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Any preschools to recommend in Hougang/Serangoon?

Discussion in 'Year 2006 Mums' started by miffy_cheeks, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. miffy_cheeks

    miffy_cheeks New Member

    Hi, does anyone have any preschools/nursery to recommend in the Hougang/Serangoon area? Thanks in advance!

  2. ches_fel

    ches_fel New Member

    hi miffed, hv u found any preschool/nursery? i'm looking for my kids too.

    kindly let me know if u hv any good recommendation. thanks in advance
  3. suiching

    suiching Member

    mee too.so far found little tree house, Pat schoolhse and cherie hearts. Anyone found anymore?
  4. miffy_cheeks

    miffy_cheeks New Member

    my cousin recommended Masterpiece (affiliate of Pat's) near Upp Serangoon but I've yet to check that place out. Registered with Chiltern House in the interim.
  5. z0z0

    z0z0 Member

    Masterpiece is quite out of the way unless you drive. Anyone can give feedback on St Paul's kindergarten?
  6. mumof2precious0506

    mumof2precious0506 New Member

    If you drive, check out out PIES Schoolhouse at www.pies.com.sg
    It was recommended by my friend.
    Now my girl is enroled there and we are very happy with their environment and programs.
  7. duffybuff

    duffybuff New Member

    Hi mummies,

    any more recommendation for pre nursery? my boy is 2 yr 3mths now..
  8. mumof2precious0506

    mumof2precious0506 New Member

    Hi Duffybuff, where do u stay?
  9. mumof2precious0506

    mumof2precious0506 New Member

    Hi duffybuff, where do u live in? I have a friend staying in Hougang and she send her kid to a centre in Sengkang, by school bus, she love it so far.
  10. miffy_cheeks

    miffy_cheeks New Member

    Does anyone have any feedback on Little Tree House @ Jln Naung?
  11. sugarine

    sugarine New Member

    Hi Mother of 2 little gems,

    Can you share wif us which centre in sengkang pls.

  12. mumof2precious0506

    mumof2precious0506 New Member

    Hi Sugar,

    The centre my friend's kid goes to is Young Elites, it is behind Rivervale Mall. If you are willing to pay, there is modern montessori near St Anne Church. She mentioned to stay away from NTUC at Compassvale. The centre was shut down by MCYS a month plus ago for HFMD outbreak.

  13. mumof2precious0506

    mumof2precious0506 New Member

    Hi mums,

    For those interested, PIES School House is having an open house on 19th and 20th Sept. They are at 20 Mayflower Rise, behind Kebun Baru CC at AMK Ave 4. Call them at 6452 6116 for more details.

  14. cocoon

    cocoon New Member

    Any mum with kids at cherie heart, charlton. Would like feedback on how the teachers are like and the program there.
  15. trist

    trist New Member

    I planning to enrol my girl in the Intellect at Serangoon Central Drive. Been there twice with my girl. Realised that the school there, quite friendly [​IMG]
  16. timmie

    timmie New Member

    Dear all, having quite a difficult time thinking of which kindergarten or childcare to register my kid (going on 3) with. I am on half-pay so I cannot afford to splurge on this. Any views on the following? 1) yio chu kang chapel kindergarten; 2) zion BP serangoon gardens kindergarten or 3) wesley child dev at serangoon north?
    Thanks [​IMG]
  17. teojen

    teojen New Member

    Hi mummies,

    Would like to know any mummies send their kids to A & J Childcare @ hougang Ave 8 ?Need some feedback. Thanks!
  18. teojen

    teojen New Member

    Hi timmie,

    Hear from my friend saying that Yio Chu Kang Chapel Kindergarten is not bad. However the fee are a bit high........u wanna check it out ya.
  19. tiffany_seah

    tiffany_seah Active Member

    Hi Mummies

    I am putting up at Sgn Nth Ave 1, has a son going on 3 and a girl, 16mths.

    Vine_ Gal,
    If not wrong, Talent Plus is now at The Serangoon CC. You planning to send your 12mth old boy to playgroup?

    btw, where is Catholic Kindergarten?
  20. snail05

    snail05 Member


    Would like to check anyone has any comments on Rosyth Childcare? Any recommended childcare in Serangoon, near serangoon garden? Tks!
  21. ches_fel

    ches_fel New Member

    Hi Peng,

    My friend sends her gals there and feedback from her is both of them like the school very much. Not only academic side is good and also the environment.

    Hope this can help you
  22. ches_fel

    ches_fel New Member

    Hi Tiffany,

    Catholic kindergarten is located at Flower Road, just behind kovan melody.

    My gals are attending the school.
  23. teddytthots09

    teddytthots09 New Member


    Any comment on Paya Lebar Methodist Church? My girl turning 3yrs soon.

  24. easy

    easy New Member

    I heard bethesda Bukit Arang is not bad. Teachers are nice and doesn't make a hole in the pocket for those of us on a budget. All the children I know from there are well adjusted in Primary school
  25. yongyong

    yongyong New Member

    Hi I am new here.... would like to have my gal into either catholic kindergarten or St Paul Church Kindergarten.... anyone can adivce which one is better?
  26. ion

    ion New Member

    Dear mummies, I like to recommend Bethel Day care(Jalan Lateh) near Serangoon central. They have quite big and nice compound for kids to play. My child enjoy going to school. They school bus service so transport is not a problem.
    School fees for full day is reasonable too.
  27. bebesha

    bebesha Member

    I dun really think Roysth is a good childcare. When I was there to 'tour' the sch, I heard teachers shouting at students and most of the children were crying. That gave me a bad impression. Teachers also dun seem motivated at all...
  28. pinklim01

    pinklim01 New Member

    Dear mummies, My son juz turned 2. Any childcare near serangoon that is good, any advice? Thanks
  29. emma_mom

    emma_mom New Member

    if money is no issue, Pat's Schoolhouse is good. there's a branch at lim ah pin road.

    but they only accept when the year the child turns 3yo.
    but it's really very popular. so u would need to register now for next year intake.
  30. pinklim01

    pinklim01 New Member

    Thanks EM! Other thn Pat's & MMI kovan any others that is gd n less costly?
  31. emma_mom

    emma_mom New Member

    my friend told me Kinderland cc at yio chu kang is good. Not sure about the cc at serangoon though.
    if u don't mind ur son taking sch bus, u can consider it. Fees are lesser than pat's & mmi.

    btw my friend also stays in serangoon and her gal takes sch bus to yio chu kang. Her gal also started cc when turn 2yo ;)
  32. tiny_m

    tiny_m New Member

    Hi pink, r u looking for full day childcare or a few hrs playgroup? my daughter is attending SuperMe Preschool and it's very good and reasonably-priced for a montessori school. u can find more info here: http://www.superme-preschool.com/
  33. graceygan

    graceygan New Member

    I did sent my children to pat schoolhouse before. I liked the principal there who is very helpful. Her name is ms wee. she also recommended my child to come to intellicat tuition school which is opposite pat's schoolhouse for primary school tuition and I am very happy with the results so far.
  34. srp

    srp Member

    anyone have kids or sending kids to Bethel Daycare??

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