Any part time cleaner in Jurong West?

I am looking for a part time cleaner that can come to my house on weekend to do few hours of housework. If anybody has recommendation, please PM me.


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Li yiru, ur PM not activated. PM me instead. btw i dont come back to this threads, happen to browse thru today, if anyone need contacts pls PM me.


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Dear mothers or mothers-to-be, if you are looking for an experienced nanny, feel free to contact my mom by sending me a personal message.

My mom has a lot of experience taking care of children as well as newborn. willing to take care for day and night.


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Hello All,

I also need someone to help me clean my apartment every weekend. I stay in Yew Tee though.

Thanks in Advance!



I am also looking for a part time maid/cleaner to help with household chores during weekdays atjurong west. If anybody has recommendation, please PM me.


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Hi all,

I know of one (my office cleaner) who is freelance on her own... no agency fees. Please ring her at 91722236, her name is Heen Ching.




hi Amanda (pooh11piglet)
wonder where u are staying? I stay JW ST 65, i engage some part-time cleaner from those aunties in my downstairs. they are from china and come here to look after grandson, but some are free coz kids go childcare and some got hb to help take care of kids. and they are keen to earn extra $. I had this idea coz i found so many of these ppl working as cleaner in Koufu of Pioneer Mall. Hope it works


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hi All,

Looking for one.. Also want to know the rate they change? PM me. As i will lose the thread.


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If anyone stayin in Toa Payoh or nearby, is looking for a part time cleaner, please contact me.

THis lady that I am recommending is currently cleaning my place. She stays in TPY and hence, hope to find families who are also staying in TPY to reduce travelling time and transport cost.

Her rate is $10/hr. Min 4 hr.


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I have a good and reliable nanny about 38 years old. Mother of 2 aged,14 and 10 staying at bukit batok street 21. anyone interested may reach her at hp no. 91644275 - Apple


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Hi Sir/Madam,

I would like to introduce you to our professional part time domestic cleaning services:

Our Charges: $15/hr (min. 4 hours) +7% GST = $64.20 per session (all apartments excluding studio apartments)
**$15/hr(min. 2 hours) + 7% GST = $32.10 per session (studio apartment)

The Job Scope of helper:

1. Sweeping OR vacuuming of entire unit
2. Mopping the entire unit
3. Dusting of furniture/wardrobes
4. Soaking and scrubbing of toilets
5. Cleaning of kitchen stove areas, cabinets and counter tops
6. Wiping of windows (whenever required)
7. Wiping of ceiling/stand fans (whenever required)
8. Laundry (washing/drying and folding of clothes

Professional Ironing Services: Additional 1 hour required (will be charged accordingly)

Our Team of experienced and reliable helpers will leave your home in the most neat & clean condition within four hours.

For your kind information: We also provide local and PR helpers for part-time domestic help such as: cleaning (inclusive of washing of toilets), ironing, laundry on a daily, weekly or twice a week and monthly basis. Should you have functions, parties or event, please don't hesitate to call us. We'll be ready to clean up your 'pre-party' hassle & 'post-party' mess too!

Please feel free to call for further discussion/enquiries.

Best Regards,

Vanessa Sharlani


6415 1560 (Office)

8132 6037 (Mobile)

6349 5923 (Fax)


hi ling and shawn, perhaps you can try i posted a link of them a few years ago and im still using their spring cleaning services, while my frien is still engaging them for monthly services as well. why dont you use this link:

no hardselling but just tot il share reliable sources. anyway, jus an advise that you better do fast because cny is coming and i bet alot of those aunties will say they are alredy taken up... good luck!



looking for p/t cleaner at bt batok central. To do general cleaning n ironing.
If anyone has any recommendations, pls PM me. Thanks.


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Hi Jasmine, i try to send in the form to them but they did not reply to me or call me. so i am a bit disappoint on their front line service.


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Hi mummies, i have someone to rec for Jurong area. Pls PM me...

She is PR (malaysian)
Quite thorough (she cleans every nook and corner to the best of her ability)
Has initiative (brings her own home made enzymes to add to the detergent to make the floors etc squeaky clean and safer for kids)
Willing to learn (she will not say she knows how to operate something if she doesn't. instead she will learn if u r willing to teach)
Willing to "suffer" (she cut herself while cleaning the windows.. it's a long gash but she said nothing, took no break and continued working)

But she is ONLY available on weekdays from 8am to 1pm
$10 per hour
Pls PM me as i will not check this thread after this.. Thanks!!


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Hi mummies,
I've stopped recommending my part-time helper as I was told she cannot iron well (i didnt need ironing so was unaware) So sorry about it!


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Hi ladies,

I will like to recommend my mum if you are looking for part time cleaner.

Thou she is 63 this year, she has a lot of experience when it comes to housekeeping (she has been working as a housekeeper for the past 6 years.)

She is still able to do all general cleaning like sweeping, moping, washing clothes ironing etc.

Thou we are staying at the East area, she doesn't mind traveling around.Preferably in the town area and working time from morning to late afternoon.

You can contact me thru my mobile no. 97267206 or email me at [email protected] if you're interested.

Thank you.


Hi all,

I'm urgently looking for a part time 'aunty' cleaner for 2 houses in ang mo kio (mine and mum's). anyone recommendations please?!

i don't wan to get from those agencies cos i'm only needing the part time aunty for 3-4 months while waiting to find a maid. so not worth paying the agency fees.


A friend of mine just hired a maid, so, she would like to recommend her part-time cleaner to those who are interested. According to her, the Auntie is a very good, hardworking cleaner.

Location is in West- Yew Tee, CCK etc. Those interested, pls contact 96203266 for details.


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My mum is looking for a part time position to clean a house for a nice family. She is singaporean and available on weekdays and weekend. Jurong area only. Interested Please PM me.


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I am looking for one to come in on weekdays, after 3pm for 3 hrs, 1x/wk.
Pls pm if you know anyone. Thanks!


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Recently i got my 3 room flat at sengkang cleaned by Cleaning Service Singapore because after CNY, my house is always in a mess.. The cleaner was quite good at mopping the floors and dusting the rooms. Communication wise, she speaks english and mandarin ; therefore, i had no problems communicating with her. You guys can try them if you need any cleaning
Good Luck!


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Hi I'm a SAHM looking for part-time cleaner to help out with house cleaning - Jurong West area near Jurong Point. Weekdays. Any recommendations? Pls PM me if you have good experienced cleaner to share.


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Hi, I'm looking for a part-time cleaner too. Would be best if she can cook simple meals. Kindly pm me if anyone has the contact. Thanks!