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Any Permanent PTWM????

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by jlee, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. jlee

    jlee New Member

    Any permanent PTWM here? Can share with me the info of type of benefit that your company giving you? Eg. how many days annual leave? MC? bonus? working hrs? Salary base on per hr or mthly?

    I'm considering to switch to part-time job but would like to find out usually what type of benefit that company will offer you.

    Thanks for sharing the info

  2. purplecurlz

    purplecurlz Member

    hi jlee
    i thinking of switching to part time too after i delivery. what sort of jobs are there avail for part time?
  3. jlee

    jlee New Member

    Hi faten,

    I think there are quite a number of part time jobs in the market (admin, data-entry, promoter, sales asst....)

    For me, I'm working as a admin in a local firm for abt 7 yrs. My boy is now coming to 3yrs old. Same thing, like a lot of mummies, wanted to spend more time with their kids...

    I've discussed with my boss to switch to part-time (permanent) next year and she rather I continue to work for her then I leave the company.

    I've to give her a more exact "proposal" (referring part time job) before we can talk further.
  4. rainbowday

    rainbowday New Member


    I have not worked part-time before but my colleague did. Think she converted to work 50% part-time for about 1 year before converting back to full-time.

    Her feedback:
    - 50% cut on pay & welfare stuff, e.g. leave
    - but still doing the same things in 50% timeframe, end up she has to rush a lot to finish a lot of things in half the time, sometimes even have to OT... cos no way to finish...
    - pay rise and bonuses affected badly

    This colleague is working in admin.
    Another colleague working in IT also feedback the same thing...
  5. win_ng

    win_ng Member


    am currently working from home for one month... can consider part-time working, as i consider myself full time mother!

    things may sound rosy and good, but its def not easy.

    just my 2 cents feedback for your considerations
    1) company still paying you, the expectation of u still completing your task is there. you will have to have phones etc ringing while u taking care of your kid. and yes, i had to rush a lot of time to complete my task, and usually after the tod nap or sleep... as u can see from my entry now...

    2) family/ HB's expectation. you are at home, you are considered able to help in the housework etc...esp if u have no helper. so there is the expectations that you are able to run errands, clean the hse, cook dinner, the general retort would be "you are at home wat". No one actually sees that u are working when u are basically at home, everyone's mindset is "so good hor, get paid and stay at home..."

    3) manaing your own time and expectations. my 19mth old doesnt nap long, in that 2 hrs, i will have to juggle retrieving emails, talking on the phone while cooking lunch/ dinner, clearing the hse or any mess or even do laundry... so before i know it, the babe is waking up! and most nights, i had to stay up and work after babe slept, no couple time for HB or talk to him... sometimes i had to bring the babe along when i went for meetings or run errands, esp if i could not find someone to help

    4) is it fair for the babe, while u are spending time with him, your mind is wandering to unfinished task and deadlines? i found myself doing it, and had to stop... its not easy initially. but takes time and u must be able to let go... mentally

    just sharing my experience with you, so you could consider what you want and could do. manage your boss and family's expectations as well...

    having said that, though tiring, its an opp not many mummies can enjoy!

  6. yokekuin

    yokekuin Member

    what part time can SAHM do?
  7. athen

    athen Member

    I've been working as freelance accountant & auditor for almost 3 yrs now. DS is in Childcare. I work 3 - 4 days a week. Get to office at 9.30am & leave sharp sharp at 5.30pm. As I'm on my own, no benefit from company. But u get your own time. I'll usually try to meet deadline if any. So if I can't meet, then I won't take up the job. When DS is sick & can't go to childcare, got to stay at home with him. So the jobs that I take cannot have deadline.

    Of course I don't get as much pay as I used to get lah. Pros & cons.
  8. moondancer

    moondancer Member

    Hi Athen,
    HOw did u get the lobang to work freelance ah? I wanna do that too but dunno how to get the jobs... can share with me how u go abt doing it? Thanks!
  9. athen

    athen Member

    Hi moondancer,

    I'll advertise on Classified on my accounting service. Get a few clients then will get referrals if service is good. Friends also refer jobs to me.

    As for audit job, I advertise my service in the accounting journal.

    R u an accountant also?
  10. moondancer

    moondancer Member

    Hi Athen,

    Oh ok, thanks for the tip. Yeah, me also an accountant... so thot some freelance work will be useful to keep myself updated and of cos, the income [​IMG]
  11. ss1

    ss1 New Member

    Just sharing my experience here...

    I've experienced what win_ng is doing now and totally agree with what she said here. For me, somehow the feeling of "guilt" towards the job and home is always there... I find that I can't handle both well, hence I've tendered my resignation though many people can't understand the reason as it seems very rosy!!

    As for working part time, if the position is quite high in the company and you have high sense of responsibility, somehow it can become full time job part time pay!

    Do think carefully hoh!! [​IMG]
  12. closetdoor

    closetdoor Active Member

    I have worked PT while doing my PT degree. Altho its not a high post, I find it not worthwhile. The expectation is there, but the money is not.

    If the pay if not more than SGD750 per month, then your CPF contribution will be affected, in my case. So if your are paying for your house, you have to do the calculations properly.

    I would like to know, for freelance accounting or audit work, is it a must to hold a CPA? Can we write in to the local CPA firms and ask if they need any PT help?
  13. athen

    athen Member

    Hi Kell,

    For freelance accounting or audit work, not a must to hold a CPA though having a CPA would put u ahead of those who don't esp if doing audit. For accounting work, may pull u back a bit as u will be asking for higher fee as compared with those pple who do not have CPA. Yes, u can write in to local CPA firms & ask if they need PT help. With the audit exemption for pte exempt companies, more SMEs have opt out of audit so biz for local firms have been affected. So some local firms employ PT to tie them thru the peak period.
  14. closetdoor

    closetdoor Active Member

    Thanks Athen!

    I find this arrangement better than gng through the job agencies. They are only paying you around $12 per hour for accounting jobs... Also no benefits.
  15. athen

    athen Member


    Agencies paying only $12 per hour ah? So low. Got to commit to fix timing rite? I don commit to fix timing. Own time own target. As long as can meet client's deadline can liao.
  16. jpooh

    jpooh New Member

    I have been working as a PT secretary for 5 years. Nothing is smooth sailing but overall still very happy. Having my own time and spending time with family.
  17. 2galswithlove

    2galswithlove New Member

    Hi mummies who are keen to work PT and do not mind the pay, I suggest to try part time bank teller/cashiers. You can just walk in to any bank to fill up an application form and wait for their contact for interviews.

    If i am not wrong, the part timers are only required from 9am tp 1pm and the salary is about 900 plus a month. Five day week.
  18. bin

    bin Member


    I would like to check on public holiday entitlements for part-time employees. If the PH falls on your non-working day, are you still entitle to another day off? Any mummies can help?

    Thanks! [​IMG]
  19. sflia2

    sflia2 New Member

    Hi anyone can tell me how to become a freelance accountant? how many year of accounting experience is needed? how much per case a freelance accountant can get? is it easy to handle a small company full set account at home and do it by myself?
  20. staff

    staff New Member

    my friend has been a PT for more than a year, not really PT or I should say is Non Perm FT. she works as and when she is needed, pay is $15/hour, weekday 9pm-6pm, No CPF, can take leave/MC/Urgent Leave, they pay her every 15th and 30th. So, if you calculate, a month her income is about $2.5k - $2.7k
  21. baby_c

    baby_c New Member

    Any one interested in PT retail job, please contact me. Hours are Wed to Sun 11 am to 5 pm, with Saturdays extended to 6 pm.

    Working at a baby/kids shop in River Valley Area
  22. ryanmum

    ryanmum New Member

  23. fizzblizz1

    fizzblizz1 New Member

    Hi Amber,
    Is the offer still open?
  24. furzz

    furzz Member

    Athen :

    What kind of qualifications and experience is required for accounting work that companies look for?

    Thank you.

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