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Any part time helper to recommended at east area?

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by cintcl, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. cintcl

    cintcl Member

    Do PM or email me at cintcl@gmail.com if you have any part-time helper to recommend at east area

  2. sitinoor

    sitinoor New Member

    hi, u can try my part-time helper mdm diana 84516504 she stay in buangkok(hougang).she charge $10 per an hour.
  3. jacquise

    jacquise Member

    Hi Siti,
    Ur mum is a babysitter or cleaner?Or she can do both? Willing to travel to Eunos?
  4. grownup

    grownup Member

    To all mummies , if u are looking for a part-time helper in the morning , pls do not hesistate to call me at 93856063
    Any areas within 6am - 11am from mon till fri
    I am sincere in doing all type of housechores and ironing as i am dedicade for my both kids to earn extra income to support my family
    My charges are $10 per hour or monthly basis
  5. diana11

    diana11 New Member

    Anybody needs a nanny @ Tampines St 11, please call me at 91596725 or email me at diana_ong_11@hotmail.com Nanny is my mom who is qualified and used to work in a child care centre for many years. She can take care of babies from 1mth onwards starting from 1st September 09. Charges negotiable.
  6. assyllene

    assyllene New Member

  7. vtly78

    vtly78 New Member

    Hi, I'm looking for a part time cleaner in Tampines.
    Pls email me at Venetia_teh@hotmail.com if you have any recommendation for a good n efficient pt cleaner. Thanks.
  8. mummyfel

    mummyfel Member

    Im looking for part time cleaner at macpherson area. Please pm me if you have any contact. Note: Cleaner must not be afraid of dog... I have a dog at home. Thanks!!
  9. eysl

    eysl New Member

    hello.. am also looking for a part time cleaner around joo seng, macpherson area. please PM me. much appreaciated.
  10. sdyna

    sdyna New Member

    Hi, I'm looking for part-time help in west coast area. Please PM me if anyone has any recommendations. Thanks a lot.
  11. evonymc

    evonymc New Member

    Hi, I'm looking for part-time help at Jurong West (near Lakeside MRT). Mon-Sun: 3.30pm to 9.00pm. Please SMS me at 97521003 if anyone has any recommendations. Thanks.
  12. vivianly80

    vivianly80 New Member

    Hi, I'm looking for a part-time help at east coast Road (opposite parkway parade). Pls contact me at 98700602 if anyone has any recommendation. Many thanks!
  13. buta

    buta New Member

    Hi my name is Song and I stay opposite Redhill MRT station. Both I and my wife are working. I need someone to come to my house to do cleaning once a week during weekday. For a start, I hope she can come on weekend for 4hrs/wk. Once I’m confident with her work and character she can come on weekday afternoon when no one is at home.

    I’m also looking part timers who can help me fetch my kid from a childcare near tanjong pagar mrt to my house on weekdays.

    Please recommend thanks!!
    Tel 96157853
  14. yen_yen

    yen_yen New Member


    I'm looking for part time helper with general cleaning and ironing in Jurong East area (near Chinese garden mrt). Please PM me if you have anybody to recommend. Thanks.
  15. dimension

    dimension Active Member

    Hi can i know whether any of you managed to find PT helper from this thread? looking for one too, NE area.

  16. chanel27

    chanel27 New Member

  17. missjane

    missjane Member


    you can try clean & tidy home services.

    their rates are as follow:
    - weekdays S$12 per hour
    - weekends S$13 to S$15 per hour...

    - there's no admin nor upfront costs involve. just the pure services charges only.

    you may email florence at cleantidyhomeservices@gmail.com
  18. sugartoffee

    sugartoffee New Member

    my mum is an experience part time cleaner. anyone staying in the East need part time cleaner, pls email me at sugartoffee@hotmail.com
  19. chanel27

    chanel27 New Member

  20. diamond42

    diamond42 Member

    Hi all,

    I am looking for a part time helper do just basic mopping and vacuum the floor.

    If you have anyone to recommend or know anyone who dont mind just 2 hours or so per week, let me know.

    Thank you!
  21. cakhcakh

    cakhcakh New Member

    I had one indon helper being recommended by my post natal massage lady, Kak Ida.

    She is really good. She really clean floor,windows properly. Toilet and kitchen she wash even the tiles and cabinet doors. I didnt have to check her work. She iron the clothes and fold them neatly. Nice lady.

    You can ask Kak Ida for her cleaning services
  22. redcharcoal

    redcharcoal New Member

    Hi. I'm looking for part time maid/auntie that can cook and do simple house keeping. Mon to Fri abt 8-10hrs. Salary neg.
    Let me know
  23. new_bies

    new_bies Member

    Hi, i am looking for a part time helper on Sat morning to do basic cleaning of floor and toilet, ocassionally windows, I supposed 2-3hrs is more than enough. If you have anyone to recommend, pls PM me. I stay near Redhill area.
  24. elisdap

    elisdap New Member

    hi I am looking for a part time helper on Sat morning till afternoon to do basic cleaning, cooking. About 5 hours, pls PM me if you stay nearby old airport area
  25. nobel

    nobel New Member

    Hi, I am looking for a part-time helper in the East for 2 weekdays, 3hrs or one weekday, 4hrs. Please PM me. Thanks.
  26. millykoh

    millykoh New Member


    I'm looking for a local part-time domestic help for 4 hrs 4 weekdays on a weekly basis. Doing household chores and help to look after a 10 mth old baby while my mother (grandmother) can take her shower. At CCK area near Yew Tee Mrt station. If there is any recommendation pls pm or email me at mildredkoh@yahoo.com.sg. Thanks.
  27. junelee13

    junelee13 New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm new to Singapore and am looking for a part-time domestic helper for the weekdays. (Time and schedule are flexible.) The main chores are cleaning (toilet, kitchen, floor and windows) and ironing. I live close to the Newton MRT.

    Please kindly contact me if you know anyone. junebebe@yahoo.com , mobile: 84209690

  28. evonymc

    evonymc New Member

    Hi, I'm looking for part-time help at Jurong West (near Lakeside MRT). Mon-Fri: 3.00pm to 8.00pm. Please SMS me at 97521003 if anyone has any recommendations. Thanks
  29. misspiiggy

    misspiiggy Member

    i am looking for part time maid, i stay at tanah merah
  30. Simply Pink

    Simply Pink New Member

    I am looking for a part time maid in Hougang area. Require her for 4 hours on a weekly basis. Main chores are: vacuum, mopping, washing of the two toilets, ironing etc.... If you have anyone to recommend or know anyone, please pm me. Thank you.
  31. Firegirl

    Firegirl New Member

    Hi guys,
    If you are interested call Liza at 85237025
    Tried her service, not bad
  32. Simply Pink

    Simply Pink New Member

    Can I know Where is this Liza from and How much is the rate per hour? Thank you.
    beehives likes this.
  33. charlottemt88

    charlottemt88 New Member


    Does she come to ang mo kio? and the rates are?

    Thank you in advance! :)
  34. tiff_snsd

    tiff_snsd New Member

    im also looking for a part-time helper... ang mo kio! please pm me.. willing to pay high!
  35. tiff_snsd

    tiff_snsd New Member

    pm me asap thanks!!!
  36. Milo.mitch

    Milo.mitch New Member

    Hi everyone!
    My Name is Michelle, looking for part time domestic job.
    Available at weekdays. Email me at: mitchmichelle25@gmail.com
    # 83328104

    Thank you!
  37. tiff_snsd

    tiff_snsd New Member

    do you know how to operate a delphin vacuum cleaner? i use it for all my general cleaning and my mattresses and stuff..
  38. tiff_snsd

    tiff_snsd New Member

    if you know how to use it, it's definitely a plus point.. i'm lazy to teach the air-con cleaning all over again hahaa!
  39. tiff_snsd

    tiff_snsd New Member

    pardon me for my laziness hehe
  40. i.am.ginger

    i.am.ginger New Member

    hahaha i'm also using a delphin! so coincidentally.. i'm also looking for a part-time helper.
  41. i.am.ginger

    i.am.ginger New Member

    PM to negotiate the price.. training for my delphin will be provided xP
  42. Milo.mitch

    Milo.mitch New Member

    Lol I think I've been using that last year:)
    Can't send you PM madam
  43. Milo.mitch

    Milo.mitch New Member

    Haha! Will watch on YouTube if how to use it,but I've used that last year
  44. Milo.mitch

    Milo.mitch New Member

    Show me how I've used it once.
  45. >0<

    >0< New Member

    Hi, I'm looking for a part time cleaner in hougang ave 8.
    Pls pm me if you have any recommendation for a good n efficient pt cleaner. Thanks
  46. Jon Chia

    Jon Chia New Member

    Hi all, I'm looking for a permanent part time local/Malaysian/Chinese (must be legally residing in Singapore) lady helper at Toa Payoh area. timing from 12pm - 6pm.. Mon - Friday. Just help out my wife with kids..

    1. no need to cook for children at all, just help out with bathing and taking care, along with my wife.
    2. Simple cooking at times.. optional.
    3. No need to do very heavy chores... just help out with simple chores.
    4. Fee negotiable, will provide transport allowance (public transport, not cab)

    The rest to be discussed. Am looking for a reliable person, will give BONUS (1 month) after 1 yr of service.

    Give me a call if anyone is keen or you have any reco @ 9066 8033 (Jon)

  47. I read your recommendation and has just engaged Lisa's service for the 1st time. Utterly disappointed with her standard of service in terms of the followings in my ever first try.

    1) Lateness. 1.5 hrs late from scheduled time. 2) Non-accomplish tasks despite numerous reminders.
    3) Lack of sense of responsibility I.e. Layer of dust were found on the table tops although she claimed it has been wiped when asked.
    4) Persistent in asking owners to sign up 10 sessions package.
    5) Strengthless disposition

    Although Lisa doesn't state the no of hours of cleaning for each session. She is definitely targeting to complete the minimum within less than 2.5 hrs. This ended her services to cost a premium. This doesn't matter if her service is good.

    Nonetheless I beg to differ that her service is good. I would rate her below average and would not recommend to anyone.
  48. CynthiaB

    CynthiaB New Member

    Im looking for a part time maid in ang mo kio area. Please PM me
  49. CynthiaB

    CynthiaB New Member

    Hi Michelle, u a singaporean?
  50. NewbieAffcianado

    NewbieAffcianado New Member


    I am looking for part time helper, who can come to my house on weekdays preferably in the morning or at noon. I am staying at Jurong west and preferably someone who stays in the west or otherwise is fine too.

    Is there anyone who can recommend? Pls pm me or email me name and contact details to mellychua@icloud.com

    Many Thanks!

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