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I urgently looking for one nanny to take care of my 9 mths old boy. til 18 months. As my parents are sick & have problem taking care.


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Hi, I'm looking for babysitter too. Will be due in Dec 2007 hence would need babysitter in Feb 2008 to take care of ~3mths old baby girl. Anyone interested, PM me.

hi, i have a piece of great news to share.
Recently i have just shifted to Yishun area and am looking for a great solution to settle my child as i am working til 7pm daily.
Got a rec from my friend to approach this professional trained teacher who works from home to take care of children and taught my child different things from preschool.She is very helpful in my timing and i am glad with her service daily.If you need more info you can email me for contacts for privacy purpose.
She is located at sembawang drive opp MRT station.
She takes care of infants too.
You can email me [email protected]
for more info and contacts.

Hope my info helps


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Hi chloe,

you found a nanny already? My 2yo baby had bas been taken are by her nanny since 1.5 mths, 5 days day and night charging $800. If day only I think is $600. I will bring her back and take care myself starting 25dec. If you are still keen, can PM me.I'm staying in Sembawang as well.


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Hi Ms Yan. I am helping my friend to look for a day and night care nanny. Please PM me your recommendation, thanks! I've also PM you earlier.


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hi fuzzy,

I had PM you.

If your friend is still interested, pls PM your contact number and I will call you.
Hi Ladies,

I am a SAHM and I have a 5month+ coming 6month som.
My house is neat & spacious (EM),smoke-free enviroment, pet free and bilingual family in Yishun.
I will charge as per the market rate $600 + $50 if consuming soild food.
Time : 7.30am to 7.30pm (Mon - Sat )(negotiable)
Anyone interested, pls PM me ...
Thank you


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I am looking for babysitter in Yishun to look after 2 kids aged 7mths and 3mths old. The babysitter will hv to travel to our house,working from 10am-7pm, mon-sat.
Interested, kindly email me at [email protected] to know more.


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I am looking for a nanny in Sembawang area. Will be due in end Feb 2011 Hence would need a nanny in April 2011 to take care of 2mths old baby.

Any recommendation for a reliable nanny?


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- Experienced Babysitter -

Chinese speaking.
Non smoking environment.
Residing in marsiling lane.
Interested in helping to look after your child in the vicinity / in my place.
Available immediately.

Please contact at 82000661 (no sms) or 65192635. Thank you.


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hi, i am looking for a babysitter to look after my baby girl for day and night care as i may work late. For non working late, i will bring my bb girl home but i will pay you day n night care rate. I want only Sembawang area and Chinese nanny (Msian or Singaporean). If you have any recomendations, please let me know too. Thanks! My contact is 9790 6606. Thnks ya!!!


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Hi all, we are looking for a chinese nanny near blk 504D in sembawang, for Mon-Fri (day time).

Pls pm me if you have any info on this. Thanks!
Looking for a nanny to travel to my plc from early morning to late afternoon in Semb to help assist my mum in taking care of 18 mths toddler and a newborn. Interested, pls Sms mi at 81610366.


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I m looking for nanny to take care my girl from September onwards. I m staying at Yishun BLK 764, prefer to get nanny nearby.

Please contact me 9879 9981.


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I am looking for nanny at Sembawang area to take care of my 13month girl, preferably near Admiralty Link.
Please contact me at 91122553 or 97399697


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I’m looking for a experienced nanny at Sembawang area to care for my baby girl (3 months old then) from April 2012. I'm staying at Sembawang Wellington Circle. Kindly contact me @92989210. Thanks


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Hi ladies,

I know a contact staying at Blk 354B admiralty drive who can babysit well and is available now, she got a comprehensive list of services as well.

Can contact her at [email protected] for more information.

Thank you.


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Hi all, we are looking for a chinese nanny near blk 504 in sembawang.

Pls call 93373506 or pm me. Thanks!


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Hi all, I'm looking for a nanny probably 2-3months from now. Am staying at blk 357c. to bring a 5yo to her childcare in the morning and fetch her back in the noon. Then take care of her till evening when we return from work. please send me an sms @ 92332404 or email me @ [email protected] (2 underscores) with details.Thank you!


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Help! Will need a nanny to take care of my 21mth son on Sats only for one month of March from 9am to 2pm at my house in Woodlands 10mins walk away from Admiralty MRT.

Please PM me fast. Thank you


i am looking for a bbsitter:
-stay near woodlands dr 75
-12 hours, mon-fri
-chinese family
-reliable, responsible & patient
-clean house
-non-smokers in the family
-pets free
-sensible and grown up kids, if any

pls pm me as i may not check this thread. thanks.
I am looking for a babysitter/nanny staying at Yishun St.20 or St.11 who is available to take care my baby on Sep 2012. If you have any recommendation pls kindaly email me [email protected] or contact me at 9357-7640

Thanks in advance!

Any Chinese with English-speaking nanny/babysitter staying around blk 688 Woodlands Dr 75?
Can take care of my newborn( 2mths plus then) around Feb 2013 at your own place? Prefer non-smoking & clean place and pets-free.
Daytime (7am to 7pm) or fetch baby on Fris NOT yet decided and had to be discussed among you and myself because of my convenience.

Kindly PM me at [email protected] together with your personal details,experience and expected pay.

Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi All, I am looking for a chinese nanny in yishun/sembawang on a ad hoc basis.

I have 3 kids, with the youngest being one 1.5 months old. My eldest son is asthmatic and I have to freq the hospital a&e and sometimes even admitted so I have no one to take care of my newborn (my maid will be taking care of my 2nd son but she does not know how to take care of new born and i dont trust her cos of her remarks and attitude when my CL was trying to teach her)

I will need babysitter services for some weekends so I can run some errand and during the period where my son is hospitalised

I can be contacted at 98294051


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looking for a nanny to take car of my baby. Stay at Admiralty Link Block 484.

Please call me at 81892951 if you have any recommendation~ Urgent


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EMERGENCY / Night Nanny

Hi All,
I am a trained teacher and a mother of two independent kids 7-yr old boy and 6-yr old girl who can help to look aft your kids if you are planning to spend a private/quiet night out wit your friends/spouse. I work from 6pm-12 midnight. I only take maximum 2 infants or 4 children per day. On weekends, i also take in overnight care.

Infants = 0-2 yrs old
Child = 2-12 year olds

Nights: $40/infant or $30/child
O'nite : $70/infant or $50/child

Call me at 97708547 if you need to ask for more details.


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I am a 31 yrs old English speaking housewife staying at Bedok reservoir. I have look after babies from 3-24 months. Interested parties please email me at [email protected]. My house is spacious and clean. Smoke free. FYI I'm a Singaporean chinese


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Looking for part time baby sitter to look after my 3 yrs old son.

Prefer SAHM who have kids 2-5 yrs old that live near admiralty-woodlands mrt. Chinese Singaporean only.

Paying $10 per hr. Will only contact to check availability if I need some time off. Min have to take care 3hrs. Might have to provide a meal if it is near lunch/dinner time.

Anyone who meet the criteria can drop me a pm. I'll need to meet up with you first for an afternoon tea nearby before deciding if I can leave my son with you.


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Looking for a babysitter/nanny staying around Admiralty Link who is available to take care my baby from Feb 2013. If you have any recommendation pls kindaly email me [email protected]



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Looking for babysitter to take care of my 4month old baby from mar 2013 onwards, preferably those staying around admiralty link. Please pm me.


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Am urgently looking for a babysitter to start asap. Preferably near Admiralty Link/Endeavour Primary School.

Please PM me if you have any recommendation.



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I am looking for a nanny located in Admiralty Drive who can babysit my 4month old baby girl. Pls call or sms me at +6590015472 if you have any recommendations
Hi, I am helping my sister to check if there is any good and experience nanny in Sembawang to take care of her infant baby boy? PM me if you have one to recommend. thanks.


Hi all.. looking for good n experience nanny at sembawang area to look after my 3mth old son starting from jul14. Pls pm me if u have any to recommend. I will be returning to work on jul.. thanks

Angeline Ke

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Hi. Urgently looking for a nanny near Sembawang drive to take care of my 4mths baby boy. Kindly contact me at: 91907099... Thanks!


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Hello I'm looking for experienced nanny near sembawang crescent , taking care of my 5mth old baby girl, 3-4 times a week only and sometime only will sent over in the afternoon due to my work schedule, able to pay $450-$500
Contact me 92229783