open old hurts here.

When you wrote that you spent 3K on the job which didn't meet your set out objective and when you went back to them and that they avoided you, I was of course surprised and yet deeply concerned. If anyone had suffered loss and if it's within our little minute ability to extend a connecting olive branch, it only makes sense to.

I simple asked the boss of Covert if any of his guys could have mishandled the matter and can he help to right the wrong a lady possibly suffered.

I didn't expect him, being a very private person, to near immediately establish contact in the most direct and frank way, as really, many bosses would have just shrugged off or re-delegated or worse, act blur. So, really, if they didn't deliver as contracted, as a consumer, compensation is only logical.
No one is standing up for Covert, coz no one needs to, I'd reckon. Good work gets it's own recognition, shoddy work earns it's own demise.

Have I have disagreements with Covert before on work? Of course. Especially as I am very particular on work.

But I must say, I have seen them waived fees before, and on top of that, even given money to hardship cases. Competence with a sensible heart is precious.
And I'm saying that in the good faith that no one is gonna go start taking them for a ride. I think they have corporate kindness, but not stupidity....

Anyway, there are so many PI firms out there. At least a couple more which do really decent work too. Just select with an astute mind, and contract well.


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Nelle, I have hear many negative story about 'Covert' when i was looking for Private Investigator. Also very surprise that he was very quick to defend his company here. If it's not truth, it will die of nature cause.
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When I read that Mikki "wasted" her 3k on Covert (and yet i saw on other threads that mikki was still looking for a PI after trying so many), I felt that it wasn't right. It can feel very hapless to be caught in such a situation.Whoever messed up should recompense. Just a matter of responsibility.

So I simply asked Covert's boss point-blank if it was true and
what he would do if one of his guys misrepresented and really caused a lady such distress. I thought it was upfront of him to take responsibility and establish contact quickly. Didn't quite expect that though as many others would shrug or hide.

But what I really didn't expect was that Mikki will say that her problem is solved and .... Coz this new stance didn't sync with other postings.
Guess my help n concern was unwarranted... To think I actually thought it would be good if someone shortchanged could get compensated. 3k can buy quite some stuff for kids.. Anyway, naive of me to believe whatever gets posted.. Sigh.. Learning to be less gullible..

Think the only good that came out of it was that I did ask Covert straight, instead of second-guessing. Vindicated.

They did some of the corporate work for us and a number of my friends' cases; the integrity of whoever we use is impt to us.

Anyway, sigh....

important to me.
As i say i will let it go. I say i settle my problem is i don't wan to blow this up. I am at his mercy if he decide to expose this to my husband, as i have get another PI to do the job. On the same day, i posted here, one of the mummy introduce a good PI to me. He was totally different from Covert.

I guess u are very close to Mr Dennis ask him point blank. Of course he will defend himself as he don't wan to lose face infront of a freind
Wrong guess.

Never believe in being close to work relationships as professionalism must be maintained.

Also doesn't take anyone anything to be upfront and ask honest questions. Saves everyone's time to be unpretentious and consistent.


Nelle, u are wrong. I was also cheated by COVERT. He promised me will get me something within 4days. At the end of the 4days, just very nice pictures of my husband, but cannot follow him. Keep on losting sight of my husband. Also, no compensation.
Some useful things other good veteran mommes taught me recently on this forum:

-There are some with agenda who come online with one or more monikers (false identities) to post. They really think they can't be traced.

- Never read a comment at face value. What else have these guys written? Just provoking ladies in trouble to divorce? Just crappish one liner pseudo comments?

- Advocate responsibility and a constructive spirit. Likewise, we respect those who are and we mutually appreciate each others' presence.

- Take the useful comments and dump the trash.
It's good that Messr Blueblur is clear about what he or she needed and instructed the contractor to get.

Since they didn't deliver although there was a contract of service, nothing to stop him or her from getting a refund. In Singapore, we have something interesting called Small Claims Tribunal too.
Update us on the progress of your refund please. It will be good for us all real mommies.

When people know there are intelligent concerted people around to bring bad to light, hopefully, this deters bad, to some extent.

I've seen some really clever and accomplished mommies here. Good hearted honest ladies. And you'd notice, their comments are not off the cuff. The comments of this breed make sense.


anyway ladies,, just file for divorce if u think u cannot tolerate any unfaithfulness from the spouses..

just found out that the spouse's confession of hving affairs is good enough to file for divorce instead of spending thousands of money on fruitless PI. can be under unreasonable behaviour grounds.

I even thought of get PI to help but in the end i have so many first news abt them goin in hotel, shopping by my friends who saw them and some photos appear in the nets.. with evidences in my hand, he has no choice but to admit.


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Hi anewbeginning, Spouse confession is good enough for divorce on ground of adultery? wat abt verbally no B&W...and wat kind/type of photos can consider good evidence which no need to enage PI....must it be they holding hands, hugging each other or pic with them entering hotel???? My stupid husband admitted to hv affair and claimed that it over but to no change in his daily attitude towards kids n me. And his daily routine remains the same as leaving the house at 7/8am and back at 3/4am next morning... Home is only a 'hotel' for him to sleep and wash up............. And I still hv to wash his dirty underpants.............. Sick!! Suck!!!!! One one hand I yearning to leave but on the other hand I hv 3 young kids (youngest only 2+) to handle....and as a SAHM for the past 12 yrs ending with NO income, NO savings..... I hv NO alternative way out.......Hired a PI is way to ex.. coz just check with one PI yesterday morning and he quoted me $2k for a day of 10hrs works with no guarantee of concrete evidence....($ still count) and also claimed that normally min 3 days work or more...... then the 2k will be X accordingly to the nos. of days................PI definitely not meant to help people like me SAHM, they are for rich TaiTai.......sigh!!!!!!! Advices needed........


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Btw, a friend of his told me that he posting quite a lots of pics of him and lots of different girls and also many pics of the same particular girl on his Facebook acc and they whereabouts..(but do not want to discover further..) and heartless husband set pin to his IPhone and blocked me out from his Facebook acc. If I able to obtain those photos, can I use it as evidence?????
lynnang2, 2k for 10 hours job is definitely very expensive.

What i know is when really wan to go court, it's better to get evidence of adultery then to rely on your husband confession, as he can always change his mind and deny.

i used the services of a PI before, his charges are not so expensive. He helped me a lot, and i know he helped a lot of SAHM. if u are interest email me at [email protected]