Any Porridge Recipies to Share??


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<font color="0077aa">bladers</font>, hi, when u say 'crockpot' u mean those clay, earthern ware right? those are for very pro-long and low heat cooking. I suggest using a electric slow cooker instead. My blog has a picture of the slow cooker if u want to take a look, scroll down for slowcooker (

Crockery/Clay Pots are great for stews over stove fire.

I find rice cooker very hard to cook porridge, unless you have those mini ones.

And if your bb is below 10 months, u might want to blend the rice grains first before cooking


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Thanks for the link brenda, v. useful!

Yes, was referring to the electric ones...thanks for the tip on making porridge for BB, honestly speaking, i've never cooked porridge b4... hehe


I just bought a soymilk maker at ck tang. it can grind the porridge until very fine like eating canto porridge. Soak the rice for 3 hours then pour into the machine with hot water, then 15 minutes later, the fine porridge will be done. Then transfer to normal pot and add your ingredient, save your gas.

Or if you wan to use stove to cook fine porridge. Soak you porridge with a little oil and salt for 1 hour, then will speed up the process. =)


what i did was to cook the rice in slow cooker using hot water, set the temperature to high for abt 2 hours, then keep it low until my DS wants to eat.


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<font color="0077aa">bladers</font>, you're welcome

<font color="0077aa">muzicgal</font>, oooh could be the same blender I bought too becos I know CK Tang also retails the one I got and I love making soy milk with it, so easy. I just blogged about making soy milk actually. Nice!

Oh, soak rice grains for 3 hours will become like those cantonese porridge?! that's a great info, thanks!


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no offence. brenda's advice sounds good until the one on soaking rice with oil and salt.

minimize the introduction of salt into child's diet will be a healthier choice.


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if we use slow cooker cook for 3hr, do we still have to blender after it? if for bb 6mth old


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If ur using slow cooker to cook for 3 hrs then porridge grain will still be big although soft, I read in other thread a mummy actually squash the grains of uncooked rice and then put into cooker, so rice turns out smaller.
Blender will make it too fine.


Something to share,
I usually grind the rice keep in container.
1. scoop out 2 or 3 teaspoons each time.
2. use slow cooker add some thick slice of sweet potato/pumpkin etc cook for about 1 hour
3. then add washed brocoli/other green veg. cook for another half hour more
4. finally take out the cooked veg &amp; sweet potato mash using chop board, then add back into the porridge, stir thoroughly &amp; serve, yummy!


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Hello mummies,

I have 7 months old baby. He started on solid since 6 mth old.

I'm confused whether I better use the toyomi double boiler or slow cooker to cook baby's porridge.

Any mummies care to share with me what the difference between them?

Tks a lot in advance


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Hi mummies,

Decided to get slow cooker as it has more benefits and is most economical for me. Low in watts. Affordable in price. Hee...

Tks for sharing


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my mummy uses the AMC pot to cook porridge for my bb nephew. I don't know if its consider as congee or porridge but the texture is quite sticky instead of watery. by the way, she cooks the porridge with dry scallop and scallop to enhance the taste, which is more healthier than soy sauce. sometimes if im lucky, mummy will cook my share too.



my MIL also uses the AMC pot to cook my children porridge too! the texture is different from the pots i used. it seem to taste much better and easier for baby to swallow also. wonder if its possible to buy individual AMC pot cos my MIL told me, they sell in 1 set...and its very costly.
<font color="ff0000">SN Yeo</font>, I just realised a booboo.. I wasn't the one who advised on soaking the rice grains with salt + oil.. I was merely thanking the person who gave that info.. I was thinking this info could be used for adult's diet instead. Besides, I also against adding salt for a small child's diet wherever unnecessary. Just clarifying yahh, cheers!


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My mother-in-law taught me this too. Soak the rice grain in salt and a bit of oil overnight or for a couple of hours. But she says to make it a point to rinse it thoroughly before cooking it to make porridge to remove the salt and oil. It cooks pretty fast so you don't need a slow cooker.
<font color="0077aa">Hoopsterdavid</font>, I supposed if the purpose of doing so is to hasten the porridge cooking time, then perhaps simply by grinding the grains before cooking can do the job perfectly ya? So that we don't have to worry about additional salt or oil if not wash cleanly. Especially if we leave the job to helpers, they might overlook


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can i share a lil abt cooking porridge for bbs. wat i was taught by my mom was, wash d rice grains as per normal when you cook rice for adults... dried it with a piece of towel... and sun it for a while... using metal trays would be a plus point as the heat it absorbs helps dry up d grains faster. then grind d grains to ur preference depending on how old your bb is... currently i grind it finely as my son jus turned 7mths.

cook it with a small size claypot... or any claypot u have at home, jus that small one would be easier for handling and washing and stirring. i actually spent like 5mins boiling a spoonful of grinded rice grains.. (do leave d lid slightly open when boiling as it tends to overspill very quickly with claypots) after about 5mins or so, turn off d fire,close d lid and leave d porridge to continue cookin on its own...

20mins or so later... u turn on d fire and add in any pureed veg or meat (wat i do is i blanch d amt of veg i intend to feed my son on dat particular meal, remove it and cook d rice with the same water so no nutrients gone to waste! one spoonful of blended rice grain with abt 100ml of water, u can add water later depending on how thick or runny u prefer to serve ur kid) and stir a while and wahlahh... ur bb's meal is ready! leave d bowl of porridge in front of a fan for a couple of mins to cool it.. and it's ready to be serve to ur lil prince/princess!!
with d PUB rate quite high these days... using too much of gas and electricities jus burns us!!!
hope these helps!

oh, new claypot.. this is wat i learnt frm mom too long time ago, soak it with water that u wash ur rice grains with, and change d rice grain water for at least 3 days
it prevents d new claypot from cracking!!! i was very surprised too! but it worked!


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Heard from my mum, the claypot will crack if being soak with cold water while it is still hot. Not sure abt it coz my mum told mi after saw my claypot cracked.

No harm try melodie's method. Will try it when i bought a new one.


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Instead of sun dry your grains, try cooking porridge as per normal with meat n brown rice. When rice is cooked, put vegetables in. Boil n remove from heat. Cool down for a while n pour all contents into blender. Porridge is as fine as purée. U can also add silver fish in the porridge n blend. Like this baby eats all ingredient. Mix vegetable so bb won't b sick of same taste. Can try potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, spinach , carrot, celery etc.