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Any Nursery or Kindergarten to Recommend in Woodlands?

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by oscarsem, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. oscarsem

    oscarsem Member

    I am looking for a nursery school or kindergarten to send my dd to in that area, anyone know of any or can recommend me any?

  2. sunflowermiki

    sunflowermiki New Member

    Hi Oscar,

    Which area you staying?
  3. vulnerable

    vulnerable Active Member

    hi oscar and miki...

    me also looking ard at woodlands area for a nursery or childcare..... [​IMG]

    me staying near admiralty.... any to recommend?
  4. sunflowermiki

    sunflowermiki New Member

  5. sghlynn

    sghlynn Member

    there's a brand new childcare/ nursey opened at 888 replacing learning vision...
    u can chek it out
    the pros is that they are brand new so it's pretty clean

    it's called champkids.
  6. yoyoyu3

    yoyoyu3 New Member

    please contact me if u need to get kinderland uniform for girls (size:S). I have 3 sets.
    Willing to let go at $12 each.

  7. yernying

    yernying Member

    i also stay in woodlands.do u all know the fees for kindergarten?
  8. yoyoyu3

    yoyoyu3 New Member

    are u asking abt kinderland?
  9. irenelovej

    irenelovej New Member

    if anyone need champkids boy uniform S size, pls let me know. have both the formal uniform and the PE uniform to let go cheap
  10. mummymama

    mummymama New Member

    Hi Irenelovej,

    Your kid was in Champkids? Are they good? My boy was attending one at woodlands drive. Was fine e 1st few days, then refused to go from the 4th day onwards. And we duno what happened, teachers said nothing happened. Sigh.. So im tinkg of switching school and hope to hv some comments on Champkids. Hope you or any mummies here can help!

    thanks a bunch!
  11. bit_bit

    bit_bit New Member

    Hi Mommies,

    My gal will be starting her nursery school next year. Need advise on the following 3 schools:

    1) Evangel Kindergarten
    2) Champkids @ 888 Plaza
    3) Kinderland @ Civic Center <font color="0000ff">(do they have kindergarten classes??)</font>

    Any other recommendations? Preferably near the central (ie MRT station) as my MIL is staying near that area and she will be the one sending my gal to school.

    Thanks a lot! [​IMG]
  12. linda_thea

    linda_thea New Member

    Hi hi
    My fren shares that in Evangel, they do not bring homework back, so you won't know what they did in school and diff to enforce at home.
  13. bit_bit

    bit_bit New Member

    Hi Linda,

    I see...
    So far I've not make any appointment to visit the schools or talk to the principals...
    This being my first time searching for a school, still quite blur on how to go abt doing it/ things to look out for... [​IMG]
  14. bit_bit

    bit_bit New Member

    Any recommendations?? [​IMG]
  15. oscarsem

    oscarsem Member

    no news
  16. nagsterak

    nagsterak Member

    i am looking for playgroup/childcare full day for my 18 months gal too...

    any recommendations? i also stay near admiralty.
  17. bloom75

    bloom75 Active Member

    nagsterak, for playgrp, can try little friends just behind admiralty mrt station.

    small air con place at 3rd floor, but the teachers there are very nice.
  18. hengc

    hengc New Member

    any mummies tried kinderland CC??
    any comments??..thxx..
  19. ceron

    ceron New Member

    I'm looking for Kinderland School Uniform for boy age 4 or 5. Need them before April 2011. Contact me directly at 90023236.
  20. mummymama

    mummymama New Member


    Not sure if this thread is still active... my two kids are at Active Learners. They enjoy going to school and the teachers are not bad. Principal, Mrs Ang, is warm and child oriented. I like it that she gets involved in the activities &amp; programmes and even the daily operations of the centre. She organises lots of out of sch activities for the kids...so they have both academic and outdoor activities and the activities are related to what they learn in sch, so there is some form of follow up. Well rounded environment programme [​IMG].
  21. little_squirrel

    little_squirrel Active Member

    i'm looking nursery for my gal start next year about 3-4 hours daily ... any recommendations?


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