Any Mummy Who's Also a Teacher?


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atinarin & angel_z thanks so much for listening...actually i dun even wish 2 stay in this school anymore dats y i intend 2 take 6mths to a year fellow colick also plan 2 leave d school once his bond ends in Jan'2010...hmmm i actually wrote emails to MOE liao..duno if its gona take a long time 4 them 2 get bk 2 me..does anyone know whom & wat no. to call?


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Hi clarity,

If I were u, I wld also go straight to MOE after getting such absurd ans fr P. Frankly speaking, if you stay on, your P may not give you a 'good time'in sch after MOE step in cos Ps are very scared of any complaints that go straight to MOE. I am sure all trs agree with me on this rite?
So just take your entitled leave and leave the school when time is due after your leave.


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jeng, thanks for your advices...i totally share the same sentiments...btw i sent our emails to MOE but duno if its the right channels anot...if any kind teachers here who noe the number/ PM me plz.... thanks a million
hi claraity,
Dunno if it works, hope my advice can help. I m a sch tr as well and that time my bond was not up yet and i wanna enquire when it wld end. I called up MOE (the cust svc line) and told them my division. i.e. north, south, east n west. The pple r quite frenly but u must persist to get the zonal email address. If u send to the main address, most prob wun get to the person that u r looking for. So these r the steps:

1) call MOE cust svc
2) tell them ur zone, no need to tell them ur problem
3) insist to get the zonal email add (zone dun ve tel no.)
4) email and wait for reply. shld take ard 2 - 3 wks, tt time waited quite long also, cos think within the zone, they cc and cc till the right person answers (my perception) but u ll get ur mail through.

if really desperate, u can consider finding ur MP in ur district to help u? cos i think urs is really a valid reason to take childcare. Children r the most impt! Take care alright? if u need any more support, u can pm me, we can talk via msn etc.


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Are you a buddy of the admin manager? Go ask for zonal add on some excuse from the admin manager(lame or not) and then you can ask properly.


hi teacher mummies, i've been offered a position to teach at Pri level but will need to start in Sep (after the 1 wk break) b4 being enrolled to the nx avail NIE intake. am thinkg whether to take up the offer?

i've been in my current desk bound job for abt 5 yrs. like the work hours (5 day wk, can go hm on time abt 6pm) & environment. push factors r boss and heavier workload. i've 3 young kids (P1, K2 & 20mo). my primary concern is to be able to spend more time with my kids but hv heard that it's quite tough to be a teacher. Hence, would like to seek views on:

1) what's the work hours in teaching (during term & sch holi)?
2) are you able to balance work & family (with young kids)?
3) do u get to teach in the same town as where u stay (or need to travel far)?
4) what do u like abt being a teacher?
5) what do u dislike (or the frustrations) abt being a teacher?

apprec any views and reply. thx much!


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Hi jj_mum,

Do seriously consider cos once jump in need at least a few years before can jump out. otherwise will break bond and need to pay back $$

1. during term time, i usually report at 6.50am and if I'm hardworking, end at about 5-6pm. Sometimes got cca and supplementary classes. These will end at 3plus and for some schools at 5plus. then got marking somemore. hols depend on sch and p. sometimes have to report for work up to 2 weeks.

2. can balance cos usually i ignore them when i come home!! homework, pack bag all they settle themselves. Sad but true. I even got tutors for them!!

3. close enough. but first posting might not be near home.

4. nothing really. oh, 6 wks of paid hols per year.

5. unreasonable and sticky parents, ultra defiant pupils and endless making.

If you like your current environment, you might want to think if you can handle your heavier workload.

My workload includes
teaching, marking, admin, cleaning, scolding, chasing homework and corrections, supplementary class, remedial class, cca, internal competitions, external competitions, exhibitions, school decorator, conducting workshops, organise trainings, organise events, events decorator, dept activities, level activities, ...



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hi little loki

you are amazing... 11 hours of working 5 days a week!

Generally parents might not realise that teachers work such long hours... cos office hour is 8 to 5

Great JOB teachers reading this! I respect and admire your discipline and self-sacrifice!


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Hi, just come across this thread. i'm an assistant teacher in childcare... just wondering if it's appropriate to join this thread and any mums here teaching in childcare centre?


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I work in an education centre and we're looking for an ex-teacher to do curriculum work. 5.5 days office hrs. Interested pls pm me. Thks.


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is this thread still active... i'm looking for mummies who are teachers and have kids below 5yo attending full day CC.

i'm one of them and wondering how you manage your morning, including dropping the kids at CC and getting to school on time.


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I'm the kiasu mummy:

Morning wake up at 5.30am. Bath.
At 6.15am, Drive 2 sons (3 &amp; 5 yrs old) &amp; hubby proceed to babysitter house that's 5~10 mins drive away.
6.30am, I drive alone from babysitter to school while hubby take bus.
6.55am, reach school &amp; eat breakfast at table

7.30am, father in law picks up 2 sons from babysitter to send to 2 different full day childcare

8am to 5pm both sons in childcare.

5pm father in law fetched one from childcare and send to babysitter. Baby sitter fetched the other one from childcare.

7pm I finished school and go babysitter house fetched son &amp; go nearby MRT station pick up hubby

7.30pm go my mother or brother-in-law house for dinner


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I'm a kindy teacher, currently studying for my Advanced Diploma. It helped for me that my kindy &amp; my gal's CC are near my home, so each morning I drop my gal off before 7.30am &amp; just walk to my kindy. Then if I can't rush home in time to fetch my gal from CC, my hubby will help to fetch her and get her dinner. If I don't have class on that day, then I can fetch her myself.


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Any teacher here took npl and quitted? Do you have to "pay back" in any way? Or serve the one Month's notice?