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Any of your kid like to play Soccer

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by gie, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. gie

    gie New Member


    My 7yo son likes to play soccer but has no friends to play with on weekends. Do you all know any kids who are interested in soccer?

  2. miracle_bebe

    miracle_bebe Member

    My almost 7yo son would love to play soccer but he does not know how to ie, he has not really tried the game proper yet.
    Unfortunately, he has not had much chance to try outdoor games..

    So is your son with any soccer club or group?
    You could try the SSC
  3. jasperjerinjuan

    jasperjerinjuan New Member

    hi gie gie and miracle bebe,

    hope that both your sons are actively playing soccer safely!!

    understand that as kids, they sometimes do get into accidents while playing rough sports like soccer, and when this happens, hospital bills might costs alot esp now with the rising costs of healthcare.. what do u think if hospital fees can be covered fully without u paying a single cent when that happens?

    lai chuen
  4. miracle_bebe

    miracle_bebe Member

    Hi lai chuen

    To date, it is rather unfortunate that our son has not tried his hand at soccer, but he did try this game called, handball which is same rules as with soccer, except that one uses one's hand to throw instead of using the leg to kick the ball.
    Our son enjoyed himself tho' it was a 1.5hour trial workshop and it was organised by SportsOnKids (http://www.sportonkids.com.sg/).

    Co-incidentally as I'm browsing the website, their next workshop which according to their schedule is held on 7 May, is infact a Soccer activity.

    Pls email or call them to confirm if the activity is still on, considering 7th is Election Day!

    In respond to your question, of course it would be a delight to enjoy the priviledges and benefits of free medical/hospital treatment - as you phrase it, "without paying a single cent".

    You and I know that is not possible, unless one is on some sort of subsidy/funding scheme. Well.....maybe an insurance coverage?
  5. jasperjerinjuan

    jasperjerinjuan New Member

    hi miracle bebe,

    well, actually i have bought with Prudential for myself and it covers all if not most of my hospital bils.. am going to buy another one for my bb too.. cos of the rising healthcare cost in sg, i'm really worried about bills, esp when i'm not well to do financially..

    my hubby is with Prudential (in partnership with uob), if u r interested can feel free to email me and i will be glad to refer u to him.. no worries.. no obligations..
  6. jasperjerinjuan

    jasperjerinjuan New Member

    Hi miracle bebe,

    sorry, its not a delibrate posting in this thread to do advertisement, i just happen to come across this thread while browsing thru and so happen that my bro is playing soccer too when he was younger and he got seriously injured (he fractured his ankle)..

    my family is not financially well off thus when the sum of hospital bill came up, we actually need to negotiate with the hospital to pay it in instalments.. thats when i realise the importance of money..

    saw this thread and it hit me, that's why am intro this..

    no offense and hope that u can understand..

    once again, will take note and be more careful on posting..

    lai chuen
  7. gekchangtan

    gekchangtan New Member

    I'm a self declared yummy mummy soccer mum kind, but I do have one concern.. I 100% encourage my boys to play soccer, I even stay with them to play in the school field sometimes, but i have a dilemma..

    I've heard stories about boys play until too distracted, then wanna be machiam Fandi Ahmad, then fail PSLE lah, then cannot catch up... I scared my boys also become like tt cos they are already quite notti..

    Am I thinking too much?? Soccer only hor?? And soccer mums, advice pls!!

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