Any play groups in Ang mo kio


hi could any one recommend a good play group in Ang mo kio there are many child care but prefer a good play school.

ice mom

my boy attends kinderland yio chu kang playgroup which is 3hrs daily. It's for kids from 18 mths till 36mths. U might wish to consider that.
hi ere, is this thread active :p
anyone has good recommendation for childcare / playgroup in amk area?
do share with me
Yes, someone please share.

I've taken my child out from Character Montessori (AMK) and thinking of enrolling him only for enrichment, any good centres to recommend.

hi carebear29,
can share your comments (both gd & bad) for Character Montessori (AMK)? ay difference with normal childcare
Hi preciousboi & tub,

Ehh ... I've both good & bad to share, good was when we first started, I was impressed with the spacious environment and Montessori way. Then, the school supervisor was a lady by Ms Cheah, she was great, professional and even knew every kid by name and their backgrd. Towards end of last year, I came to realise that they changed supervisor to a young lady by the name of Karen, and the morale of the teachers & staff also visibly dipped. My mum, kept "updating" me of the changes, so I went to take a look and to my horror, I saw one of the PRC teachers holding a cane. When I asked for the English teacher of my child to speak at length, the (another) PRC teacher said she is the English teacher!!! In fact, I noticed the bulk of the staff changed to PRC. That's the ultimatum, and I stopped.

Looking back, after the change in their staff, my child stopped enjoying and looking forward to schooling, unlike when first started.

I realised that the "brand" and "teaching philsophy" of any school is not as important as a professional and high morale team of teachers and staff.

I'm happy to pay $700 pm for 3hours everyday if my child is happy. However, it didn't seems the case.

While I think we shouldn't spare the "rod", but for a childcare/pre-school/nursery to use cane on the kids (as scare tactics), it's not right.

Things may have changed in the last 0.5 year in CM AMK, so my comment may no longer be too fair.

Please still visit them to ascertain if they have improved.

There are more postings on the below link, it seems that another mummy encounter the same in CM PR.

There's one playschool at AMK Hub - Learning Kidz. If you dun mind travel, u can try Learning Horizon at Grassroot Club near YCK MRT. I'm also looking for playsch for my 27mths boy.... havnt decide which one. Will go for trial class at learning kidz before deciding.
Hi everyone,
I'm still considering cm AMK for my girl. Can anyone comment whether the situation has improved? Are the teachers all from PRC?
Hi thanks for sharing! any recommend for childcare centre nearby AMK MRT ...seems like alots centre is fully taken and got to put under waiting list...
A senior teacher in Learning Horizon make remarks about my kid on the very 1st day! It also happens to my friend who happens to send her kid there. As if they know our kids so very well. Senior teachers in Learning Horizon, lousy!